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The city of Ukiah has decided to allow a parcel of land be split into three which has neighbors none too happy. They wanted an appeal, so it’s split into two, not three parcels on North School Street. Neighbors had sent a letter to the city engineer saying there would be horrific traffic, but nobody spoke out against the project after it was approved. City Council members Jim Brown and Steve Scalmanini both said they’d fight for the neighbors, so now Brown has officially filed an appeal due to concerns about potential drops in property values and the possibility of flooding. The City Council is due to take up the proposed subdivision of the land Wednesday. But staff is recommending the council refer the appeal to the Ukiah Planning Commission.

A contract has been approved for the interim Police Chief in Willits. The City Council approved the agreement with interim Chief Gregory Allen and also voted to accept a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Lakeport for police services. Today is the current Police Chief Scott Warnock’s last day. The city manager says Warnock is retiring, putting in his notice about three months ago. Allen has agreed to step in until the city finds Warnock’s permanent replacement. Allen has years of experience with nearly 35 years in the LAPD. He’s also been the acting Willits Chief before. He will stay on for at least three months until a new chief is selected.

The second case of novel coronavirus in the US may have been from the patient who had it in Sacramento County. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported last Friday on the case and health officials in San Jose say the person identified was an older adult woman with chronic health conditions with no travel history or any known contact with a traveler or infected person. They say it’s further evidence that there can be community transmission, but that’s all they know so far. Public Health officials in Solano County say there are less than 100 people who may have had contact with another woman who was diagnosed first. Those people are all quarantined in their homes, and some of them who had some symptoms are in isolation.

It’s voting day tomorrow in the Presidential Primary, and many other elected offices and initiatives. Calif. has their Primary for the first time in March, joining several other states on “Super Tuesday”. More than 2.7 million of almost 20.5 million registered voters have reportedly already turned in their ballots. There’s also a lot more going on behind the scenes, new voting equipment, vote centers have some new polling places in various counties and there’s now expanded same-day voter registration. Turnout is expected to be around 50% for the election, and because the state allows ballots to come in three days after the election, it’s possible we won’t have a winner in the Democratic Presidential Primary race by tomorrow night. There will also be a few names on the ballot of folks who’ve dropped out, notably Billionaire Tom Steyer, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. The two dropping out in the last week.

Decision being made about what to do with tax money gathered from Cannabis growers in Lake County. It’s been three years since Measure C passed and two years after an ordinance was put in place to regulate commercial cannabis cultivation. About $1.3 million has reportedly been collected so far. The Lake County Counsel Anita Grant will talk to the Board of Supervisors on the collection and proration of the cannabis tax. So far the county has sat on the money collected. Last week Grant told the Board they could follow whatever course of action they wanted including enforcement, education and environmental protection. The ordinance puts forth a $1 per square foot tax on outdoor grows, $2 per square foot on mixed-light, and $3 per square foot on indoor operations.

More than 200 properties are going up for auction in Lake County. The Record Bee reports the sales in response to demands by local government to sell the properties because their owners are not paying property taxes. Last fall the City of Clearlake sent notice to the county and the state asking for investigations into the Lake County Tax Collector’s Office for not selling the properties in tax default. At the time the County tallied more than $18 million for 12,500 properties in the County, with more than 3,500 in Clearlake alone.  Since then the Lake County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to move forward with a tax-defaulted land sale in May.

A new law that went into effect this weekend allows cannabis retailers to give free cannabis or cannabis products to those with medical marijuana prescriptions or to their primary caregivers. On Sunday the law went into effect allowing licensed cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, retailers or microbusinesses to donate marijuana or products they have in their inventory for donation. There are requirements though to follow, the products have to come thru a licensed supply chain, they have to pass regulatory compliance testing, an authorized licensee or nonprofit can donate, the donation must be recorded, and the product has to be labeled, “FOR MEDICINAL USE ONLY”.

Some reports to the Mendocino County Election’s Office that some folks who registered to vote never got their mail-in-ballot. But the Mendocino Voice newspaper reports if you’re one of them, you can probably still vote by provisional ballot at a polling station, or local polling place. You can also drop off your mail in ballot, if you get it, at any polling place. Those who are eligible to vote in California but did not register can also register on election day, tomorrow, and cast a conditional ballot, as part of the new same day registration law. Covelo does not have a polling station.  Polls close at 8 p.m tomorrow. Votes that are cast tomorrow at polling places and mail in ballots the office has received should all be counted by tomorrow night, or by Wednesday morning.

Unlicensed contractors in Lake County busted in a sting operation. Lake Co News reports a state sting by the Contractors State License Board. The undercover operation found nearly a dozen unlicensed contractors in Clearlake Oaks alone. The highest bid last month to install fencing was reported to be more than the legal limit for someone without a license. One suspect was also found to have made a $10,000 bid for some work. The news site reports the bids were for home improvement jobs, including landscaping, carpentry, tree service and painting. Now it’ll be up to the Lake County District Attorney’s Office to decide what the punishments should be. That could include penalties of up to six months in jail and/or up to $5,000 in fines for first time offenders.

The Lakeport City Council is hearing about the coronavirus. At their meeting tomorrow the county Public Health officer will present information on the virus to the council as their main order of business. We don’t have any local cases yet in Lake County and the Dr. Gary Pace says the risk locally is low. He’ll also deliver an update on the coronavirus at a town hall in Kelseyville tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Grace Church. The City Council will also extend the local emergency for the Mendocino Complex fire; another local emergency extension for the October 2019 public safety power shutoff and talk about several events coming up in town the next several months.

A partnership has been announced by Woodland Community College with CSU Sacramento College of Continuing Education for a Bachelor of Arts in Child Development. The Early Development, Care and Education degree will come to their Woodland campus this fall. 22 students signed up at the Lake County campus last fall for students to get their general education and lower- and upper-division classes to complete the program on the Lake County Campus. And now the same will be offered in Woodland at Woodland Community College’s Career and Technical Education division.


A woman from Redwood Valley has been killed in a car crash. The CHP in Clearlake investigating the Saturday night crash that killed 26 year old
Ashley Pulawa. Witnesses first said a pedestrian was hit, but then the CHP reported the woman was a passenger in a Nissan pickup driven by her partner on Highway 29. They say the car was traveling about 45 and 50 miles per hour when the Pulawa departed the truck out of the right front door then the driver stopped on the shoulder and called 911 and tried giving her CPR. But the woman died. The CHP says they’re investigating if drugs or alcohol were factors in the incident.

The Baseball fire that broke out near Covelo is nearly contained. The fire in the Mendocino and Six Rivers National Forests is straddling Mendocino and Glenn Counties. It’s burned 211 acres and is 90% contained. Crews on the scene mostly mopping up and patrolling for hot spots after a windy weekend. Winds have died down and temperatures were also expected to be lower this week. The fire reportedly started after a pile in a prescribed burn got out of hand last Tuesday. The fire is burning in grass, brush and timber in steep, rugged terrain with a low to moderate rate of spread.

A public health emergency has been called in Sonoma County after health officials confirmed a second local case of coronavirus. The second patient in stable condition in an isolation, but no word what local hospital they are in. Apparently they were on a cruise ship that went from San Francisco to Mexico. The Press Democrat reports state and federal health officials are working with hospital staff to try to find people the patient was in contact with during 10 days since they got back from their cruise. And also a private school in Healdsburg canceled all classes today as a precaution after somebody in the school community came into contact with someone diagnosed with the virus.


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