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A drive by shooting in Ukiah injures a man by the airport. The Ukiah Police Department reports members of the Ukiah Valley Fire Authority responded to the shooting yesterday afternoon around lunch time and found an “adult Hispanic male” with a “non-life-threatening” injury. They report the victim had been walking near businesses and was shot by two people in a car then they left the scene. The Sheriff’s Office and police officers were tracking leads and detained two people a couple hours later. One is said to be a juvenile male and the other an adult make, around 20 years old. Not sure which is the alleged shooter, but one has been charged with attempted murder, and the other, with conspiracy and being an accessory after the fact.  Apparently surveillance video in the neighborhood caught the suspect’s vehicle. No word if it’s gang related.

Still no actual plans for the new Mental Health Treatment Center in Redwood Valley. The monthly Mental Health Treatment Act Citizen’s Oversight Committee had their meeting last Wednesday, focusing on who will be the “Measure B” project manager. The CEO of the County says two people have been offered the job, but neither accepted. So they had another recruitment where 25 more candidates have applied. Interviews are being scheduled.  The committee is also working with an architect for the proposed Crisis Residential Treatment (CRT) facility, Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) and the Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF). And the Board of Supervisors has approved Measure B funds be released to start work.

A man from Willits has been arrested on drugs and weapons charges. Ukiah Police reported getting a call to Pine St. and Low Gap Road Friday after someone reported seeing a man with a gun concealed in the waistband of his pants. The man found with a concealed 9mm handgun which was not registered in his name. 23 year old Skylar Vincent was also believed to be high on drugs and found with drugs and drug paraphernalia on him at the time. He’s arrested for several felony and misdemeanor drug and weapons charges and held on $35,000 bail.

A public hearing’s being held to start a new underground utility district near downtown Ukiah. Overhead power lines would be converted along 11th St. and N. Main to underground lines, using Pacific Gas and Electric Company “work credits” to convert them. The Lakeport City Manager says that area was chosen because of an abundance of utility poles and narrow sidewalks. State rules say utility companies have to set aside credits for the communities they serve, so in Lakeport the credits have not been used. The city says it’s got about $1 million worth. The work still in planning stage and will go to public comment today.

The Lakeport Police Chief is set to update the city council on fireworks enhancement work and using a federal grant for “community policing” operations. The Police Chief Brad Rasmussen earlier reported July 4th was the “biggest day of the year” in his department. He deemed the month surrounding the 4th as Fireworks Period, saying illegal fireworks were reported across town during that month. He’s also set to talk to the council about renewing federal grants the dept. received from the U.S. Department of Justice Community Policing Office.

Several Lower Lake High students participate in a student-led climate change teach-in event. More than 100 students speaking on the importance of dealing with climate change as several other climate change protests happened around the world. More than six million people reportedly took part in the Global Climate Strike advocating for social change to fight global warming. Lower Lake High students sat on the school’s lawn, some held signs, or speaking on the matter, noting massive fires in our area helped them see the situation was important.

The Mendocino County Cultural Service Agency is asking what you’d like to see in a park. Right now the County’s finishing up its Parks Needs Assessment. County residents and active users of the County’s six Parks are invited to share ideas and help shape the future of County Parks with the Parks Needs Assessment Survey. Feedback welcomed for Bower Park, Gualala · Faulkner Park, Boonville · Indian Creek Park and Campground, Philo · Low Gap Park, Ukiah · Mill Creek Park, Talmage · Lions Club Park, Redwood Valley. For more info visit, or call the Mendocino County Cultural Services Agency Parks Division at 707-234-2875.

A little earth movement. Last night about 5:09 a small earthquake hit outside Fort Bragg. The United States Geological Survey measured the temblor at 3.5, but no damage was reported. It was centered about 11 miles west-northwest of Fort Bragg, almost 10 feet deep. It was west of the San Andreas Fault. There was another smaller quake yesterday morning, but that was off Cape Mendocino. The 2.5 also didn’t cause damage that we’ve heard about. No tsunami activity for either.

Seasonal closures announced by Cal Fire for campgrounds and trails in the Jackson State Demonstration Forest. As of yesterday the closures for the Mendocino National Forest with lower temperatures, intermittent rains and wet trails. They’ve also announced some limits on how long you can camp in the forest, no more than 2 weeks in one area a month and not more than 28 days in a year. The Forest Supervisor says the stay limits allow visitors to get in some great camping while lessening environmental impacts during longer stays in camps.

The recreational spiny lobster season is on. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife opened the season Saturday. It continues thru the middle of next March. The agency says last year was a good one, 16 percent higher than the season before. If you’re fishing, you have to have a “lobster report card” in your possession.  Anyone 16 years or older has to also have a valid sport fishing license and ocean enhancement stamp. But if they’re using a hoop net from a public pier they don’t need a license but do have to have that valid lobster report card.

Officers from the Humboldt State University Police Department have reportedly voted no confidence against their chief. Kym Kemp reporting nine of the ten officers who voted were no confidence against Chief Donn Peterson, while the tenth abstained. It’s a yearly survey that every CSU campus holds. A year before this vote, officers also voted no confidence. The news site reports it comes after Peterson was hired after a scandal had him leave his job with the Broward County Sheriff’s Department in Florida. He apparently leaves a lot to visit family, something that was taken into consideration by those surveyed. One officer telling the news site the chief’s absenteeism was only one part of why they had no confidence. They also accuse him of manipulating crime statistics reporting, creating a hostile work environment including racial slurs, labor law violations and more.

The State of the City address will be delivered for Clearlake. The address tomorrow at Austin Park at 5 p.m. will include demonstrations with police dogs, pet adoptions by Clearlake Animal Control and a new road maintenance equipment demonstration by the Public Works Dept. There will also be family fun including free treats and a bounce house. Plus there will be a groundbreaking after the address for the new Austin Park Improvement Project.

A Women’s group has awarded Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry for her leadership. The Women’s Legislators Lobby gave Aguiar-Curry their Pacesetter Award for her bold leadership on behalf of Assembly Joint Resolution 30, “Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act”. The resolution so Congress would pass Congressman Ted Lieu’s legislation to stop President Trump from unilaterally authorizing the deployment of nuclear weapons in an offensive attack without specific authorization from Congress.

A man from Ukiah in prison for being in possession of a firearm has been released. The Ukiah D-A reports 31 year old defendant Michael Ray France got 48 months in state prison after a plea deal. He was placed on supervised probation July 5th then released from custody on a suspended sentence. The DA says he wasted little time violating the law, arrested in August on a domestic violence call. He was found to be in violation of his probation after a contested evidentiary hearing held on September 4th and put back in prison.

Tens of thousands of child care workers are being allowed to unionize in California. The Governor signing a new law Monday that will go into effect next year for workers offering childcare to families getting government help. So the workers will be able to collectively bargain as other public employees do, but they are not going to be considered state workers. They just get to bargain for items like reimbursement rates and payment procedures. This has been ongoing since 2004, with childcare workers trying to unionize for years. The Gov. signed the legislation along with several other bills one of which also allows political candidates to be able to use campaign funds for childcare expenses if they’re out campaigning, so that more parents will run for office.

A Camp Fire housing bill awaiting the signature of the governor which was approved with bipartisan support. Republican Assemblyman James Gallagher’s bill so there is a faster approval process for residential and mixed-use developments. Right now new projects have to go thru a really long review process because of the California Environmental Quality Act, but if the Gov. signs the Assembly bill into law, the Camp Fire Housing Assistance Act of 2019 would change that. Home construction would move fast and go around certain regulations that can stop or delay developments.

Since the Camp fire residents and business owners in Butte County have been given the greenlight for nearly $370 million of low-cost disaster assistance loans. The loans from the Small Business Administration are more than the money that went to victims of the fire from FEMA. The agencies generally work together after a disaster. Just over 3,300 loans have been approved for Camp fire survivors, more than 220 of those to businesses. Other businesses that were impacted but didn’t burn also got money. The rest all went to homeowners or renters.

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