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Friends of the Willits Skatepark are looking for support getting lights, bathrooms and shade installed there. They want people who support those plans to show up at next Tuesday night’s meeting of the Willits City Council to make their feelings known. New plans for the park have been talked about for a while and skating enthusiasts say they only way to get improvements is to let city officials know.

Three Lake County arts organizations will share a $10,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. The money, along with an equal local matching amount, will go to promoting the county as a destination for the arts. The groups involved are the Lake County Arts Consortium, the Lake County Rural Arts Initiative, and Middletown Arts. Promotional ideas include a video highlighting art in the county and an online calendar showcasing local creative events.

One person is dead and one other is seriously injured in an avalanche in Placer County near Lake Tahoe. The county sheriff’s office says aa search is underway for others who are missing and may have been trapped when the snow gave way. The avalanche occurred on an advanced trail at the Alpine Meadows resort. The rest of the resort is open and officials say there is currently no threat to any other ski runs there. Several inches of snow has fallen in that area in the past 24 hours.

Tuition and fees for schools in the University of California System may be going up over the next five years. Reports say regents will talk about two proposals that would bring in more money to pay for financial aid and other school needs. One plan would see an annual increase tied to the inflation rate, while another would freeze rates for current students but increase them successively for each new class. School officials say more resident undergraduate students with financial need would get help under either scenario. Outgoing UC president Janet Napolitano says the system needs to decide on a plan now so students who accept admission this spring will know what they can expect to pay.

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