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The annual Wreaths Across America in Lake County in honor of fallen veterans is happening this weekend. The event Saturday to remember the fallen, honor those who serve and their families, and teach our children the value of freedom. The event starts at 8:50 and is taking place at Hartley, Kelseyville, Upper Lake, Lower Lake, Middletown and St. Mary’s cemeteries. Lake Co News reports it’s to honor veterans during the holiday season featuring youth organizations and veteran organizations. They will place seven ceremonial wreaths for each soldier, sailor, airman, and marine who has served

The last meeting of the year for the Middletown Area Town Hall is set. On Thursday evening at 7 they’ll discuss the Guenoc (Gwen-ock) Valley development, homeless people loitering in community park and becoming a Firewise community. Lake Co News reports Middletown would be the first Firewise community, if it’s approved. The group to also get an update from District 1 Supervisor Moke Simon. As you may know MATH, like other Lake County cities is its own advisory council for residents. It covers Anderson Springs, Cobb, Coyote Valley (including Hidden Valley Lake), Long Valley and Middletown.

The annual burn ban has been lifted as weather conditions permit in Lake County. You still need a burn permit for any outdoor burning though. You can pick up a permit at any fire department. You’ll need a smoke management plan though for more than a one day burn, for standing vegetation burns, whole trees or vine removals of more than an acre, burns over 20 acres, and others that could create a lot of smoke. The plans are available at the Lake County Air Quality Management District office. There’s also a debris pickup or composting available thru the County.

A fire burns a home in Ukiah after flames break out in the crawl space. Nobody was in the home in the 600 block of Grove Avenue because of a basketball game happening at the time at nearby Pomolita Middle School. An off duty fire captain happened to be there and evacuated those in the home. Apparently there were people living illegally in the home’s crawl space. The fire starting on top of a plastic ice chest. Those inside tried using water on the fire and apparently kept it from spreading, but it did get to some support beams first. Fire officials say the fire damaged some of the electrical system in the house, which wasn’t up to code either, calling it a public safety risk. All electricity to the home was shut down. No injuries were reported.

Cannabis already making a mark in Humboldt County… now that it’s legalized some residents are looking at ways to market the industry, much like the wine industry. A committee’s been formed to promote cannabis, as part of Project Trellis, an investment into the county from cannabis tax revenue from the legal marijuana market. The county’s economic development officer says the ad hoc committee will be tasked with receiving, reviewing and ranking marketing proposals to help staff choose who to work with.

Another Empire actor in trouble with the law. This time it’s Actress Amanda Detmer who was arrested in Chico for a DUI and hit and run. Police say Detmer, who lives in Chico, was arrested after her car hit a utility pole. Whoever called it in says Detmer then drove away. A Chico police officer randomly stopped her car, seeing major front end damage. She was arrested after the stop. It comes after one of the other actors in the show Jessie Smollett was arrested for supposedly faking he was mugged in Chicago. He was fired from the show afterwards.

The mayor of Chico calling for help this winter with more warming shelters. A special meeting’s been called on the topic after the mayor and a couple of city councilmembers said there was a need for more warming shelters. They area also looking to change rules around when a warming shelter can be set up and where they can be located. They also say they want it to move more quickly thru the process, and cut some of the red tape. Right now the city has a contract with the Jesus Center if weather is forecasted for three days or more to be below freezing. Another shelter is opening December 22nd though, but the city doesn’t pay for it.  The special City Council meeting tonight at 5:30 p.m. in Chico City Council Chambers.

A joint meeting of the governments of Lakeport, Clearlake and Lake County to lay out the plan for economic development. The Record Bee reports an economic adviser introduced the Lake County Economic Development Strategy in December 2018 for yearly goals. It included broadband infrastructure. The latest report was released last month saying the current broadband still needs improvement. The reports lead author laid out ways to expand broadband for rural areas, adding that thousands of Lake County residents don’t have access to broadband. Besides that, they discussed  improving the Lampson Field airport and putting buildings online where interested businesses could view to rent or buy.

A group against a new law in Calif. to punish doctors who write phony medical exemptions for vaccinations have dropped their fight. The group was interested in getting a couple of ballot measures in before the New Year. Now it’s on hold because they didn’t turn in the needed 600,000 signatures before Monday’s deadline. The Freedom Angels Foundation commented the introduction to their measure was grossly misleading and would have made it too difficult to explain the “egregious nature of these laws.” They’re referring to a new state law allowing state public health officials to investigate doctors who grant more than five medical exemptions in one year and to look into schools who have vaccination rates of less than 95%.

Firefighting overtime costs thru the roof in Calif. Overtime recorded at 65% more than any time over the last decade. The report shows overtime wages cost the state as much as $5 billion. That has firefighters at the top of the list of the highest paid workers in state government. There was only one fire official in the $300,000 a year salary range eight years ago, but as of last year, there were more than 200 salaries above that amount. But fire commanders and other fire experts say it’s still cheaper than hiring more firefighters. The report by the Los Angeles Times who poured over ten years of records. It also showed Cal Fire’s expenses were up 142% during the same time period.

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