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The Public Safety Power Shutoffs continue in parts of Calif. as weather conditions remain fluid.  Pacific Gas and Electric reported last night they were still turning off power but hoped to be restoring power to other areas today. Lake Co News reports more than 500,000 customers were in the dark, including about 37,400 in Lake County due to a red flag alert from the National Weather Service. The second phase was delayed due to changing conditions. That was supposed to hit about 234,000 more customers in two waves. The main meteorologist for the utility company said they were monitoring the windstorm which was headed to Southern California today and tomorrow, calling it a state-wide fire event. Wind speeds of up to 50 mph tracked in Redding.

PG&E says improving weather has patrols out deciding whether or not they should restore power in some areas. The peak in the weather was supposed to happen late last night and this morning. Once that shifts, they say they will send helicopters and thousands of ground personnel out for inspections of power lines before they reenergize the system. They warn since there is such a large outage area, it could be several more days until power is restored to some customers. They says so far 800,000 PG&E customers were impacted, but late last night some got their power back on. There are also multiple customer resource centers set up.

The Clearlake City Council says it’s still meeting in the midst of the public safety power shutoff. They’re going to pickup extending a letter of intent to a company who wants to buy the old airport property and develop it. It comes after a meeting in April with a company interested in the old Pierce Airfield property. The company turned in a letter of intent which is set to expire tomorrow. The firm is asking for an extension. The meeting tonight at 6 at City Hall. They have generator power. They also plan a public hearing soon to adopt the housing element update. When the meeting ends the council will conduct a closed-door session to discuss ongoing litigation with PG&E.

Federal money going to Calif. for roads so the CHP is starting a new campaign to bring down the number of crashes caused by speed and aggressive driving. $1.5 million has been received by the Patrol for the Regulate Aggressive Driving and Reduce Speed, or RADARS, IV program. The CHP says it’s to reduce fatal and injury traffic crashes due to speed. They’re bolstering patrols and plan on adding a public awareness campaign across the state, focusing on speed-related causes of crashes.

A new law signed by the governor aims to promptly test rape kits. The Gov. signed the legislation which passed unanimously in the Senate and Assembly, so newly collected rape kits have to be submitted within 20 days then testing has to happen no longer than 120 days later. The bill in alignment with federal law, ensuring survivors who report being sexually assaulted get equal access to the submission and analysis of forensic evidence related to their cases.

The Cal Fire director speaking out on PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoffs. Director Thom Porter says since Calif. has seen some of the most destructive and deadliest fires October through December, they remind Californians not to be complacent. He says even though they’ve got more staff working, they need the public to stay vigilant, follow evacuation orders and leave early because fires move fast in these conditions. PG&E headquarters had more people on staff, four teams of 25. It’s the first time the utility company has undertaken such a massive power down which they say could impact more than a million customers in Northern California alone.  Critics are calling the company out for overly extreme measures so they don’t get sued again if there’s a major fire. But PG&E says it was the right thing to do to keep everyone safe.

Businesses remain closed due to the power shutoff across Northern and Central Calif. The Record Bee reports critical buildings like hospitals and the county jail and courthouse were using generators for power, but most of the area gas stations and restaurants were closed. The City Manager says just about a year after the Mendocino Complex fires, the power down was further weakening the economy.

Areas of Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, Hopland, parts of the unincorporated areas of the Ukiah Valley, and more than 60 PG& E service points in the Willits area were powered down, with an expected power back up sometime this afternoon. There were forecasts of winds between 20 to 30 mph with some gusts hitting 40 mph in higher elevations of the interior Mendocino County. The Daily Journal reports even though Ukiah, Fort Bragg, Point Arena, and the unincorporated Mendocino County coastal communities were supposed to stay lit up, about 88 percent of people in those areas reported no power.

Several students will be out of school across Northern Calif due to the power shutoffs. At least 100,000 students were off school yesterday due to red flag conditions and high winds predicted across Northern California. More than 260 schools in 14 counties, including Sonoma, Napa, Contra Costa and Alameda said they were staying closed due to the weather forecast and planned public safety power shutoffs. PG&E alerted 800,000 Northern California customers they would have no power. There was one larger blackout, the Great Blackout back in Sept. 2011 after a maintenance transmission line was out in Arizona which caused a massive power outage across the Southwest.

PG&E expected to get workers out in the field to start inspecting power lines and restore service to those without power as the weather conditions improve. They say they’ve got 6,500 personnel and 45 helicopters ready to visually inspect all equipment prior to lighting everything back up. Something they can only do during daylight hours. And because they have hundreds of miles of lines across the state, and they say there may be major damage, they’re warning it could take days for the power to be back on. The power down to avoid another Camp Fire, which burned last year, devastating the City of Paradise and surrounding towns.

A fire put out in Ukiah. The fire reported Tuesday late morning was out by early afternoon. It burned a shed and spread to structures near it, causing some damage to a garage. The fire also damaged a neighbor’s truck and burned a security camera. The fire did not burn inside the home where it started though. Nobody was injured or inside at the time.

Congressman Jared Huffman back in Calif. talking to fisherman and fisheries in the North Coast. Huffman looking for input on the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act in Arcata. The act governs how fisheries are managed in federal water, something the Congressman says can be built upon. It was put together to stop overfishing certain areas, rebuild overfished stocks, help the economy by using reliable data and science, help conserve essential fish habitat, and make sure there’s a safe and sustainable supply of seafood. But local fisherman say it’s only helping larger vessels. And there are permits for certain types of fish to prevent overfishing. Many of the attendees say the act needs more than a few tweaks, it needs an overhaul.

New laws signed by the governor hoping to avert another college admissions scandal like the one that ensnared a couple of celebrity moms and a major winemaker from the Napa Valley. The parents forked over big bucks to get their kids into prestigious universities nationwide. The College Promise Program is expanded to offer two years junior college free for some students; another bill relaxes requirements for those getting vouchers and provides financial assistance for current and former foster kids; another bill helps those who are housing or food insecure; and a fourth bill to expand eligibility for the California DREAM loan for those enrolled in professional or graduate degree programs.

A woman ends up in the hospital in Fort Bragg being found sleeping in the former Social Services Building. Cops found a woman there they say they knew from previous contact. They say she seemed to be having a problem breathing, then noticed blood coming from her nose and mouth. They started CPR and finding no pulse, then used an Automated External Defibrillator on the woman. Soon after other first responders were on the scene and the victim was stabilized and taken to a hospital. No word on the woman’s identity or what may have happened to her.

An elderly woman in the hospital in Fort Bragg found with part of her calf muscle missing and police say it’s elder abuse. Police got a call to the hospital Tuesday where the 83 year old victim was being treated. They say her injury was consistent with being inflicted by a dog. They also say they’d been to her house a couple other times for reports of dogs biting kids in the neighborhood. They say both times the dogs were put in quarantine. She apparently shares a home with her daughter and caretaker, Martine Dalamas , who police say is the suspect in the case. Officers say when paramedics came to get the woman they saw a large dog actively biting and licking her wound. Dalamas and other family members home at the time of the incident, now Dalamas is arrested and the dog suspected of inflicting the injuries was taken to the animal shelter in Ukiah.

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