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A woman from Willits has been arrested after a fire breaks out at a home her boyfriend owns. Mendocino deputies report getting a call last Friday and finding the home engulfed in flames.. The man who lived there told cops he was threatened by Carley Schlapkohl. He says they were at the home and Schlapkohl became agitated and verbally hostile to him and threatened to cut his throat. He went on to say later in the evening, she jumped on him violently and assaulted him. After falling asleep he woke soon after to find his home on fire. The man escaped and called 911. Schlapkohl was found sitting in an abandoned vehicle and arrested for domestic violence battery and criminal threats and held on $25,000.00 bail. The fire’s under investigation.

A fire training with the Redwood Valley/Calpella and Potter Valley Fire Districts takes a home down on Black Bart Trail. Fire crews were training to keep the home from completely being gutted, dealing with various fire behaviors. They also rescued fire victims, worked with fire hoses in various situations and worked with equipment. There were nearly 3 dozen firefighters on the scene of the residential structure fire. It was surrounded by other homes which they practiced protecting too. The home they worked on was set to be torn down.

A man from Chico has been arrested after a domestic disturbance in Fort Bragg. Deputies say they got a call to a car parked along the road in the 16000 block of North Highway 1 so they stopped to check on a man inside, Mathew Spencer.  They say he was in the passenger seat and seemed overly nervous and that a woman was with him but disappeared. He also had a large knife on him, and they found an improvised weapon made from a stick. He also had a warrant out for his arrest for attempted robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, and being an accessory to a felony.  The woman was found by police dog Takoda, she had been assaulted. Spencer was then arrested for felony domestic battery and battery resulting in serious bodily injury and booked on 345,000 dollars bail.

A man in Willits has been arrested after a woman called to say she was attacked by her husband. Deputies say the woman called from the Brooktrails subdivision to say Tavion Johnson showed up at her friend’s house, where she was staying, pushed his way inside and he threw his keys at her face, injuring her. They say she had visible injuries matching the description of the altercation, so later Johnson was arrested. There was also a temporary restraining order against him at the time so he was booked into jail on $25,000.00 bail.

Because a new gateway is planned in Middletown, the Middletown Area Merchants Association is looking for designers to submit sketches. The gateway to be 15 to 20 feet wide and 12 to 18 feet tall on the east side of Highway 29 by Perry’s Deli. Those involved are looking for inspired ideas that could include landscapes like mountains, trees, rustic, rural lifestyle, big skies and stars. The association says its open to all sorts of various materials and that the archway should say something to do with the town or “Welcome to Middletown.” They’d also like it to have a way for banners to be hung from it for current town announcements. They will be picking two or three sketches that will move on for the next phase. Send your scanned sketches or a picture of your sketch to: or mail to P.O. Box 1616, Middletown, CA 95461. Further info, 707-809-8118.

Police in Fort Bragg on the case after finding a street sign busted in the middle of a sidewalk. Cops say last Saturday morning the sign was hit by a car so they followed an oil trail to a parked and abandoned car. They towed the vehicle and later found it to be the same car of a possible DUI which they had a Be on the Lookout warning for, earlier issued by the California Highway Patrol. The CHP had been actively searching for the same car for a hit and run crash at a Nor Cal Gas Station. Police went to the gas station and got surveillance video finding Sierra Kocher was the driver of the car, they say the video also showed signs of intoxication on it. There has not been an arrest yet, but all of the evidence has been sent to the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office.

The Governor is calling for work on the homelessness crisis, focusing too on treating those with serious mental health illnesses and substance abuse disorders. Last week the Governor delivered his State of the State address saying some living on the street who are capable of accepting help, should be able to find a way to get off the street and into treatment. But he also mentioned how some have a, “grave disability”. There’s a project that’s supposed to start next month to expand conservatorships without changing current state law, but that’s just in San Francisco. Governor Newsom says he’d like to see the pilot project expand statewide.

The Lakeport City Council has unanimously approved replacing the sidewalk at Library Park with a construction company, Granite. The Library Park Sidewalk Replacement Project went to Granite Construction who turned in the lowest out of three bids. The replacement project, as we mentioned yesterday, after damage along with the seawall caused by winter storms in 2017 and again in 2019. Another contractor is already working to replace the cinder block seawall. FEMA money will pay for the new seawall and sidewalks. The council saying they’d like the whole project done by Memorial Day weekend, and any finishing work by July 4th.

Some changes coming to Clearlake after city staffers successfully get some grants. The City Manager gave an update at the last city council meeting after a bunch of applications were sent in to pay for improvements to infrastructure, more housing and prepare for more public safety power shutoffs. The City Manager Alan Flora says they got more than a quarter million dollars from the California Office of Emergency Services for public safety power shutoff impacts and preliminary approval for another $160,000 for more housing. The city also being considered for at least $200,000 to pay for upgrades to the bathrooms at Austin Park. The city is trying to get grant money for fixes after the Sulphur fire and they’ve also applied for money for the a veterans housing project, the Hope Center behind Adventist Health Clear Lake Hospital.

Legislators working on affordable housing announce several new bills that save money for those building and buying homes. The impact fees aid local governments in paying for schools, roads and parks.  But lawmakers say they’re still discussing how to replace the fees which, in some cases, can pay as much as a third of some cities entire budgets. Assemblyman David Chiu of San Francisco, the chair of the Assembly’s Housing Committee says the fees are “well intentioned” but they’ve also been “an incredible impediment to development”. One bill in the package would change how fees are determined, and two others would reimburse local governments who waive the fees or reduce the fees on affordable housing built in densely populated areas.



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