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Social Media giant Facebook says it’s putting up $1 billion for affordable housing in Calif. The cash could help developers put up as many as 20,000 homes over 10 years time. The company giving $150 million for the Bay’s Future Fund which is an affordable housing fund started earlier this year by Mark and Chan Zuckerberg’s foundation, along with the San Francisco Foundation, Facebook, Genentech and others. The company also says it’s starting a new partnership with Gov. Newsom’s administration for mixed-income houses for teachers and other essential public workers that will be built on excess state-owned land. The company earlier announced it was donating $25 million for up to 120 apartments for teachers in Palo Alto.

You may have heard from PG&E already about their latest public safety power shutoff. Now Mendocino County is announcing the power down today and tomorrow for parts of the county to start today between 2 and 5 p.m. today. And apparently, it’s just a short time without power. It should be restored tomorrow. The areas that may be affected: Potter Valley and southeastern Mendocino County near the Mendocino/Sonoma County line. The utility company says they expect less than 1,000 customers will be without power in Mendocino County. But 15 counties and about 219,000 customers could be impacted across California.

It’s the five year anniversary for REACH air ambulance services. The base at the Willits Airport features four air ambulances and crews serving surrounding counties including Mendocino County if they’re in a remote location. The REACH vice president says they act like a fire station. They have up to 14 crewmembers working at the location on rotating 12-24 hour shifts. That would include their pilot, a flight nurse and a paramedic for each call. REACH is subsidized by a $4 fee on moving vehicle violations, and a new funding source recently extended cash coming in for six months. They’re apparently working on a more long term funding source.

A man from Clearlake Oaks accused of intentionally setting three wildfires has pleaded not guilty. Matthew Miravalle arrested last month for three fires over the summer months. He was in court for his preliminary hearing and charged with two counts of property arson and one count of arson of structure/forest land. The Lake County Sheriff’s office reports Miravalle admitted he started the fires after his arrest. He was also seen in the area of the most recent fire which happened on Monday, Sep. 23 near an apartment complex. Investigators say it was an arson fire. And Miravalle has a previous arson conviction.

Another power shutoff coming from Pacific Gas and Electric Company across Northern and Central California. The power down expected to impact about 200,000. Nearly 1,900 will be in the dark in Cobb, Loch Lomond and Middletown. One of the officials for PG&E working the incident says windy weather is prompting the shutoff. The wind is forecasted for 5 p.m. The utility company said yesterday it was giving impacted customers a 8-12 hour warning.  The red flag warning is covering higher elevations above 2,000 feet in areas of Lake, Mendocino, and Trinity counties.

Governor Newsom has reportedly sent a letter to the CEO of PG&E regarding the recent public safety power shutoffs and the next one. The Governor demanding the utility company provide better information to customers impacted by the shutoffs and to do more to reduce the number of people affected. The letter saying the immediate goal to better manage this next power shutoff. The letter went yesterday to CEO Bill Johnson, urging the company to follow instructions by the California Public Utilities Commission. The letter also offering technical and operational assistance to include forecasting, tech support and using aircraft equipment and emergency personnel.

New rules for California’s water usage from the Trump Administration. Environmental groups none too happy with the plan and the potential effect on endangered species. It includes more water going to farmers, something the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service say, “will not jeopardize threatened or endangered species.” It includes as much as $1.5 billion to support endangered fish. Plus the fed would be monitoring rivers for endangered fish and is committing to reduce pumping when fish are present. But the Natural Resources Defense Council says these kinds of programs don’t work because endangered fish species populations are too small. They plan to stop the new rules by going to court.

One person is dead after a fire at a home near Robinson Rancheria. The fire reported yesterday afternoon after 4. A stick built home was totally engulfed in flames when firefighters got to the scene. They got a report that one person was trapped, but they died in the fire. Several area fire crews responded. No word how the fire started. Investigators were called to take a look last night.

Some tweaking of numbers by PG&E for those who will be impacted by the next power shutoff. The Sacramento Bee reports the utility company was saying 209,000 households and businesses in 17 counties would be affected, now it’s down to 189,000 in 16 counties. They will apparently make their final decision this morning. The utility company says it will continue to monitor the weather forecast models and wind event on their 600 weather stations. The CEO of PG&E says they should have an all clear for most of the impacted customers by noon tomorrow and noon Friday for the rest.

California is suing the United States Postal Service as foreign cigarettes keep getting delivered to California residents. The Attorney General Xavier Becerra and New York City filing suit together saying the postal service knew cigarettes or smokeless tobacco was being delivered in violation of the Prevent All Cigarettes Trafficking Act. The suit asking the postal service to stop the deliveries and not allow it to happen in the future. The trafficking act put in place in 2009 to stop contraband cigarettes from entering the United States. The cigarette-makers don’t pay taxes.

A massive replacement of CalFresh benefits is being offered due to the last public safety power shutoff. The California Department of Social Services says the Food and Nutrition Service has authorized the massive replacement of CalFresh benefits for those affected by PG&E’s de-energization of power lines from two weeks ago. It’s for people across the state, including in Mendocino County. Those who lost their food because of the power shutoff are being offered a 60% automatic replacement of their October CalFresh allotment. The deliveries are happening tomorrow.

A workshop’s being offered for those interested in putting an accessory unit on their property. The workshop tomorrow at 5:30 pm at Jug Handle Creek Farm. It’s free and hosted by the Housing Action Team. 4th District Supervisor Dan Gjerde will be on hand along with the former city manager of Fort Bragg. They will explain possible construction plans and accompanying county rules. They’re providing refreshments and a tour of the Jug Handle facility for those interested.

A woman from Fort Bragg has been arrested after reports of a domestic violence incident. Mendocino deputies called last Thursday night to a home in the 20000 block of Hansen Road meeting the husband and wife, seeing the male victim with a small injury to his head and minor bleeding. They came to find after a verbal argument, the wife, identified as Angela Lina, hit the man in the face. She was arrested for domestic violence battery and taken to Mendocino County Jail and booked on $25,000.00 bail.

PG&E down-scaling its latest public safety power shutoff. The utility informing Mendocino County the power may be turned off because of red flag warnings and fire hazard conditions. They had told counties, including part of Mendocino County to be prepared for a 3 pm shutoff. In Mendocino County, to include Hopland east of Highway 175, parts of Potter Valley and southeastern Mendocino County near the Mendocino/Sonoma County line. The outage was changed to be affecting less than 400 customers in Mendocino County and that that might also change. They’re encouraging customers to check the for the most accurate information. Power is predicted to be back up tomorrow morning. There is a PG&E Community Resource Center set up at the Potter Valley Bible Church starting at 8am tomorrow morning. Nearly 1,900 in Lake County are expected to be impacted including Cobb, Loch Lomond, Middletown and a small unincorporated area outside Kelseyville. There are two community resource centers in Lake County, the Konocti Vista Casino in Lakeport and the Twin Pine Casino & Hotel in Middletown. The utility company is warning some who are not supposed to be impacted, that they may still have power outages due to the company’s equipment getting damaged during the wind event. And those folks will not be notified in advance.

An unrelated power outage reported in the Laytonville and Covelo areas had about 3,000 people in the dark.  A PG&E spokesperson says the areas involved are not involved in the planned Public Safety Power Shutoff. But there were about 160 customers who were expected to be impacted later. All of the customers had their lights back on this morning after the occurrence and the utility company had crews inspecting lines with helicopters and ground crews to figure out what caused the power outage.

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