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The city of Arcata wants everyone in the community to work hard to go green in 2020. City officials have a few suggestions that will be fairly easy, barely an inconvenience on your current lifestyle. First, resolve to stop buying drinks in plastic bottles. Second, try to use reusable containers like water bottles, coffee mugs, shopping bags, and keep them nearby, especially if you are often on the go. Third, try and drive less, take a walk, a tandem bike ride, a scooter, or use public transportation. And no bike? No problem Zagster bikes are rentable bicycles set up in several locations across the city. Fourth, plan your meals. Create a shopping list and stick to it. And finally, stop wasting energy. Turn off the lights when you leave a room, unplug fixtures and appliances when not in use and consider installing a smart programmable thermostat to help you decrease your electric bill. The city has more information on how to live a greener lifestyle on its website at cityofarcata-dot-org.

A Lake County woman is on life support and not expected to survive a single-car Collison that happened over the weekend in Cobb near Highway 175. Hospital officials have told the California Highway Patrol that 31-year-old Angelina Guillen’s injuries are so severe her chance of survival is slim. Guillen (gill-in) was headed toward Middletown Sunday afternoon shortly after 3 pm when she lost control of her SUV around a right curve in the road just before the fork with Highway 29. State Troopers say that she sheared the utility pole, slammed into a large oak tree, then overturned. She was airlifted to the hospital; her dog broke several bones in the crash was transported to a veterinary clinic.

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