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The National Weather Service out with a forecast for next week that shows a possible enhanced risk of wildfires. It’s possible that high winds on Wednesday and early Thursday could mean a bigger threat, but humidity levels could moderate conditions slightly. There is no rain in the forecast though next week. The lack of rain is also raising concerns of a drought., The national drought monitor now says most of the state is now classified as abnormally dry, including Lake County and most of Mendocino County. Dry conditions cover 81 percent of the state, which is up from 18 percent just a week ago. Some areas in far southeastern California are even showing the first signs of a new drought.

It will soon be easier for people in areas at high risk for wildfires to get comprehensive home insurance. The state insurance commissioner says starting in June, homeowners who have been denied coverage because of their risk will be able to buy enhanced coverage though the state’s Fair Access to Insurance pool. Until now, many of those pooled plans provided coverage for fire damage only, but under the new rules. they will be required to include comprehensive coverage for other kind of losses too. Insurance commissioner Ricardo Lara says the aim to to make sure no one is uninsured or underinsured though no fault of their own. The pool gets its money though mandatory contributions from insurance companies that write policies in the state and those companies say forcing the plans to cover more could hurt all consumers in the long run.

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