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PG&E says areas in Mendocino County powered down are now “all clear” and they’ll start to assess the area, then power back on those in the dark. They cannot say how long that will take, only that it will happen during the daytime hours. They say since there were many miles of power line powered down, the lines all need to be inspected before they’re flipped back on again and to prepare for an extended outage. The utility company says it’s working with state and local agencies for updated restoration timelines after the severe weather event is over. For more info, feel free to call the Executive Office of Mendocino County.

A man in Manchester’s been arrested after he was found reeking like alcohol and on probation. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reports deputies knew the guy, Marshall Collins, was on active felony probation and that he had to submit to a person and property search. Deputies say during that time they found he was in possession of several alcoholic beverages and that he smelled like booze. His probation terms said he was not allowed to have alcohol on him or drink it, so he was found in violation of his probation and taken to jail and booked on no bail status.

Power is beginning to trickle back on for about 600,000 customers in Northern California, but in Sonoma County about 66,000 customers are still going to be in the dark for a time. The utility company has to inspect almost 27,000 miles of power lines, utility poles and towers, which could take several days. They have thousands of workers in the field to look for downed lines after the wind event. A PG&E spokesperson says workers have to travel on narrow roads in some locations and in others, they might have to hike to remote or mountainous terrain to assess equipment. They did say they had reports of vegetation-related damage to power equipment so that has to be repaired before the power is turned back on. They are reporting no fires though related to their equipment in the shut off area of 34 counties in Northern and Central California including parts of Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake and Napa counties.

Many areas of Mendocino County that had the Public Safety Power Shutoff in place should be getting their power back on soon. The Sheriff’s office reports Redwood Valley, Potter Valley, Hopland, part of unincorporated areas of the Ukiah Valley, several PG&E service points in Willits, Leggett, Piercy, Whitethorn and Whale Gulch should have the power switched back on at some point today. The County reports continually monitoring the blackout and says the utility company is assessing weather conditions at noon at 2 pm today and will let the Mendocino County Office of Emergency Services know once they figure out when they’ll start restoring power in the County. PG&E says it doesn’t mean they’ll flip a switch and that’s that, it could take days to re-energize the power lines and they ask customers to be patient and kind to PG&E workers in the field.

Evacuations ordered in the hills above San Francisco as a fast moving wildfire has been spreading. Firefighters from Moraga-Orinda on the scene by the St. Mary’s College campus early today, but say the school was not threatened. Cal Fire says the fire burned 60 acres in just over two hours. Evacuations were ordered in the Sander’s Ranch neighborhood quickly with community members told to only take essential items.  The neighborhood is part of the PG&E power shutdown, it’s located in Contra Costa County.

Firefighters in Sonoma County say there’s been no major fire activity as gusty winds plowed thru the North Bay hills today, the second day of the planned power shut off.  The National Weather Service recording wind gusts of 77 mph early this morning in Mt. St. Helena. There were other gusts in high elevation areas 30 to 50 mph. The president of the California Public Utilities Commission said earlier this morning that PG&E’s handling of the blackout was “absolutely unacceptable”, adding they cannot accept it as the “new normal”.

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