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A resolution to be read at the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors’ meeting on the recently announced retirement of Sheriff Tom Allman. The board to take up the matter this morning on Allman’s planned December 29th departure and the takeover of the department by his Undersheriff Matthew Kendall. Kendall is expected to be the next Sheriff-Coroner for the rest of Allman’s term which lasts another 3 years. Then he can run for the position. The board can fill the vacancy for an elected position before an election if the position becomes vacant. The notes in this morning’s agenda say Kendall is the most appropriate appointee for the position because of his qualifications and “admirable track record as Undersheriff.”  Also at the meeting this morning, supervisors will hand out service awards for county employees serving 15-40 years.

Governor Newsom puts up a red light to the recently agreed to Pacific Gas & Electric Chapter 11 Bankruptcy plan. The plan to pay out more than $50 billion in wildfire claims will have to be completely revised to get to the court deadline to emerge from bankruptcy by next June. Gov. Newsom said no to the company’s restructuring plan, which sets aside $13.5 billion for people who lost their homes, businesses and of course, family members in the October 2017 firestorm and more fires, including the Camp Fire in 2018. Two settlements reached by the utility company to resolve more than $36 billion in claims from victims and another $11 billion deal with insurance companies who’ve paid billions to policyholders for the same fires.

The US Supreme Court has left a law in place so cities cannot punish the homeless if they sleep or camp outdoors if they can’t find anywhere else to go. This came after a ruling in September of an Appeals Court who ruled penalizing homeless people who have to sleep on public property outdoors violates the U-S Constitution’s 8th amendment of cruel and unusual punishment. It went to the Supreme Court who declined to even take up the matter. Advocates were saying police should not force residents from encampments on sidewalks and city parks and put camping bans in place either.

A man from Kelseyville pleads no contest to carrying a loaded gun. 26 year old Leopoldo Gutierrez Bravo in court for the felony and enters a so-called nolo plea, the same as no contest, not admitting guilt, but not denying it either which is sometimes part of a plea bargain. The rest of the charges against Bravo have been dismissed. He was charged with nearly a dozen felonies including carrying a concealed weapon, grand theft auto, felon in possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition by a prohibited person. It all goes back to last month when he was arrested on a warrant, and that’s when cops found a stolen handgun in a truck at the Robinson Rancheria Casino.

A new mayor and mayor pro tempore are being named in Lakeport. At the city council meeting tonight Mayor Tim “Cheese” Barnes and Mayor Pro Tempore George Spurr will give up their positions after being appointed last year after a unanimous vote of the council. No word who will take their places, but none of the members of the council are currently up for re-election either. So it comes down to Stacey Mattina, Kenny Parlet and Mireya Turner, and Spurr and Barnes can be appointed again. There was an ad hoc “Selection Advisory” committee put together to consider appointments to local committees and commissions too. The council will also consider a letter to the Board of Supervisors to support county action on tax-defaulted properties.

Over the last year the Ukiah Unified School District has provided more than 1.1 million free meals for students at more than a dozen schools. The Mendocino Voice reports 17 different schools in the County got meals, and it could add up to even more this year. The free weekly meals for students and additionally special meals for holidays. State Senator Mike McGuire touting the school district’s efforts during a visit to the district.  McGuire states two million kids in Calif are food insecure which could affect their learning ability. The school’s superintendent thanked McGuire for making sure all students have access to good nutrition.

A man in Garberville has been arrested for ripping off businesses. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office reports they got a report at their Garberville Substation about a shoplifting incident and tied Tommy Michael Frost to the crime. Apparently Frost was seen on surveillance video stealing the knife and the owner of the business also said he matched the surveillance footage November 12 at another business ripoff. Cops found drug paraphernalia in a stolen U-Haul truck Frost and a companion were in. He’s charged with possession of stolen property, shoplifting, driving with an expired license and violation of probation.

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