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We now know who will be on the ballot for 3 Lake County supervisor seats in March. The Registrar of Voters office says those candidates will be incumbent Moke Simon and challenger Julia Mary Bono in District 1, and incumbent Tina Scott and challenger Chris Almind in District 4. There will be a new supervisor in District 5 because Rob Brown is not seeking another term. Those looking to replace him are Kevin Ahajanian, Jessica Pyska, Bill Kearney, and Lilly Wall. Voting is March 3rd, the same day as California’s Super Tuesday presidential primary.

Boating season may seem far off, but Lake County Water Resources says boat owners can prepare now by getting their 2020 stickers certifying their vessels are free of the invasive Quagga mussel. These decals are required on all boats in addition to the state DMV sticker. You can get your free sticker though any approved screener. You can find a list of those places at the website or by calling Lake County Water Resources. The goal is to prevent those mussels from doing more damage than they already have in many Midwestern and western lakes. That damage can include clogging boat engines and water pipes and leaving sharp shells washed up on lake shores.

Scientists are out with an alarming report about California’s coastal waters. The study done by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the water offshore is getting more acidic twice fast as the global average. The increase is apparently tied to rising carbon emissions in the atmosphere that change ocean water chemistry. The research suggests that California’s fishing industry is vulnerable to a dramatic decline as marine life becomes disrupted by more acid in the water.

The Lake and Mendocino County Area Agency on Aging is looking for volunteers for its advisory council. That council is made up of people who advise the agency about issues affecting the elderly and help develop programs to help older residents. Applications have to be submitted by February 13th and you can find more information by contacting the agency directly.

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