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An update to the General Plan for the Ukiah Paths, Open Space and Creeks Commission. The commission getting an update from city staffers today. The plan created more than 15 years ago. The Daily Journal reports the work will help prepare, evaluate and come up with a preferred policy and land use alternative that’ll be the backbone of the updated General Plan. There will be scenarios noted in the plan for vacant sites and redevelopment areas plus evaluations of any implications for each alternative. Anyone who didn’t go to the community workshop in September can still submit comments online at There’s a work party too this Saturday with the Ukiah Valley Trail Group along the Rail Trail at 9 AM. RSVP: 707-467-3220.

A man from Fort Bragg’s been arrested after his girlfriend says he assaulted her. Fort Bragg police say employees at Purity Market called to say there was a 17 year old girl hiding there and that her boyfriend was in the store too. Police say the girl had serious trauma and bruising on and around her face and fresh lacerations and minor stab wounds on different areas of her body. Her boyfriend’s identified as 19 year old Francisco Martinez-Rodriguez. She says he also held her against her will several times over two weeks, repeatedly stabbing her and forcing her to cut herself too. He’s now booked on suspicion of committing torture, kidnapping, false imprisonment and domestic violence.

A planned Grocery Outlet in Hidden Valley Lake is being appealed after just being approved about a month ago. In October the Lake County Planning Commission approved the market as part of a major development. Then a group called Lake County Local appealed the commercial and residential development around Highway 29 and Hartmann Road. It will include an active senior village with retail and businesses. The appeal claiming there’s a revised environmental impact report which should have been drafted before the Valley Oaks Grocery Outlet project was approved because of major changes to the report since it was done in 2015.

The winter warming center has opened in Lakeport. At the beginning of the week, the Hope Harbor Warming Center opened for those needing a hot meal and safe place to spend the night. It holds up to 24 guests a night. The center funded by grants from Adventist Health Clear Lake, Sutter Lakeside Hospital and private donations. The funds will keep the shelter open weekdays until next March. The shelter coordinator says they’re there to provide a warm and safe place to sleep for unsheltered individuals during intemperate weather. He says they hope to make it physically and emotionally safe for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. The Warming Center is at the New Hope Fellowship Church, 305 Peckham Court in Lakeport.

A new report on kids in Lake County shows challenges ahead. Lake Co News reports the Lakeport City Council received the presentation led by First 5 Lake County Tuesday. The State of Our Children report gathered after ten months of research. The report includes the state of the opioid crisis and how that impacts kids. There’s been a rise in perinatal drug use and fetal alcohol and drug use exposure. It also shows low rates of women are going for prenatal care in their first trimester. The report also shows the amount of kids using drugs has spiked with usage the first time, dropping to the age of 8 years old. There’s also been a rise in teen pregnancies and young women not getting early care during their pregnancies.

A three year grant will help Lake Family Resource Center with a new campaign to be able to offer services and support for human trafficking victims. $550,000 from the Office for Victims of Crime, or OVC, an arm of the U.S. Department of Justice. OVC created to promote justice for crime victims. The Lake Family Resource Center Victim Services Program Director says getting the money will help them come up with more programs, more staff and more services. Starting in the New Year Lake Family Resource Center will use the money for human trafficking victims so there are better programs and to help educate the community so they can help victims.

Pacific Gas & Electric asking the judge in its federal bankruptcy case to say yes to an insurance settlement for victims of wildfires. Those opposed say the victims won’t get enough money, especially the uninsured and underinsured. The opposed also say it gives PG&E an unfair advantage to get support for its deeply flawed reorganization plan. The lawyer for the utility says the insurance settlement was the best way for all involved to be treated fairly. The insurance companies have a deadline of tomorrow to get court approval for the settlement. PG&E looking to make an all-cash payments to the insurers. But lawyers for about 70,000 victims say they may be forced to accept stock which could turn into a horrible investment.

North Bay residents may be getting a new psychiatric health care center after years of patients going to emergency rooms for help. The Press Democrat reports Memorial hospital’s ER is overcrowded and the director of nursing operations and emergency services says emergency departments are not the best place to care for those suffering acute psychiatric episodes. Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Santa Rosa Center and Memorial hospital have all donated about $210 thousand dollars for the first year of operating costs for a new psychiatric health center. The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors approved the donations to help Crestwood Behavioral bring a 16-bed regional psychiatric health center. They’re currently searching for a site to hopefully open next fall.

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