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A woman in Redwood Valley’s been arrested after a traffic stop for driving recklessly. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept reports trying to stop Carley Schlapkohl  but she kept driving. Sirens and lights flipped on didn’t stop the woman who the deputy chasing her finally caught up to. Schlapkohl booked into the Mendocino County Jail on reckless evading and violation of probation. She’s held on $35,000.00 bail.

A bunch of gun control bills have finally been signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom. Many of these laws will start on New Years Day. One of them makes a purchaser wait 5 years if they have a gun violence restraining order placed against them. Another waiting period or ban for those with gun violence restraining orders allowing educators, employers and co-workers to petition a court to temporarily take someone’s firearms away if they feel they’re a danger to themselves or others. Another new law for gun shows to be sure gun and ammo retailers at the shows have to follow the same licensing and reporting requirements as other retailers.

An ad hoc committee has been set up by the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors to help enforce Measure V. The initiative to fine anyone who intentionally kills, then leaves dead trees standing. The law says certain trees left longer than 3 months are then a public nuisance. This to prevent companies from poisoning trees then leaving them where they stand, dead. The Daily Journal reports Supervisor John Haschak saying they’re looking at ways to deal with complaints and issues in connection to the new law.

Two people are dead after a head on crash on the 101 near Benbow. The California Highway Patrol reports a man was in a white sedan headed north when a gray hatchback with a female driver was headed south. Officers say the white sedan crossed into the southbound lanes, hitting the other car head on yesterday morning. The two drivers were killed in the crash, the sedan driver did not have on a seatbelt. A crash in Lake County has the CHP out. They say a pedestrian was hit and killed on Soda Bay Road. They say an elderly woman was behind the wheel Tuesday when a man was walking across the street and was hit. The driver and her passenger were uninjured, but the pedestrian died at the hospital.

A new report says California’s recreational marijuana market could use a tax fix. The Legislative Analyst Office, a non-partisan office says the legislature should change the way taxes are collected for cannabis and tax it at different rates based on its potency. The report states that would mean more stable revenue and discourage cannabis abuse. The report also suggests the state should no longer have licensed growers pay a tax based on the weight of marijuana they grow. It comes as marijuana advocates would rather have the state’s 15 percent tax rate lowered. But the report suggests an increase in the tax of up to 5 percent.

A man from Upper Lake arrested with another man for a murder last month had the charges against him dismissed. Michael Shaffer has been in jail for nearly one month in connection to the murder of Nicky Smith of Lucerne. His body was found on the side of a road in Lakeport. Shaffer and Daniel Ford of Lakeport were believed to be involved and arrested Nov. 23rd. But the DA says after further investigation and witness statements, she was tossing Shaffer’s charges. He stays behind bars though for unrelated offenses. Ford though has been charged with a slew of crimes including murder with special allegations that the murder was committed during an attempted robbery, attempted kidnapping and carjacking. He’s held in Lake County Jail without bail. The DA says there could be someone else involved in Smith’s murder who they’re investigating.

The Gov. has announced a new Healthy California for All Commission. Gov. Newsom has also named health experts in business, philanthropy, academia and labor to be on the commission. They’ll try to come up with a plan to better the health care system in the state with coverage and access in one financial system, which could one day be a single payer financing system. The first report from the commission to the governor and lawmakers is due next July, then a final report is due February 2021. They have their first meeting set for Jan. 27th in Sacramento. The announcement as Californians continue to sign up for Covered California. 16% more signed up this year over last year.

A Ukiah man’s been found guilty of domestic battery, a misdemeanor. The DA’s office reports Anthony McCoy had been charged with committing a similar, but more specialized crime — battery on a person with whom the defendant has had a prior dating relationship. The DA reports there’s not much difference in the possible sentencing options. The office notes a person convicted of battery is prohibited for 10 years or under of owning or possessing any firearm or ammunition. Court documents say he was already on probation when he was arrested last summer and charged with this latest offense.

A man from Ukiah’s in court facing drug charges and found guilty. The DA’s office reports Jose Rivera was charged with commercial possession of methamphetamine, a felony, but after a deal had his charges lowered to possession of methamphetamine, a misdemeanor. Rivera had been on a court-ordered drug education diversion, also for methamphetamine when he was arrested last August with drugs and other evidence.

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