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Bond measures to get voters in Ukiah to help pay for upgrades to schools still look to be failing. The Daily Journal reports Measure A which needed 55 percent to pass looks to be failing with only about 51 percent approving and 48 giving it a no vote. But the school superintendent says they’re still hopeful as there are still votes to be counted. The money would be used for infrastructure repairs and replacing portable classrooms with permanent ones. Their laboratories also need updating. They were looking to raise $75 million for old roofs, plumbing and sewer, inadequate electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, to upgrade physical education facilities for year-round use by the school and community and bolster outdated security and emergency communications systems, including security fencing.

Serious crime down in Clearlake for the second year in a row. Lake Co News reports the latest report from the police chief brags the lowest property crime numbers in 35 years. Police Chief Andrew White delivered the yearly department report at the Feb. 20th Clearlake City Council meeting. The Chief says their best accomplishment was becoming a public safety answering point which means they get money from the state for a new 911 system. It’s connected to Mendocino and Lake counties. They also got technology upgrades including new Tasers, mapping, computers and major radio updates. He reports 390 incidents, up 2 percent, a ten percent drop in arrests though.

The School Measure which had some confused because it’s not a housing tax bill, but will give money to schools, Proposition 13, failed. Things could turn around of course in the next month with mail in ballots still trickling in, but the $15 billion school bond measure is behind with only 44 percent of the vote in Wednesday election returns. A political strategist working with Governor Newsom who’s supporting the measure says early votes usually skew conservative and millions of ballots have still not been counted. Plus more liberal or progressive voters tend to back more school funding.

Lots of last minute changes in the Calif. election brought more voters out, but there were reported computer glitches, tons of long lines and short staffing in some polling places. Los Angeles County had a new $300 million voting system, and many of the devices didn’t work. There were also reports that there were not enough check in machines or people working at polling stations, plus some folks had to wait in line up to two hours. Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign has filed a complaint and a county supervisor is demanding an investigation. Also part of Tuesday the state voter database wasn’t working so 15 counties weren’t able to print out labels, register voters or see if some voters already cast ballots.

Measure G in Willits, the bond initiative to bring money in for repairs has failed. It was pretty close though it didn’t get the needed 55 percent of the vote on Super Tuesday. Mendocino County unofficial results from yesterday show two other school measures in Ukiah and Fort Bragg also did not receive the needed votes to pass. But the County passed a bond measure for the School District with 66.35 percent. Willits bond measure only got 52%, just shy of a win. Only a 28% voter turnout too.

The Gov. has declared a state of emergency due to the coronavirus. This will help bring more resources into the state to fight the spread of the disease. The Gov. says its to help identify cases quicker and slow its spread. It came after a patient in Placer County died from the illness yesterday. Public Health officials there say it was an elderly person who was on a Princess cruise ship Feb. 11-21 from San Francisco to Mexico. They also had other medical conditions. Anyone in contact with that patient was quarantined for more evaluation.

A man in Covelo’s been arrested for possessing weapons including a loaded pistol. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office got a call to back up the Round Valley Tribal Police Department after a routine patrol finds a man in a car parked in the middle of the road facing the wrong direction. There they found Luis John Oliver, asleep. There was a pistol on the front passenger seat so the man was awakened and detained. When deputies arrived they found a large capacity drum style magazine in the firearm which had a bunch of 9mm live cartridges. They found a lot more ammo and meth in the car, so the guy was booked into jail on multiple state and federal charges including, felon in possession of firearm, possession of large capacity magazine, possession of ammunition by prohibited person and possession of controlled substance while armed with firearm.

The Sheriff along with the County’s Interim Health Officer are having a joint press conference this morning on the coronavirus. Sheriff Matt Kendall and Interim Health Officer Noemi Mimi Doohan at the County Administration Center at 9 am to update the community on local preparedness and response. They say there’s been a ton of misinformation from well-meaning individuals, but instead to get the facts from them, official channels. They’re also live streaming on the County’s Facebook page and YouTube Channel and will be shared on this Facebook page as well.

It was less than a half hour to convict a man from Boise for some crimes in Mendocino County. The DA’s office reports the jury took twenty minutes to convict Hyrum William Anderson for resisting and delaying a peace officer and refusing to provide identification upon lawful demand of a peace officer, the two both misdemeanors. The man has been ordered to come back to Ukiah for sentencing March 26th.

Congressman John Garamendi has introduced the FEMA Disaster Preparedness Improvement Act. The senior member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure says the bill will help increase FEMA support for disaster preparedness and emergency response to California and other states. Congressman Mike Thompson is his cosponsor. They say the bill would increase the federal cost share from 50-75%, instead to 85%, have special flood hazard zones, exempt the time it takes for complete environmental reviews and has the Government Accountability Office report challenges to congress if there are issues with FEMA.

A man in Lake County has pleaded no contest, basically not admitting or denying he killed his father. Alan Ashmore charged with murder and attempted murder for the death of his dad, Douglas Ashmore, and the attempted murder of Richard Braden. Ashmore also pleaded to an attempted first degree murder of a California Highway Patrol Officer for a October, 2017 incident in Clearlake Oaks. He first pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. He also was accused of shooting a woman in the foot, she escaped and when his dad intervened, he killed him. Then he got a gun from his dad’s car, and fired at several houses and cars, including shooting at Braden in a vehicle on the street.

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