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The Timberwolf Stadium at Fort Bragg High School still not finished after years of planning. The Advocate News reports there’ve been plans for an all-weather track and field, and the Sports Foundation, behind the remodel is supposed to replace the lights this year. That’s going to cost $250,000. The members of the foundation are still raising money for the fixes and have recently applied for a $6.5 million dollar Community Development Grant. The foundation says if they don’t get the grant, they don’t have another plan yet on how they’ll raise enough money to finish the stadium.

A tour of Mendocino High last month shows just what work needs to be done at the school to keep it in 21st Century shape. That was apparently to show visitors the need for a $24 million school bond that’s on the March Presidential Primary ballot. The school was constructed in 1947. The Maintenance Manager led the tour at the school last month showing visitors, broken thermostats in the main building, an old entry door into the school, and undersized office rooms. They also want to replace some floors, lights and electrical wiring.

A man arrested then had the charges dropped for the murder of another man from Lucerne could be getting out of jail soon. The Record Bee reports Daniel Wayne Ford admitted to a parole violation of possessing meth so he was sentenced to 120-days, he’ll probably only serve half. He’s serving the last bit of another sentence for an unrelated crime and should get out in the beginning of April. The DA dropped the murder charge against him for Nikky Smith’s death in November. Ford and another man were arrested for suspicion of murder, kidnapping, robbery and carjacking. Both men saw their charges dropped for insufficient evidence, but the DA is leaving the case open until they get DNA test results back.

A request to divide a vacant lot in Ukiah for three buildable parcels has been approved by the Public Works Director and City Engineer. Neighbors said it would create too much traffic on N. School Street, but at the hearing, nobody was there to speak against the project. Appeals can only be made if someone shows up in person. There were three people in attendance and they were informed to speak out, but none did. An appeal could still go to the City Council after one council member said he’d file an appeal on behalf of any resident interested in that. Those who had opposed previously did so in writing saying they weren’t opposed to a subdivision in the area, just didn’t want three parcels, from the giant piece of land, just two.

The temporary moratorium on growing industrial hemp has been extended for the unincorporated areas of Mendocino County. The county is still looking at new hemp regulations after the board voted on an a temporary ban on hemp cultivation in Feb. of 2019. It was extended again last April until this month. Hemp is legal in Calif and in the US, but cross pollination with cannabis has been a concern for some, saying it could damage or devalue cannabis flowers. So the ordinance for unincorporated areas of Mendocino County holds for industrial hemp cultivation. The Daily Journal reports the County is not planning to regulate the hemp industry at this time.

A home that burned last week has caught fire again. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority on the scene yesterday morning on Brush Street finding the home totally engulfed in flames. There was nobody in the home as it was boarded up and vacant. The Daily Journal reports flames spread to another building and power pole, neither were destroyed, but were damaged. Firefighters say it might be an arson fire, but they weren’t definitive yet. A fire started at the same house last week spreading to the attic from the porch. Fire officials say that fire looked like something was set on fire on the porch. That fire they say was probably a warming fire, but this fire was deemed suspicious.

A $15 million dollar discrimination lawsuit has been filed against Lake County by its former human resources director. Pamela Nichols lawsuit says the county and its Administrative Officer Carol Huchingson retaliated against her then fired her after she complained about illegal activity and “matters of public concern” including workplace discrimination. She’s asking for $12 million from the County and the other $3 million against Huchingson saying her race was a “motivating factor” in why she was fired. She claimed there was a hostile work environment including, retaliation, sham investigations and a pattern, practice, custom and policy which violated her constitutional rights.

A man from Geyserville has been arrested after a winery was broken into and a car with two guns in it was stolen. Colin Curtis reportedly arrested for suspicion of felony burglary and vandalism, plus he had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court for a drug-related case. A woman reported seeing him prowling around her house Monday afternoon, then hours later a man with a flashlight was reported lurking around a winery in Healdsburg. The next day there was a break in at the winery, but nothing was stolen. A car driven into a creek by Curtis was found to be stolen. And two handguns were found inside and he was arrested and held on $35,000 bail.

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