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A woman in Fort Bragg openly drinking in her car, busted by police after honking the horn excessively. The woman caught by police after someone reported the horn honking. The officer approached and tried to talk with the woman who had the windows rolled up and door locked. When a backup officer got there they identified the woman and tried contacting family members, who told officers the woman had a mental health condition, and may be in crisis. She drove away as they gathered information on her. They tried to stop her but she wouldn’t pull over so a slow chase started for several blocks and couldn’t arrest her until she crashed into a parked police car. There was a struggle, then an ambulance came to the area and took the woman to a hospital. She was taken to Mendocino Coast District Hospital, then released to Mendocino County Mental Health for further treatment.

New housing ready for residents in Ukiah. The apartment complex went up on Brush Street. The Daily Journal says staff in the leasing office told them people might begin moving in next month. They say they’re still processing applications for the apartments for farm workers. The applicant has to be a legal resident, working on a farm or in the agricultural industry.  The property manager for the building says they have about 40 applicants so far who meet the minimum requirements. The project put up by the Corporation for Better Housing with money from tax credits and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The building has to reach capacity or it risks losing its funding.

Humboldt County scores a grant for people working in the cannabis industry affected by the criminalization of the cannabis industry and war on drugs. The County’s one of the 10 recipients in cannabis equity funding coming from the state. $10 million for 10 municipalities so Humboldt County got more than $1.3 million thru Project Trellis. The money goes to residents, not business owners, working in the cannabis industry. There will also be applications for businesses from a separate equity program in the form of micro-grants for businesses in the industry trying to overcome financial and logistical challenges of coming into compliance.

Seven people have been injured and two people arrested after a crash in the Cobb area. It happened Saturday morning. Police say the driver of one of two cars, 21 year old Jose Velazquez of Kelseyville, was busted for DUI. The CHP on the scene say his passenger 21 year old Jorge Lozano, also of Kelseyville, was arrested for obstructing a peace officer’s investigation, providing false information to a peace officer and disorderly conduct. The other driver 23 year old Yessica Patino of Clearlake was hit by Velazquez, then Velazquez rolled his car. Patino was trapped in her car and had to be pulled out by firefighters. She had minor injuries, but two passengers had major injuries. 2 others in Patino’s car had minor injuries. Velazquez and his passenger had minor injuries.

The City of Clearlake is looking to continue negotiations with the company looking at buying and developing the city’s former airport property. The City Manager has been authorized to give a letter of intent to Village Investment Partners regarding the 27-acre Pierce Field airport property on Highway 53, next to the old waterpark. The developer asking the city to extend their letter of intent for an exclusive negotiating agreement for six months. The project originally approved in 2008 with other ideas in mind, but a co developer is no longer involved and the vision changed.  So they’re asking for the additional 180 days.

After several days without power across Central and Northern Calif., the governor is calling on Pacific Gas and Electric to be held accountable with cash.  The governor was critical of the public safety power shutoff and the PG&E President and CEO Bill Johnson said it had to happen because of a wind event headed to the area. Now Gov. Newsom is urging the utility company to give affected customers a credit or rebate of $100 per residential customer and $250 for a small business. He’s also sent a letter to the state Public Utilities Commission President for a comprehensive inquiry and review of the power shutoff and what the utility company’s progress is on infrastructure fixes required under an Assembly Bill requiring their equipment be made resilient to wildfires to avoid public safety power shutoff events.

Toxic chemicals have been found in almost 300 drinking water wells and other water sources in California that have been linked to cancer. The state testing on over 600 wells across Calif showing areas of contamination after decades of manufacturing and household goods materials oozed into the public’s water supply.  The results of the tests were released yesterday for only a fraction of the amount of drinking water wells in the state.  Half the wells tested had no chemicals in detectable levels but others were contaminated in populated cities with massive water systems and mobile home parks with a single private well.

Report of a rape in a bathroom on the South Coastal Trail. Police say they got a call to the Emergency Room at Mendocino Coast District Hospital last Thursday for a female sexual assault victim. Officers interviewed the woman who says she knew the suspect and identified him as Vincent Galvan. She said a day before the assault they were together several hours and decided they would camp in the restrooms for the night, that’s where the assault happened. She says she fought the man off. Police went back to the South Coastal Trail and found the guy had locked himself inside the restroom. Officers and the City of Fort Bragg Public Works Dept got inside and cops arrested the guy after he tried to get away. He had minor injuries from his intended getaway. He’s charged with rape by force and false imprisonment.

Lots of water in Lake Mendocino after a high tech forecasting experiment. The Press Democrat reports a small amount of spring rain was pumped into the reservoir near Ukiah which water managers say looks very promising. They’re looking to maximize storage for more than 655,000 people in three North Bay counties. The newspaper reports the new water management program bragging about 8,000 more acre feet of water in the reservoir thanks to the program put into place last fall.

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