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An addition to Mendocino College Health Center’s board of directors. Katie Fairbairn, the executive director of the Mendocino College Foundation and part of 100+ Women Strong Inland Mendocino County. The board says they invited Fairbairn because she’s dedicated to community-building, and because of her interest and experience involving health insurance benefits. She says she was impressed by the board’s smart and thoughtful leaders and its dedication to providing “the most needed healthcare to the neediest populations.”

A woman in Butte County’s been arrested after scamming a Camp Fire survivor out of thousands. The Sheriff’s office reports arresting 29 year old Brenda Asbury for elder abuse, embezzlement and grand theft after scamming a 75 year old who lost their home in the fire last year out of more than $63,000 from an insurance settlement. The woman turned herself in to cops Monday after driving back from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She’s in jail on $63,100 bail and is supposed to be arraigned tomorrow.

Two fires near homeless encampments keep Ukiah Fire Authority staffers on their toes. Thick, black smoke reported from a fire under the bridge above the Russian River along Lake Mendocino Dr. yesterday morning. Furniture ignited, creating the thick smoke by someone, officials say was either cooking or trying to warm up. Another fire on the Rail Trail near East Gobbi Street Monday afternoon. The Fire Authority says it was the same sort of situation, someone started a cooking or warming fire.

Final plans for the Streetscape Project to be presented to the Ukiah City Council. The project also known as the Road Diet because four lanes will be reconstructed down to three with a turn lane. The design team for the project says it’s not the most attractive thing to call it, but it’s the right solution for the downtown area, and a way to reduce how many crashes happen and how serious they are.  The staff report for this evening’s meeting says the plans and specifications are after ten years of extensive feedback from the City Council and stakeholders. If there’s an approval, the bidding process could begin in less than a month.

A group of Sonoma County mayors and county leaders say they want Pacific Gas & Electric to be turned into a customer-owned power company. A letter sent by the group to the California Public Utilities Commission with a proposal from the mayor of San Jose to create a cooperative. The mayors of Petaluma, Windsor, Sonoma and Cotati signing on. It comes after four back to back public safety power shutoffs, the utility being found responsible for multiple deadly fires and the San Bruno gas explosion. PG&E filed for bankruptcy protection in January with $30 billion in liabilities from the wildfires.

The DMV is being blamed for revealing private information to other government entities for thousands under some sort of criminal investigation. State officials say the information on more than 3,000 people was given to seven government agencies, including Social Security numbers to see if they were real or bogus or if that person was ineligible for a Social Security number. Those people were under investigation by various district attorney’s in two counties, San Diego and Santa Clara. The people affected got letters from the DMV to assure them, they were not being investigated.

The CEO of PG&E has been called to the Governor’s office. Gov. Newsom giving PG&E until next June to solve its chapter 11 bankruptcy. The closed door meeting yesterday where the governor reportedly told CEO Bill Johnson how the recent blackouts affected the medically infirm, and how small businesses and schools were also impacted with closures. Newsom also reportedly threatened a possible takeover of the company. Johnson says he understood the hardship they caused and apologized, but said his goal was to make sure nobody died, and they achieved that.


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