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The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors taking it on the road. The Supes regular meeting tomorrow will be in the town of Mendocino at St. Anthony’s Church Parish Hall. The board chair, Mendocino Supervisor Carre Brown says when they move meetings outside of Ukiah it gives residents an opportunity to be present at the meeting. And tomorrow’s meeting apparently has several items of interest for those living on the coast. They say they’d like to hear directly from residents who live on the coast. One topic of interest will be the recent PSPS power outages, including ratifying the declaration of a Local Emergency, the cost to the county of the power shutoffs and how the county plans to respond. Plus they’ll also consider an Urgency Ordinance for no price gouging after reports some businesses raised their prices during the outages.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors also taking up the power shutoffs at their Tuesday meeting. The board to discuss policy changes in light of the public safety power shutoffs and county employees during times of disaster, power shutoffs and other related events. And to appoint a pair of supervisors to serve on a committee along with two city council members from Clearlake and Lakeport to come up with solutions for the intentional power shutoffs. The board also presenting a proclamation to the South Lake County Fire Protection District for 50 years of ambulance service.

Because of the public safety power shutoffs any defendants due in Mendocino County court who are not in custody should be in touch with their lawyers. The Mendocino County DA’s office posted on Facebook for those with a scheduled arraignment on one of three days the court was closed without an attorney will get an appear notice by mail. The office says for those who are still unsure when they need to appear and don’t want a warrant issued for this arrest, they should immediately report back to the courthouse where they were originally supposed to appear, Ukiah or Fort Bragg and go to a judicial clerk at the criminal division window of the Clerk’s Office.

A fire burning in Mendocino County for several days, the Burris Fire is completely contained. The fire started at the Cold Creek Compost facility about a week ago was smoldering, then flared up and blew up in windy conditions. It eventually burned more than 700 acres, but there were no structures damaged or destroyed. It did lead to a temporary closure of State Route 20 from Mendocino County to Lake County and some folks had to be evacuated along the highway. It started around the time of one of the PG&E public safety power shutoffs. At the peak of fire activity, there were as many as 1,000 firefighters on the fire, including teams from Oregon.

A fatal crash reported near Laytonville. Kym Kemp reporting the crash off Hwy 101 near Laytonville early yesterday morning. The news site reports a woman and two children ran out of gas in northern Mendocino. She told the CHP she was looking for her husband who supposedly crashed his car in Laytonville somewhere and may have ended up in the water. His car was found about 5 hours later off the 101 over an embankment. He landed on river rocks. The CHP reports finding the passenger door open and nobody inside. Several hours later a body was found off the road.

An earthquake reportedly rattled some folks out of bed this weekend. The Saturday morning temblor recorded by the US Geological Survey in northern Sonoma County as a 3.7-magnitude. It shook about 7:05 a.m. northwest of The Geysers. To be exact, it was 3.8 miles west northwest of Cobb and 13.5 miles southwest of Clearlake. The quake right where the Kincade Fire burned. There were 48 shake reports from across the state including from Kelseyville, many from the Bay Area, and from as far away as Monterey and King City.

Thousands from the town of Windsor out on the streets cheering and thanking firefighters who saved their town from the Kincade Fire. The Press Democrat reports thousands were at the Town Green yesterday morning. Some firefighters were there, many live in town. The town’s yearly Pumpkin Jamboree was rescheduled from the weekend before because of the fire, turned into a rollicking tribute to first responders. There will also be a make-up Halloween party in town this coming Saturday.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is continuing discussions on developing guiding area plans. The plan updates coming from the Planning Dept. to the board. The community development director has sent a memo to supervisors asking for possible area plan meetings with community members present and county staff. The memo also states it could cost as much as $100,000 for area plan updates including Environmental Impact Reports. The supervisors will also take another look at a proposed amendment to the county’s cannabis tax ordinance.

Lake County health officials are reportedly considering shelter like set ups for the medically fragile during future power shutoffs. Community Resource Centers were opened by Pacific Gas and Electric for basic services such as getting bottled water, powering up your electronic devices and staying cool in hot weather. But they were not set up as overnight shelters. Last week at a joint meeting of officials from the County of Lake, Lakeport and Clearlake, they heard about people ending up in the hospital so they could charge their medical equipment. The Public Health Officer for the County said he’s working with the social services director for “medical respite shelters” for non-emergency care during shutoffs. They’re still developing the concept, but they would be open 24/7 complete with heat, cots, electric power, water and snacks.

The president of Howard Hospital reports on the public safety power shutoffs bringing in record numbers to their Emergency Dept. At the same time they’ve heard from the California Department of Justice whose denied the proposed joint operating company of Adventist Health and St. Joseph Health. The proposed partnership for increased access to care, finding better ways to recruit physicians and providers for rural California. The president of the hospitals for the Northern California Region sending out a letter on the matter. But Howard Hospital is still working to bring in more Primary Care physicians for their Family Medicine Residency Program and bring more specialty services to Mendocino County.

The President is threatening to cut federal funds to California to help with wildfires blaming the governor for a quote “terrible job of forest management”. Neither of the two Southern Calif. fires he was tweeting about were on forest land. The president tweeted similar threats last year as fires decimated the town of Paradise and tore thru Malibu.

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