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The state assembly is considering a bill that would make it tougher for unlicensed cannabis operations. Assembly bill 2122 targets any business that supports illegal operators, including property managers, billboard advertisers, and others who do business with the black market. The state says that the black market is more than twice the size of the LEGAL cannabis trade, and often lures customers with lower prices for seemingly legitimate cannabis products. Sponsors say the goal is to take a bite out of those illicit sales by increasing the penalties for anyone who supports them.

A gray wolf that was tracked across thousands of miles in Northern California for the past 3 years has died. The wolf, known by its tracking collar ID of OR-54, was found dead in Shasta County, but the California Department of Fish and Wildlife isn’t sure yet what happened to her. She was around 4 years old and was one of just a few such wolves left in the state. Wildlife biologists say the animal was a beacon of hope that the species might make a comeback from the brink of extinction, with the wild population in California now numbering a dozen or less. OR 54 logged more than 8,700 miles since she was captured and tagged, averaging 13 miles a day.

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