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A man from Clearlake Oaks has been arrested after an arson fire near a senior’s apartment complex. Cal Fire investigators responded after the fire burned a small area of grass and damaged a fence near Hwy 20 and Lake Street. 35 year old Matthew Miravalle was arrested and found to be an arson registrant, he was apparently seen just before the fire started. Major Crimes Detectives and Cal Fire investigators say he admitted he started the fire and two others in Clearlake Oaks in June. He’s charged with Aggravated Arson with a Prior, Arson, Unlawfully Causing a fire and a probation violation.  Miravelle remains in custody on a no bail hold.

An appeal is being considered by the Ukiah City Council after the planning commission denied a waiver for a cannabis microbusiness that wanted to open near a church and mobile home park. The building on E. Smith Street. The owner of Wine Country Cannasseurs wants to grow indoors and have a retail outlet, but the Pentecostal United Church is nearby. The cannabis company owner made a deal apparently to close during hours of church services. But the Planning Commission said it was too close to the Circle Trailer Park as well. City staffers are recommending the City Council follow suit and turn the business owner down for that location.

A domestic violence call in Covelo ends in the arrest of a woman. Police say they got a call Friday and found the couple were living together and the man said the woman, Tonikali Sema became violent after an argument. He says he tried to calm her down and she left, then he locked the door and called the Sheriff’s office. Deputies say the man had minor injuries matching his story, but he declined medical treatment at the scene. Sema was arrested for domestic violence battery and was booked into the Mendocino County Jail on $25,000.00 bail.

Four men in Ukiah have been arrested after reports of someone shooting a gun. Deputies had a report early last Thursday and found a 2017 Toyota Tacoma pickup parked nearby without lights on, but when they got there the lights went on and the truck took off onto Highway 101. They got off the highway and several people got out of the truck. A deputy who was following parked behind them and saw one Hispanic man running with what he thought was an assault rifle, jump over a gate and run onto vineyard property. Another deputy found four people by the truck and detained them, finding a large capacity rifle magazine. Then another stolen semi-automatic rifle and a loaded stolen revolver. They could also smell weed in the truck and found more ammo. The four arrested on several charges including burglary, possession of an assault weapon and conspiracy.

The General and Area Plans in Lake County are on the Lake County Board of Supervisors agenda. County Staff have reportedly put the items on the agenda for the meeting tomorrow. It comes a couple weeks after public complaints regarding planned Dollar General stores in Lake County and other new retailers. The Record Bee reports heated debate a couple weeks ago with one supervisor telling folks if they don’t like a certain store, not to patronize it. Dollar General is looking to expand.  Also on the agenda the board will consider their official responses to the Grand Jury report on the county’s jail system, veteran services office, animal control system and fire protection districts. The board is required to respond, and drafted responses have apparently already been prepared. The board agreeing with 10 of the complaints in the report, disagrees with six, and affirms neutrality on one.

Boaters and recreational lake users told to avoid direct contact with/or use waters of Clear Lake due to toxins in Lake County. This is due to the potential health risks after low levels of anatoxin were detected in three (3) out of five (5) samples taken September 17th. Algae toxin testing in the lake is done routinely and for issues found, warning signs are posted. This is a lower level than would normally trigger a warning, but the Interim Public Health Officer is encouraging those using the lake to be cautious in affected areas. Signs are up at Redbud Park and further testing will be done this week. For more information, please visit: California Harmful Algal Blooms Portal:

A new program’s being offered for victims of human trafficking in Lake County. The Lake Family Resource Center says Lake County is a prime area for this sort of criminal activity and they offering services including case management, safety planning, social and criminal justice advocacy, community crisis line response, restraining order assistance, support groups, psychotherapy, and emergency shelter and housing establishment assistance. Call the center at 707-279-0563 to find out more about their services.

State environmental leaders supposed to meet with members of the Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency, but the meeting has reportedly been called off. The EPA was accusing Calif. of not protecting air and water in the state, then canceled a meeting set for Wednesday. An EPA spokesperson says they are trying to find a time later in the year to reschedule the meeting. The Calif. EPA says they were surprised by the abrupt change in plans, saying their dept. is dismayed and the whole situation has become petty. Calif. is suing the Trump administration with over 30 pending suits challenging weakening environmental protections.

A bear’s been caught on video at a Mendocino County vineyard chowing down on grapes. The Press Democrat’s posted video of the black bear wandering around at Navarro Vineyards. The vineyard about 70 miles north of Santa Rosa caught the visit, but only eating the pinot noir grapes. There are apparently 7 other varieties on the vine. One of the co-owners says the bear went for the premium fruit, saying they’re actually glad to have the bear around. Apparently they had cameras put in to catch the animal but only saw him this year. They then posted a bunch of the videos on Facebook for all to see. The video had several thousand views. The vineyard owner says they expect their visitor to pop in again before the harvest season starts next month.

A new poll shows folks in California are behind a new state law on vaccine exemptions for school kids. The UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll by the Los Angeles Times shows 90% of Democrats and 73% of Republicans want more immunization rates at schools and daycare facilities. And they support the California Department of Public Health having oversight on exemptions with the authority to potentially reject a doctor’s determination a child should skip all or some of their shots. The poll showed 8 out of every 10 voters surveyed liked the new law. The poll came after the Governor signed a new law for a state review of vaccine exemptions issued by doctors to find exemptions given for non-medical reasons.

A man from Northern Calif. in trouble with the federal government, accused of being a spy. The U.S. Attorney David Anderson reports 56-year-old Xuehua (Edward) Peng of Hayward was charged with being an illegal foreign agent and giving classified national security information to Chinese officials. The complaint says the man got the classified info on behalf of the Chinese Government and at their direction, crimes included delivering information, payments, and carrying secure digital cards to Beijing with classified information related to U.S. national security from 2015 to 2018. He was arrested Friday and was being held without bond.

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