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More than 100 kids in Mendocino County coming to school without a warm coat. The Mendocino County Office of Education reports 165 students from homeless families coming to school cold because they have no warm coat to wear. So the owners of this radio station are starting a fund to buy new coats. KMAX and KWINE are joining forces with Russ Tow’s associates, Selzer Realty and Pardini Appliance who will give a donation from their sales. The group says they hope other businesses will get on board too. Money is being collected at CASA which serves abused and neglected children. You can send your donation to CASA, 340 North Main in Ukiah.

A federal judge has temporarily stopped four logging operations in the Mendocino National Forest while a lawsuit against them works it way through the courts. Environmental groups have sued saying the logging work violates federal rules. The judge let two other projects continue pending the outcome of the case. The environmental groups are upset that the cutting began without an environmental review of its impact on the 7,000 acres of the national forest in the area of the 2018 Ranch Fire. There will be another hearing on the case later this month. No comment on the case from the Forest Service.

The State Dept. of Public Health is reminding vaping kills. This time a death related to vaping has been reported in Marin County. The Department of Health urging residents to stop vaping and using e-cigarettes no matter what the substance or source, until the cause of vaping-associated lung disease is known. The recommendation after a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention November 8th, that it may be Vitamin E acetate that’s the chemical of concern causing severe breathing problems and lung damage related to vaping. Another reminder if you buy marijuana, make sure to get it from a licensed retailer and read the ingredient label to avoid products containing Vitamin E acetate.

A local group trying to keep the Potter Valley Project online reportedly moving forward with a two-basin solution. The Daily Journal reports a representative told the Ukiah City Council they are trying to ensure water supply stability and create habitat restoration in both the Eel and Russian rivers. The coalition came together after PG&E was first going to sell the Potter Valley Project, then took it off the market with its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing. Several entities part of the coalition to keep the project online including Cal-Trout, Humboldt County and the Sonoma County Water Agency. A feasibility study has to be completed by April, with final licensing set for April 2022.

The new Lake County Registrar of Voters is done. After a few months in the post,
Catherine McMullen has resigned. The Lake County Administrative Officer Carol Huchingson reported the resignation. The resignation as the tally of votes for the Northshore Fire Protection District is still happening. The election just last week. McMullen sent a letter to the Board of Supervisors last week, just two days after the election, saying her last day would be November 22nd. Lake Co News reports the Measure N official canvass goes until Dec. 5th. McMullen said last Friday there were less than 50 ballots to count or check before finalizing the results.

A man in Kelseyville blamed for starting a fire in Sept. going to court for his preliminary hearing. Jody Hickey accused of arson for the Oak Fire which charred 53 acres Sep. 7th. He was supposed to have his preliminary hearing Sept. 25th but it was continued until October, then again until November 18th, next Monday. He’s pleaded not guilty to the fire which investigators say was started by welding and grinding equipment in dry grass. Hickey’s charged with felony reckless arson and misdemeanor liability in relation to the fire (by a careless or negligent action). One outbuilding was destroyed by the fire which also closed down a section of Highway 29.

A deputy district attorney says he’s suing Lake County District 5 Supervisor Rob Brown and employees of the DA’s office for harassment, retaliation and discrimination. Senior Deputy DA Daniel Flesch filed the suit a couple weeks ago alleging he was treated improperly in the work place for the last five years. He alleges homophobic and anti-Semitic remarks and false claims against him as a lawyer. He also alleges when he tried to involve his superiors, not a lot was done and the harassment continued. He claims he works in a hostile environment which has caused him emotional distress. The County Counsel says this sort of case would warrant hiring outside counsel.

California’s first in the country law to require publicly held companies have women on their boards of directors is being appealed… again. The law requires at least one woman on the board of publicly traded companies by the end of this year, and by 2021, they have to have two, if there are five board members, and if there are six, they must have 3 females. The Pacific Legal Foundation is appealing in federal court saying it violates the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution. The suit comes after another conservative group, Judicial Watch, sued in August, arguing it violated the state constitution, but for spending taxpayer money to enforce the law.

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