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One died, and two others seriously injured in a single-car accident in Clearlake Oaks. Officials say the crash happened Saturday shortly before 5 pm on Highway 20 at Morine Ranch Road. When officials arrived on the scene, they found a dark-colored SUV that had crashed into a tree. Firefighters found one person already dead and two others trapped inside the vehicle. The two had to be extricated from the SUV, and they were then airlifted to trauma centers. No identifications have been released at this time.

Coming up on March 5th, the Lakeport Police Department will be holding a community town hall from 6 pm until 7:30 pm at the city hall. Topics that will be covered will be Lakeport Community Policing Survey, the neighborhood watch program, the police dog program, Lakeport crime statistics, legislation affecting public safety, crisis intervention, and police recruitment. The goal of the town hall is to inform the public about its current operations and plans for the future. There will also be a chance for folks to ask questions and to provide feedback. For further information, go to the Facebook event page, Lakeport Community Policing Town Hall Meeting.

The Lakeport City Council this week will be considering whether to increase parking fines and penalties as well as get the midyear budget update. The council meeting is tomorrow night at 6 pm in the council chambers at the Lakeport City Hall.

The California Highway Patrol arrested a Willits woman for running a bicyclist over after getting into an argument with him. 37-year-old, Janice Longerier allegedly had been fighting with a 31-year-old man on a bike. The incident happened at 10 am on February 14th at the intersection of Locust Street and County Road 315. She allegedly ran the man over on purpose and then drove away. CHP said that her husband, 37-year-old Eugene Stephens, and her son-in-law 23-year-old James King helped her flee the scene and hide evidence. All three were arrested on Friday. Longerier was charged with attempted murder; Stephens and King were both charged with conspiracy and being an “accessory after the fact.” The victim was airlifted to a hospital with significant injuries.

A California senator wants to allow cities to fine short-term rental hosts who violate local property rental laws. Senator Steve Glazer plans to unveil the legislation today, which would fine those rule-breaking hosts up to five-thousand dollars.

The City of Fort Bragg Planning Commission meeting that happened last week focused on a project that Spring Pond Properties is working on at the former mill site, which is the removal of hazardous trees. In October of last year, the Spring Pond Properties applied for an emergency permit in order to remove four trees that could potentially fall onto the highway. The permit was granted, and the trees were removed in January. The item discussed was whether to approve a Coastal Development Permit for the four trees plus two additional that is not part of the emergency permit.

The price of wine is dropping quickly. It is expected to drop to its lowest levels in five years due to a surplus of California grapes. Experts say the cheaper prices could last up to three years. However, the demand for wine has decreased. If there is not enough demand to support increased production, the surplus grapes go to waste.

The Fort Bragg City Council ok’d the relocation of a water main, apply for a grant to help fund new water meters, and revise the city’s Water Department shut-off policy as required by state law. The Pudding Creek Water Main Relocation Project was unanimously approved by the council. They are planning to relocate about 1,000 feet of the 10-inch main. The committee also plans to replace the city’s water meter, which has a price tag of 2.9 million dollars. The city is applying for a grant that would fund the new meters. The new meters would be 100% accurate for ten years, provide early leak detection alarms to the city and customers. Customers would be able to track their water usage with a mobile app.

The Ukiah Planning Commission approved a permit for the cannabis dispensary that will include cultivation in a building along East Smith Street near the Ukiah Library. The commission was split on approving the permit. Some worry about the odors that will come from the building. Others are delighted because the building is currently an eyesore, and this is an opportunity to bring it up to code and rehab the structure.

The Lake County Registrar of Voters Office needs volunteers for the election observer panel to observe the activities that go on during the presidential primary on March 3rd. According to Lake County News, The purpose of an election observer panel is to provide the public with the opportunity to observe and make suggestions on ways to improve the election process, assist in the integrity of the election process, encourage participation and build voter confidence in the election process. Members of the panel visit one or more polling places on Election Day. Those on the election observer panel monitor the tabulation of ballots at the central ballot counting center at the Registrar of Voters Office on Election Night. If you or your organization would like to participate on the election observer panel, please notify the interim Registrar of Voters Diane Fridley before February 24th.

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