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Unofficial returns show voters in the Northshore Fire Protection district have apparently rejected a proposal for a special real property tax to pay for fire and EMS services, new equipment, and hiring. Figures posted on the County Registrar of Voters website show Measure N fell short of the 66.7 percent super majority vote needed with 63 percent of the voters saying “Yes” and 37 percent saying “No”. Any ballot stamped by Tuesday has to be in the registrar’s office by tomorrow to be counted so the numbers could still change. Those website figures so far show about 28 percent of registered voters took part in Tuesday’s election, and that most of them used absentee or mail in ballots instead of going to one of the four poling place that were set up. The county has 30 days to certify the results.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office says the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating the death of a pig found stabbed to death early last month in Riverside Park in Ukiah. The Ukiah Daily Journal reports that the animal was apparently one of the dozens of animals kept in an enclosure just north of the park for the past few months and that officials think this was an isolated case. There are no suspects. The pig found under a shopping cart, leading the sheriffs office to speculate that whoever killed it, was trying to move the dead animal. The County Animal Control office is also looking into reports that the pigs kept near the park were mistreated while they were penned in.

Stocks of PG & E way down today after the utility reported its liability for wildfires in the third quarter added up to almost 2 point 5 billion dollars, leading to a 1 point 6 billion dollar loss for the company for the three month period. PG & E took that big financial hit for claims related to the 2017 Northern California Wildfires and the 2018 Camp Fire settled since its last financial statement three months ago. Without those claims, the company would have actually made a profit of 590 million dollars. Its been a tough year for PG & E. Its shares have cratered from 48 dollars last November to around 6 dollars now.

A warning from the Lakeport Police Department about some potentially deadly pills that might be on the streets. Some pills marked as Oxycodone seized in a drug raid earlier this year have been tested and found to be made of FENTANYL instead. Police are worried because it appears those drugs were destined for illegal sales in the local community. While investigators aren’t sure how much fentanyl is in each pill, they say even a small amount can be fatal and because the pills look legit, users might not even know just what they are taking. The DEA says it has seen a recent increase in similar counterfeit pills laced with Fentanyl, apparently manufactured in Mexico and smuggled across the border to be sold in the US.

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