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The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office is warning about a phone scam that has callers impersonating representatives from PG & E. The script varies a bit, but in each case the caller eventually asks for a MoneyGram for an allegedly past due balance, or tries to get other personal and financial information. As always, the sheriff’s office says you should be alert and suspicious when anyone you don’t know calls and asks for money or information, because no legitimate business or organization does that. The best advice is to just hang up.

Voters in the Willits Unified School district could be asked about a bond issue for school improvements when they go to the polls in March. District officials say they are concerned about the conditions of several school buildings that were outlined in a recent report. The Willits News reports that fixing those facilities could cost up to 17 million dollars that would be raised through a bond issue that would need voter approval. They’ll draw up the proposal in the next few weeks and public hearings will be held before it goes on the ballot.

A brief lockdown interrupting the school day this morning at Willits High. The Willits police department says it got a second-hand report about a student with a gun, so as a precaution the campus was locked down while authorities investigated. Officers quickly found a student off campus with an Airsoft pistol and lifted the lockdown after about 15 minutes. Police say there was never any threat or any danger to other students or school staff, but that they would rather be safe than sorry in situations like this.

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