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A man lying on the sidewalk in Ukiah had to have NARCAN administered. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports a deputy on routine patrol was flagged down because of a car blocking traffic. The deputy had medical responders come to the scene after assessing the man was unresponsive and probably overdosed on opiates.  The deputy gave the man NARCAN and he immediately responded and started waking up. Medical responders took him to Ukiah Valley Medical Center for further treatment. Narcan nasal spray is used as a sort of antidote to reverse opioid overdoses.

Mendocino County staffers working on new ways to get a business license. The Board of Supervisors directed staff to study small business regulations in Lake County to see if there are businesses that need licensing to protect the public and how much any of that would cost. Staff are expected to report back to Supervisors with a full report, but it wasn’t noted when the county might make changes. The Daily Journal reports Supervisor Ted Williams said there were roadblocks due to Planning and Building Service inspections that take too long, not the cost of the license. Supervisor John Haschak was concerned about timelines for new businesses getting approved.

A fire in Ukiah has burned a building with a bunch of cars inside. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority reports the fire on Saturday afternoon was stopped before it spread, but no other info was released.

A phone scam reported by PG&E from crooks threatening to turn your power off if you don’t pay money. The utility company says they got several reports the last few weeks of scammers calling about past due utility bills, then told the person on the other end needed to pay right away with a cash card. PG&E’s Security Investigator for the North Bay and North Coast says when someone asks for a gift or cash card, that should raise a red flag. The scammers reportedly trying to hit folks in Marin, Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino, and Humboldt Counties and have a caller ID that says either “PG& E” or “Pacific Gas & Electric”.

The green light has been given to support marijuana gardens in the county exclusion area just outside Clearlake. The city council has approved a policy first brought up last fall. The City Manager says there are amendments in the Lake County Code related to growing cannabis which includes these so called exclusion areas. The code was recently amended to include cannabis growing in a city’s sphere of influence if whoever is applying for the grow gets a letter of support from the city. The policy being proposed allows the city manager to have the authority to issue the letters.

A special meeting of the Lakeport Planning Commission so new leaders can be appointed, and a new member introduced. The meeting this Thursday will feature the swearing-in of newly appointed Planning Commissioner Jeff Warrenburg .The yearly election of officers will also happen too. Lake Co News reports they may also discuss a possible amendment to a couple of Zoning Ordinances regarding portable sandwich board signs in the Central Business zoning district.

The Governor’s office looking at new ways to stop homelessness with possible penalties for cities and counties who don’t take action. The Governor’s task force on homelessness is reportedly considering a law to force municipalities, and the state to find housing for people without. The governor on a statewide tour to bring attention to the homelessness issue. Newsom is urging lawmakers to get something on the November ballot to force cities and counties to take action on homelessness for the more than 150,000 people without homes, or these municipalities could face legal action. Of course that would first have to pass both houses of the legislature. Homeless advocates say more specifics are needed.

The Willits City Council taking action on multiple water projects. The city’s engineering project manager introduced a measure for a professional services contract for work on the City’s Groundwater Improvement Project. The city’s been looking to improve its groundwater infrastructure for a while and at the same time meet public demand if there’s an issue with surface supply like due to drought or damage from natural disasters. A grant application is reported to be the first step to start the first phase of the project which is set to start this summer. The engineer working on the project reminds there was a shortage of water in Willits back in 2014 during the five year drought in Calif.

The federal government continues negotiating with Pacific Gas & Electric after catastrophic fires led to the utility company’s bankruptcy. A $13.5 billion dollar settlement for wildfire losses has been agreed to. Now reports surface that a top FEMA official is none too happy about the settlement agreement which puts the FED in the position of having to get money paid back another way. The FED paid out nearly $4 billion for victims of fires started by PG&E equipment from 2015-18. FEMA reportedly looking to get as much as $200 million from fire victims if they can’t get it from the bankruptcy settlement, but is now reportedly looking to revise the settlement with the bankruptcy judge to avoid that. Some fire victims say FEMA deserves nothing.

A blast of winter coming our way with snow accumulations expected in Lake County. The winter storm watch for most of Northern Calif. will of course hit the highest elevations hardest. The weather system expected to hit tomorrow into Friday with snow of up to three feet in the higher elevations, but snow is expected to drop in Lake County and in the high peaks in the Mendocino National Forest we could get up to 20 inches. Probably more like a regular old rainstorm for most of us, but Cobb and Mt. St. Helena are expected to get sleet.

Since the primary has moved up in Calif. we’re seeing several candidate statements emerging. Those running for supervisor, city council or other local offices have begun announcing their candidacies. The Mendocino Voice reports local businessman James Green is running for supervisor in the First District. Also making an announcement, the former mayor of Ukiah, Maureen “Mo” Mulheren. She’s filed to run for the seat in the 2nd Supervisorial District. She’s endorsed by the retired Sheriff Tom Allman, and others. She announced about a year ago, while she was still the mayor.

The Pine Mountain Lookout in the Upper Lake District of the Mendocino National Forest is finally reopening after the Ranch Fire. The lookout was closed in the summer of 2018 to protect it from the massive fire. It was not damaged, but the area around the lookout had to be cleared of downed trees and other debris. They’ve also opened reservations for the lookout which will be open from the end of April through November. You can get to the lookout by car, but you have to bring all of your own supplies. The lookout’s been there for almost 100 years, opening back in 1933. It was used for fire detection until 1942. It has 180-degree views of the surrounding area at an elevation of 4,400 feet.

As noted in our earlier newscast, quite the weather system coming thru. And in Lake Tahoe, a wind gust of more than 130 mph was recorded. So be careful on roads throughout Northern Calif. Chains or snow tires are required on Interstate 80 in the Sierras and many other highways in that area as the winter storm with loads of snow barrels thru the area. There’s a winter storm watch Thursday so if you were planning on heading out for a skit trip, you’re in luck, as as much as 2 feet of snow is expected to dump in the the highest elevations. The National Weather Service says it recorded a 137 mph wind gust at Alpine Meadows near Tahoe City this morning at 3:45 a.m. And at nearby Squaw Valley, a recorded gust of 124 mph.

The legislature has tossed the idea of a ban on medically unnecessary treatments for young kids born with ambiguous or conflicting genitalia until they turn 6. Lawmakers putting forth the bill to ban any procedure for an intersex child 6 years of age or younger unless it’s found it’s medically necessary by the Medical Board of California. But now most of the lawmakers who were on a panel for the idea said they thought it was too broad and wondered if kids at 6 could even understand enough to help parents make a decision. State Senator Bill Dodd says his grandaughter’s almost 5, and says he thinks it’s not a decision she could make for herself.

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