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A man’s been arrested in Fort Bragg after reports of a shooting. Deputies got a call last Wednesday to reports of a gunshot victim. They spoke to five people and found the group all lived on the property and found out David Appier was being verbally abusive to a woman about living arrangements. The woman was living with a man there. He pulled up just before the shooting. The couple in an RV and heard Appier outside yelling. They got out and apparently Appier shot the man, but missed, then the couple took off. Appier’s been arrested for attempted murder and had outstanding warrants so he’s held on $125,000.00 bail.

A man’s arrested in Mendocino County after a parent reports her 13 year old daughter had been texting with him. The parent called saying the 13 year-old daughter was Facebook friends with a 29 year-old man, they believed was a sex registrant. They’ve identified the man as Brian Hurtado who was indeed a registered sex offender on Active Parole after a prison sentence for Lewd and Lascivious Acts with a child under 14. His Parole Officer was called and Hurtado was arrested after telling deputies he wasn’t allowed any contact with minors, and he wasn’t allowed to use social media sites.  He’s charged with multiple violations of his parole and booked on no bail.

Mendocino County is considering using satellite imagery for cannabis code enforcement and collecting fees from non-permitted cultivation. The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors doing a feasibility study on what it would cost. The findings have to get back to the board within 60 days. The satellite imagery to see how many growers are in the county both legally and illegally and could potentially help the county get more cultivators not participating in the cannabis program to take part. A couple of supervisors voted no though, saying it would be too much work for county staff.

The Cal Fire Mendocino Unit is lifting the burn permit suspension. The chief of the unit formally canceling and with that burning on permissible burn days can resume. The agriculture burns have to be inspected by CAL FIRE before burning until the end of peak fire season. And there could be inspections required for other burns too. Check with the Air Quality Management District on that. The burn permit suspension comes with cooler temperatures, higher humidity and winter like weather

A lot of work ahead in Lake County planning as the Board of Supervisors agrees to revise all area plans in the county. The Community Development Principal Planner Byron Turner says each of the plans could take a year or more to revise. That includes multiple public meetings and forming an Area Plan Advisory Committee. There are eight area plans. Lakeport’s had some revisions in 2012 and Middletown had comprehensive revisions in 2010. Lower Lake’s is the oldest to have revisions, that happened in 1988, and the Cobb area plan was in 1989. The revisions after some residents asked for a new ordinance to limit some retailers from coming to Lake County, which the board took no action on. They instead decided to go with the area plan revisions.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office recovers a stolen bike that had been put up for sale on ebay. Someone in Kelseyville reported their specialized $7,300 mountain bike was stolen last May.  The victim then saw his bike on eBay for sale and called police. Detectives gathered info on the seller, contacted the guy who says he posted if for a friend. They identified the man, Jon Ferrer of Lakeport and contacted him at home. They got a search warrant and as they entered they say they saw him running, but they arrested him after finding the stolen bike in his house along with a small amount of meth. He told deputies he bought the bike from a Hispanic man three to four months ago in Kelseyville, and said he didn’t know it was stolen. He’s charged with grand theft, receiving stolen property, possession of a controlled substance, and resisting arrest. He posted bail and was released.

Windy weather on the way and with that PG&E is warning there could be a public safety power shutoff. The Sheriff in Lake County posted a warning message on social media the power outage could last several days. Also the National Weather Service issued a fire weather watch for areas of Northern California including Lake County Wednesday and Thursday. PG&E put Lake County under a public safety power shutoff “watch” those two days. The county noted by PG&E as being under an “elevated” risk of a power shutoff on Friday, due to similar conditions. The power shut off most likely Wednesday early morning for up to five days. The forecast calls for winds gusting up to 60 to 70 miles per hour in the higher elevations.

Lake County Supervisors are deciding if the treasurer-tax collector should oversee the county’s investments or if they should look at other options. There’s an ad hoc committee with two supervisors and the Treasurer-Tax Collector for oversight of the department. The ad hoc committee is reviewing the best practices available to the County. Per state law the Board is the agent of the county, unless it’s delegated, by the county, to the treasurer. The board will also consider buying more protective gear for Code Enforcement officers, including multi-threat vests, Kenwood portable radios and accessories, portable radio holsters and officer safety training.

It’s Fire Prevention Week. Cal Fire reminding to prepare for fire this week. The agency director reminding, know matter where you are, beware of your surroundings, and look for two ways out. They also remind to have a home escape plan that you practice every month. Have a meeting place outdoors so your family knows the plan and have a communication plan in place. The director reminds, don’t wait to evacuate, if you feel uncomfortable, leave early and make sure your pets are with you and you take important items too.

The Ghost Ship founder is being tried again in the manslaughter case after 36 people at a party in the Oakland warehouse died in a fire. The jury in the case against Derick Almena deadlocked last month, 10-2 in favor of finding him guilty. His co-defendant, and right hand man at the warehouse, Max Harris was found not guilty. Almena’s lawyer says they’d rather go to trial than negotiate a deal. The new trial date will be next March. The judge in the case also denied lowering Almena’s bail to $50,000 from $750,000. He’s been in jail over two years.

The Governor’s signed that massive overhaul for charter schools into law. The public schools will have more oversight after criticism, including some by teachers unions about too many charter schools popping up, placing undue financial stress on the other public schools. Now districts can decide to deny a charter school application and allows for appeals of decisions. Schools can also be closed if they don’t meet performance standards and charter schoolteachers will have to have the same credentials as traditional public school teachers. The president and CEO of the California Charter Schools Association says this will affirm high-quality charter schools are here to stay.


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