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A business in Ukiah has been taken down by a fire. The fire late Friday night destroyed Kidovation Zone on the corner of South State Street and Wabash Avenue. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority reports the building was fully involved when they arrived Friday night after 10:30 p.m. A California Highway Patrol officer reportedly spotted the fire and it was too late by the time firefighters got there to save the building. They say pieces of the structure started to fall so they had to leave the building to consume itself. The roof collapsed and the building in a heap. Fire officials say it would be difficult to determine a cause.

A man in Ukiah reports a robbery by two men at gunpoint. Police say the man was being followed by the others who took money and drugs from him. It happened near the intersection of Oak Manor Drive and East Gobbi Street. Police officers and a sheriff’s deputy went to the area to try to find the suspects who they had a clothing description for. As cops waited near the area, a man identified as 38 year old Christopher Garcia was spotted and detained. After speaking to witnesses and finding evidence, Garcia was arrested. Cops also found the suspect, 34 year old Anthony Rojas, who was also arrested later. The two each being held on $150,000 bail.

A special Ukiah Planning Commission meeting to consider eight new homes being build in the 200 block of West Gobbi Street. The construction company looking to divide a one acre parcel into nine parcels for eight homes. They describe the style of the homs as craftsman. The Design Review Board considered the development at their meeting last month, approving it with some recommendations so the trees on the parcel will be preserved. A public hearing is set for tomorrow night by the Planning Commission in City Council chambers.

Reports of a burglary at a market in Philo. Police got a call nearly two weeks ago to Lemons Philo Market for an early morning burglary. A deputy found a broken front door and broken cabinet inside the business with tobacco and liquor stolen. They looked at surveillance footage seeing a juvenile male had caused the damage to the front door and while he was inside the business, he vandalized some more, then left thru the broken front door. The kid was found about four days later and taken to Mendocino County Juvenile Hall.

The Mendocino County Health and Human Services Agency reporting on a recall by the US FDA after they found trace amounts of asbestos in baby powder. The Johnson’s Baby Powder pulled from the shelves after trace amounts of asbestos was found in samples purchased from an online retailer. Since the levels are so low, it’s a voluntary recall at this point for Lot #22318RB. An investigation has begun to figure out how the asbestos got mixed in with the powder.

A man from Lakeport has been indicted for having a gun and being an active gang member. The Grand Jury indicting 25 year old Christian Alejandro Estrella of being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition and since he was on parole for being an active gang member, he was arrested on several charges including prohibited person in possession of a firearm, prohibited person in possession of ammunition and  concealed firearm not the registered owner. He was released from jail on bail.

A homeless man the victim of a gunshot wound. Deputies got a call to Sutter Lakeside hospital last Friday morning. He told deputies he was homeless the last few days, living on the side of Highway 20 in the Blue Lakes area and while walking in the area someone came up from behind and hit him in the head. They had a scuffle and the suspect shot him and left him on the side of the road. Someone else pulled up and offered the victim a ride to the hospital. The investigation into who shot the man continues.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors to revisit the recent public safety power shutoff and will consider a letter of intent as they look to sell a property to Lake Transit Authority. Lake Co News reports the board will debrief with the public on the Pacific Gas and Electric public safety power shutoff tomorrow morning at 11. Public members being asked to give testimony at the meeting or give them written comments by 5 p.m. today at They will also take up transient occupancy tax waivers and a letter of intent to sell a Clearlake property to Lake Transit Authority for a new bus depot.

A special meeting being held by the Lakeport City Council regarding proposed vehicle purchases, a housing element update and an ad hoc committee to make city appointments. The meeting tomorrow night called after last week’s was canceled because they didn’t have a quorum. The police chief with the vehicle request for a general police patrol vehicle and a police K9 vehicle for about $109,000. The community development director asking for permission for a agreement with a contractor to finish the city’s sixth cycle housing element update. That’ll cost about is $33,000.

That time of year, red flag warnings and fire weather. And so, if you can believe it, Pacific Gas & Electric Company is considering another power shutoff this week in parts of 17 counties. The warning from the utility last night that extreme weather conditions and dry fuels forecasted for 18 to 24 hours Wednesday and Thursday could trigger another Public Safety Power Shutoff to counties across Northern and Central California. The counties include Butte, Colusa, Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Sonoma and Yolo. PG&E’s emergency center opened last night in San Francisco with meteorology team monitors watching weather. They say it will impact a lot less people than the last round.

Southern Calif. Edison warning they may join PG&E to cut power. It’s been just about two weeks since the two utilities cut power to 2.3 million people. But dry, windy conditions raise the wildfire threat. Edison International warning it would impact more than 40,000 customers and PG&E is only saying it would hit 17 counties because of an extreme weather forecast. There are critical conditions being reported north and east of Los Angeles, including Santa Clarita and Burbank thru today. The Saddleridge fire in Southern Calif. has charred nearly 9,000 acres and is nearly 80% contained.

There’s now a Wildfire Safety department in the state. It comes after the massive public safety power shutoff last week. Governor Newsom appointed Caroline Thomas Jacobs as the head of the new division under the state’s utility regulator. She’s worked in emergency services for the state for five years. The Wildfire Safety Division is not new, they’ve been in effect since the beginning of the year to oversee utilities’ safety plans after utility company equipment was found to be the cause of some major wildfires. The Press Democrat reports the CEO of PG&E says it will take the utility about ten years for public power safety outages to no longer be necessary when fire danger is high.

An opening on the Clearlake Planning Commission. The four-year term expires in March 2023. A little background on their duties, commissioners hear and act on land use matters and advise the City Council on zoning regulations, the general plan, and other land use issues. They are under the Clearlake City Council and have to file statements of economic interest showing financial interests in the jurisdiction of the city. For more info go to City Hall to pick up an application packet.

A man surfing Sunday in Mendocino County has died. 58 year old Donald Harris of Philo was reportedly found floating in the water off Point Arena in a popular surfing cove. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports Harris went to the area early Sunday and paddled just about 100 yards out, telling someone else out there he was going further, but five minutes later he was gone. So the other surfer paddled to find Harris and saw him floating with his board next to him. Harris was then brought to shore so the other guy could perform CPR as firefighters and other emergency personnel were called. Paramedics then took over lifesaving measures, but Harris was pronounced dead less than an hour later.

The increasing risk of wildfires has PG&E considering flipping the power off again for some in the San Francisco Bay area. The National Weather Service warning Wednesday night is where the red flag warnings may happen and of greatest concern. And as we reported earlier, Pacific Gas and Electric has activated its Emergency Operations Center in San Francisco to watch the potentially strong and dry offshore wind event forecasted into Thursday. Because of the forecast and dry fuels, PG&E is thinking about another public safety power shutoff in 17 counties. It’s not been called for yet, and the utility company says they will continue updating residents several times day over the next few days.

Payments should be coming to as many as 100,000 Californians from PG&E for claims from wildfires. But the Press Democrat reports tens of thousands have not filed for help and want an extension. The deadline was today, but lawyers for victims filed court papers saying many survivors are still trying to get back on their feet and may not even know they could file a claim against the utility. A lawyer appointed by the court to represent the victims says they’re still so overwhelmed and probably don’t know what to do. Some victims say court papers supporting the deadline extension never got to them, or it was lost or they thought it was a scam. Others thinking they couldn’t file a claim because of the bankruptcy the utility filed in January.

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