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A man from Potter Valley has been arrested for a stabbing in front of his house. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office reports getting a call to a domestic disturbance last Monday morning, a man reporting he’d been stabbed, then later called back and said he was fine and didn’t need help. Deputies went anyway to the home and found a man injured, Joseph Ansbury, who said his injury was an accident and self-inflicted. They went into the home and spoke to the guy’s girlfriend who said they had a fight, and he choked her to a point where she felt she was about to lose consciousness and in self-defense, she stabbed Asbury to try to get away from him. Asbury’s charged with domestic violence battery and held on $25,000.00 bail.

Two men have been arrested after reports of another man’s death and carjacking. Police say Michael Schaffer was arrested after a traffic stop in Nice Friday night. He was contacted regarding Nicky Smith’s death and denied any involvement. Later Friday night Daniel Ford was arrested at the Running Creek Casino and also denied anything. The two men are charged with Murder, Kidnapping, Robbery, and Carjacking. The two both had parole and probation violations and held on one million dollars bail. Police are asking for the public’s help regarding any circumstances surrounding Smith’s death and in locating Darlene Anderson of Lucerne. Detectives say they think Anderson may know something about the crime and that she could be living in the Nice or Lucerne area.

A man arrested after reports of someone with a gun at a home in Fort Bragg. Deputies got a call last Tuesday to the 18000 block of North Highway 1 and found a 50 year-old victim. The victim told police he was confronted by two people, Connie Braga and Alan Garibay.  Garibay was not allowed to have any guns. But the victim says he pointed a semi-automatic pistol at him and threatened to kill him so the victim rode away on his bike, but says he was approached by a car with Christopher Braga inside. He too had a gun and threatened the victim. He hit the victim in the head several times and took off. The victim had minor injuries and Connie and Christopher Braga and Garibay were all arrested on multiple charges that include, assault with a firearm, criminal threats and possession of a firearm while in possession of narcotics.

Middletown High is teaming up with Lake County Behavioral Health Services for a pilot program across the country on Mental Health First Aid. The program starts in the spring of next year. It’s an in person training for high schoolers to get educated on mental illnesses and addictions so they can identify them, then respond to friends in trouble. The administrators of the program say it will empower high school students to help their friends when there’s a mental health problem or crisis, like suicidal thoughts. The National Council for Behavioral Health along with Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way Foundation” are piloting the course in more than 75 high schools across the country. Middletown High School was one of 40 for the second cohort of the pilot program.

Learn more about Mental Health First Aid at

After a couple months of the public safety power shutoffs, the city of Ukiah is moving to improve communications with PG&E. The Daily Journal reports the city council took up the matter at their meeting last week. Public comments included needing the utility company to improve their infrastructure. The City Council has an Ad Hoc committee set up for the matter including looking into workshops for “Energy Resiliency” and how the public at large can become more energy independent. Some ideas were more PG&E workers on the ground and to have the city considered a “transmission customer”, and since there are thousands of residential customers, to have the city not a simple residential customer.

Business tax rates for the legal cannabis industry are going up. But the Humboldt County Growers Alliance says it’ll add support to the black market instead. And the California Cannabis Industry Association released a statement saying their members are “stunned and outraged” saying an eighth of an ounce will be about $5-10 more now. The taxes set to start Jan. 1st where it’s believed mom-and-pop farms or small businesses could feel it the most.

Some additions to labor agreements between several unions and the Lake County Board of Supervisors include one-time stipends to several county employees. The side letters approved for the $1,500 stipends, but they’ve yet to be finalized. The unions including the Lake County Deputy Sheriffs Association and the Lake County Deputy District Attorneys Association looking for the “retention stipends” or advance pay or a gesture of good faith for the employees. The board will take up the matter tomorrow for the addendums, or side letters for permanent, full-time employees of certain classifications known as “Employee Recognition and Retention Stipends.”

City leaders and grocery store workers getting together with church leaders and utility company employees for this year’s Operation Gobble. Golden State Water’s campaign, a statewide donation program delivering thousands of turkeys for Thanksgiving every November thru community centers, churches and schools. They’ve delivered more than 240,000 birds since they began back in 1990. And the Clearlake Peace Officers Association and the city council are adding side dishes with the Thanksgiving meals mashed potatoes, stuffing and desserts.

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