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The Lucerne Area Town Hall had Lake County Sheriff Brian Martin as the featured speaker. Last Thursday, the Sheriff spoke on several issues including homelessness, sheriff’s office staffing and other topics. Martin told the room about the rights for those who go to live in vacant homes, so-called, squatters. Abandoned properties include foreclosures, a home where someone dies, and it remains empty or vacation homes where the owners live outside the area. The Sheriff says there are cases where his department is limited on what they can do, but trespassing is different, and they can do more there. The Sheriff says nearly 2 dozen positions have been cut from the agency, but they have five new sheriff trainees in the academy, starting their jobs in June. Residents were also able to ask questions after the presentation, and those touched on staffing shortages, response times and the homeless.

The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors takes up cannabis policy and recommendations from the Cannabis Cultivation Ad Hoc Committee. At their meeting tomorrow, the Supes will also consider starting a Local Equity Program for growers who have not been working in the legal market and how to change that. They’ll also consider putting in money for the long talked about feasibility study on possible licensing for the Potter Valley Project. The board has a busy morning tomorrow as they’ll also listen to a presentation from the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue on non-lethal wildlife exclusion services to help get rid of certain animals encroaching on buildings and homes. Several proclamations and awards will also be presented.

More state aid is being considered for college students in the state so they can pay for housing, books and food and other non-tuition expenses. These are just some of the ideas proposed for California’s financial aid system. A presentation was made by the State Student Aid Commission last Thursday. It shows community college students would be benefitted the most with more than 300,000 more community college attendees becoming eligible for Cal Grants. Students at other schools in the University of California or California State University systems would not get more financial aid, but they could still be eligible for Cal Grants for tuition and other fees.

A new location is being considered for the Clearlake Public Works corporation yard. The City Council looking at a potential relocation for the yard which is on the Pierce Field airport property, which the city owns. But the city’s looking at a potential sale of the property. So the council’s considering instead some city-owned property on Ogulin Canyon Road. Lake Co News reports the city’s consulting engineer showed the council analysis of two sites on the other property, one on top of a hill and the other, below. The only problem is the yard wouldn’t be able to grow by that much in the new location.

The homeless problem in Santa Rosa has a new wrinkle as the Governor’s proposed putting emergency homeless shelters in an area of state-owned open space that was being considered for a greenway project with housing and shops. The Press Democrat reports the development on open space owned by Caltrans, is set for a green trail, more than 200 apartments and 12,000 square feet of commercial space. The City Council also just unanimously voted to convert the land for the project. But now the Governor’s office says they’re not forcing the city, or any other, to use the site, it’s just an offer. And the office says Governor Newsom wants to be “flexible” about shelter types.

A special meeting’s being held by the Lakeport City Council on a project for a new sidewalk at Library Park. The meeting tonight on the Library Park Sidewalk Replacement Project is the only matter on their agenda. The proposed $400,000 project with one bid only, just under that number after the engineer projected a cost of more than $435,000. After the storms of early 2017 and 2019, the area was damaged beyond repair. The seawall, as you may recall is being replaced. Now the sidewalk needs to be pulled out and replaced. FEMA and insurance are covering most of the construction which could start in the middle of next month.

A man in Clearlake has been arrested on drug and weapons charges after a chase. Cops say 27 year old Steven Farnan was pulled over after it was found he had an expired registration and was driving without a license. The probable cause stop turned up a concealed loaded firearm and possession of more than half an ounce of heroin. Farnan was contacted thru the driver’s side window at a gas station and tried to get away, but he was stuck. The police officer say a handgun in the guy’s waistband which he tried grabbing before getting out of the car, so the cop tased him. He was booked into jail after it was also found he was on Post Release Community Supervision and had previous weapon-related arrests.

The Lake County Registrar of Voters Office has announced the date for a public manual tally for the March 3rd primary in Calif. Monday, March 16th the public is invited to the registrar’s office starting at 9 a.m. at the Lake County Courthouse. There will be a minimum of 1 percent of randomly selected precincts counted which will have all of the campaigns being voted on in the Presidential Primary Election included. The precincts are randomly selected though before the manual, public tally. Those who want to attend are warned they may not in any way interfere with the election process.

State Sen. Bill Dodd has introduced a bill so traffic will be a little easier to navigate through one Northern Calif. highway. The Senator says the legislation will help reduce traffic snarls on Highway 37 and protect the highway from sea level rise due to climate change. The senator says the time is now to improve the highway as it connects the community to jobs and supports the economy. The highway connects Sonoma, Solano, Napa and Marin counties with as many as 40,000 vehicles moving along the roadway daily. Plus twice as many cars and trucks are expected to drive over the highway over the next two decades. The legislation would bring a new toll so money could be raised for the improvements. There would be state and federal matching funds too. Senator Dodd’s Facebook page had the announcement of the bill.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports a new phone scam. The would be crooks calling and saying they’re from the Sheriff’s office, but they are no way connected. The sheriff’s office reminding they never call folks for donations on the phone or in person. They say if this happens for you, to immediately call the office and report it. They also remind the public not to make donations to any phone solicitors. Some asking for the money to be left under your front door mat, something they also frown upon. And also, never give your personal info over the phone to strangers, especially your social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, or address.

5 people have been arrested after a call to an assault on a woman. On Saturday, the Sheriff’s office got a call to Redwood Valley and found a woman was being taken to the hospital for injuries she got from the altercation with her boyfriend. Deputies also say while trying to investigate, a woman confronted them saying nobody else was there, but they said they heard people inside. KC Stillwell was arrested for lying and continuing to interfere with the investigation and a probation violation. Also Jessica Norton, Weston Riley and Nicholas Britton were found inside, some seemed high, one on parole and another on summary probation. Douglas Whipple was arrested for causing the injuries to the victim. Plus he was found with another man with a bunch of meth and syringes.

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