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Some residents may already be getting their power back on. Mendocino County reports monitoring the Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) but being dependent on PG&E for accurate, updated information to be shared with the public. The county reports widespread outages still taking place but that it should end this morning with an expected 8:00am all clear from the utility company. The call came at 4:15pm yesterday for power restoration over the next 24 hours. There was supposed to be power back on on the south coast from Gualala to Point Arena and this morning at the Philo substation which means the lights should be on in the Philo area and on the coast from Point Arena to the Town of Mendocino. PG&E is prioritizing restoration of the transmission line to the greater Ukiah area by this afternoon. Then the northern parts of the County including Willits and Fort Bragg.

For more information, please contact the Executive Office at 707-234-6030. For updated County information on the public safety power shut off, please visit or follow the County on Facebook at and twitter

The Kincade Fire grew some and there’s still a Red Flag Warning in place thru this afternoon. The fire did flare up some last night, now at 76,825 acres. It’s holding steady at 30% containment.  There were reports that folks all the way out in San Francisco could see the flames, that’s about 85 miles away. 206 structures have burned, including 84 homes. The fire is reportedly burning into part of the Tubbs Fire burn scar. The winds were supposed to kick up more overnight. There were reported wind gusts of around 50 miles an hour by Mount St. Helena.

PG&E reported equipment failure on a transmission tower when the fire started a week ago, but the cause is under investigation.

There had been reported danger the Kincade Fire could move back towards Highway 128 and the 101. A spot fire reportedly ignited near Windsor in an area where firefighters had already doused the flames. The Leap Now Transformation Learning Center which was saved over the weekend burned yesterday. Some folks in Santa Rosa who had been homeless due to the Tubbs Fire and are just in their new homes had to evacuate again. There are more than 150,000 people under evacuation orders in Sonoma County including entire towns of Geyserville, Windsor and Healdsburg.

PG&E manning a fourth power shutdown to prevent wildfires. Customers are speaking out about being in the dark for such a long time. The latest Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) went into effect yesterday impacting about 540,000 customers in Northern California. That doesn’t even include about 400,000 customers who were already in the dark because of the last shutoff Saturday. But the utility company says nearly ¾ of those who lost power Saturday had their power restored last night. The Associated Press reports some residents say it’s a major inconvenience and hope it’s not the new way the utility plans on handling major wind events. Some folks lost all of their food because they had no power, others have no cell phone service or had to leave town altogether. The California Public Utilities Commission says it’s investigating the shutoffs.

Many businesses have no electricity to prevent a fire, but it’s also forcing public institutions to reduce operations or close altogether. Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital and Kaiser Permanente’s Santa Rosa Medical Center are both closed. They will have to restock food and medical supplies and recalibrate equipment during an inspection before they reopen. It also has to be certified by the California Department of Public Health and the Office of State Health Planning and Development. Many flights had to be canceled out of the Sonoma County Airport, SMART trains are running on a limited schedule and several school districts have closed.

The Villa Capri senior care center which burned down in the Tubbs fire and the Varenna at Fountaingrove were fully evacuated before the Kincade fire got into Santa Rosa. They’re two in 80 in Sonoma County that reported being totally evacuated by Mondday afternoon. There was only only left in Sonoma County that reportedly only being partially evacuated. Primrose Alzheimer’s Living in northwest Santa Rosa. There was only one resident there with staff Monday. But no calls to the facility by reporters were returned after that. Some others are already allowing residents back in in northwest Santa Rosa.

There have been some arrests around mandatory evacuation areas due to the Kincade Fire. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Dept. reports three men, who are all homes, were found in the evacuation zone. The Sheriff Mark Essick has said repeatedly there would be zero tolerance for looters or others found in mandatory evacuation areas. There are more patrols on the streets too with officers from outside the Northern Calif. law enforcement area helping. The first arrest was Sunday morning. Jesse Gandarilla arrested for suspicion of entering an evacuation zone and violating his probation. Then Sunday night, Lonnie Frederick for entering an evacuation zone, public intoxication and an outstanding warrant; and the third arrest Monday afternoon. Gary Villa of Cloverdale busted for misdemeanor entering of an evacuation area.

One person is dead after a head on crash between a van and semitruck followed by a multi car wreck down the highway. The first crash yesterday afternoon across the street from the Dollar General on hwy 20 in Nice. Lake Co News reports a white Ford cargo van crashed head-on into a semi which kept going before finally stopping against another van next to the Bent Fir cabinet shop, which also had damage. A little while after that crash, the highway reopened to one way traffic only. Then, a multi car crash moments later in the Glenhaven area. The news site reports two people flown by air ambulance out of the crash scene to hospitals and three more to hospitals by ground ambulance, the rest denied help to a hospital.

Schools in Ukiah and in Lake County closed until the official all clear is announced for the red flag weather conditions. PG&E put the fourth power shutoff into place early yesterday for almost 600,000 more customers who weren’t already in the dark due to Saturday’s shutoff. Lake Co News reports as many as 400,000 PG&E customers in Lake County were still without power from Saturday’s shutoff when the fourth power down kicked in. The County Administrative Office has reported low gas supplies because of how long the power has been off.  The Sheriff in Lake County reports there should be an all-clear for this wind event between 6 and 8 a.m. this morning.

The Burris Fire has pretty much quieted down. The fire that started Sunday near Potter Valley has burned 350 acres and is 75 percent contained. Cal Fire reports there are still 40 structures threatened and evacuation warnings are still in place along Highway 20 south to Highway 175, east of the Russian River and west of the Lake County line, and the Potter Valley area. There’s still a red flag warning in place until 4 p.m. today.

Rebates may be coming to customers impacted by PG&E’s public safety power shutoff. The governor’s office reports after continued pressure on the utility company, asking for rebates of $100 for residential customers and $250 for business customers, the utility agreed, but nothing much more concrete than that. The Governor’s office reports Newsom has repeatedly called on PG&E for automatic rebates to customers after the utility company’s mismanagement and “overly broad power shutoffs”. The governor’s office getting word from PG&E yesterday they were moving forward with a rebate plan. Investigators are still trying to determine whether the company’s equipment has caused any wildfires this year including the Kincade Fire.

An air quality alert due to the Kincade Fire. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District issued a Spare the Air Alert yesterday with winds blowing towards the Bay Area bring hazy skies and unhealthy air quality. An executive officer for the air district says the strong winds in the forecast and a potential for more fires makes it important for residents to protect their health and stay indoors with windows closed if possible so they’re not exposed to the smoke.

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