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A man from Ukiah’s found guilty of having a firearm. The Mendocino County DA’s Facebook page has a post about James Robert Nix being found partially guilty on several charges. Guilt for assault with a firearm and the jury found true a separate sentencing enhancement that the defendant personally used a .40 caliber Glock handgun in the commission of an assault. But the jury was stumped and could not reach a unanimous verdict on another count for the same crime and another special allegation but involving a second separate victim, so there was a mistrial declared for that separate count and allegation. Nix is due back in court December 11th to decide if there will be a retrial.

A home in Ukiah used as an exercise for firefighters has been burned to the ground. The Daily Journal reports the home at the corner of North Orchard Avenue and Brush Street had been donated by the Rural Communities Housing Development Corporation. The home was apparently going to be torn down. So firefighters got to make it a training opportunity. The newspaper reports firefighters learning how to handle a hose, use a chainsaw and ventilate a roof and how to climb up a ladder if they had to get to a second story window.

In home health workers getting a pay bump. As part of their new contract, the Mendocino County In-Home Support Service (IHSS) Bargaining Team gets a raise and their wages won’t fall below $1 above minimum wage. They also get a $5,000 training fund for new trainings. The new contract has to be voted on by members by Monday, then the vote count will be held Tuesday. In Home Health Services says their new contract was put together to build a stronger program for providers, customers and families with higher wages, improved benefits and to protect the rights of the workers.

Thanks to the latest Eagle Scout project, more improvements have been made at the Lakeport Library. Boy Scout Troop 39 did all of the landscaping around the front of the library led by a junior at Clear Lake High, Scout Sayer Ford. It’s the third project to help beautify the library. Two other efforts already complete for a children’s patio and a parking island with planter boxes.

There will be a new roadmap to decide if certain streets should be included in the city of Clearlake’s maintained road system. The City Council directing staff to start the process after the city’s consulting engineer said most of the road development in Clearlake happened before the city was incorporated in 1980. After the city officially came together, the county turned over a list of streets it would maintain. So now staffers went back over that list and subdivision maps to confirm the list and create a reliable grid working with the county surveyor.

Congressman Mike Thompson says he’s running for office again, filing for reelection in the Fifth Congressional District. The district covers all of Napa County and parts of Lake, Sonoma, Solano and Contra Costa counties. Thompson put out a statement that he was running again to represent the Congressional District in Congress. He says there’s still work to do to invest in infrastructure, fight to pass comprehensive immigration reform and protect Dreamers, continue honoring promises to veterans and their families and to tackle climate change to make sure we have a planet to pass on to the generations that follow us.

A credit’s coming to your PG&E bill after multiple public safety power shutoffs. The utility company reported the credit was for those who lost power in the first, October 9th intentional power down to prevent wildfires in Red Flag weather conditions. $100 credit for residential customers and $250 for commercial customers. But they say they’re not going to credit customers for the Oct. 23rd, 26th, 29th or Nov. 20th shutoffs. The utility apparently taking ownership for poor communication efforts during just the first power down. At the same time state regulators are investigating if PG&E met requirements to turn off power as a last resort and to only impact the fewest customers as possible.

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