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A young man in Willits has been arrested on several charges related to an altercation with his girlfriend. Deputies say they got a call from the female victim that her live in boyfriend Chandler Bowers physically assaulted her at their home last Monday morning. She says he got very angry and head butted her, then threw a wireless speaker at her. Her toddler was near by at the time. The woman says Bowers kept attacking her, grabbing her hair, taking her to the ground and hitting her in the torso. They say she had visible injuries, so Bowers was arrested nearby. He was booked on felony domestic battery, child endangerment and false imprisonment and held on $25,000.00 bail.

More tests being made available for the coronavirus in Mendocino County. The County Public Health Dept. reported Friday that LabCorp and Quest are able to test for the virus. The Public Health office is also working with local healthcare providers to help identify those at high risk of getting the illness. The agency says whether a resident is tested privately or thru the County’s Public Health system, it’s mandatory reporting for positive test results. There are two residents who were tested in Mendocino County Friday, one was in the hospital and quickly tested with a negative result, the other is still awaiting their results. There have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus in the County.

A town hall’s been held by Lakeport police on their “community policing” policies. They spoke about what lawmakers are working in with regards to public safety, neighborhood watch, the police canine program, crime statistics, officer training, a security camera registration program, an ongoing community survey, de-escalation and crisis intervention training, and police recruitment. The Record Bee reports the Lakeport Police Chief Brad Rasmussen says their trying to provide the info to the public and they’re looking to the public to help inform other community members. The chief says staff recruitment is a major challenge, as is recruitment and retention across the country. They want the public to fill out surveys to let them know how they’re doing. You can pick them up on the department’s website, at city hall or at the police department

Coronavirus taking hold across the country with closures of schools, businesses and canceled events. The Lake County Board of Supervisors is getting an update tomorrow morning from the county Public Health officer and discuss possible work changes related to the illness. They’ll also decide if they should continue Friday office closures. Dr. Gary Pace will be at tomorrow’s meeting with an update on coronavirus after he spoke last week at both city councils in Clearlake and Lakeport. He said then that there were no confirmed cases of the illness. The board’s also considerin a new ordinance for industrial hemp regulations.

No new cases of coronavirus in Sonoma County after contact with nearly 80 residents aboard a cruise ship that came back to the Bay Area from Mexico last month with at least two people aboard who had the virus. But there are still test results to come back of some residents who came into contact with the sick individuals aboard the Princess Cruises ship. Gov. Newsom made an announcement yesterday that another cruise ship was disembarking thousands who were potentially exposed to the virus at the Port of Oakland. The ship had been parked offshore as folks aboard were tested for the virus. Half of those tested were infected. More than 2,400 American passengers on the ship are being quarantined for 14 days at one of three U.S. military bases including more than 960 from Calif. who’ll be taken to Travis Air Force Base in Solano County.

The California Department of Public Health released new numbers on the virus. As of yesterday morning there were 114 confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the state. One person died last week from the illness. More than 10,000 people are self-monitoring after travel through the U.S. through SFO or LAX. The Department of Public Health says of the 114 positive cases, 21 were passengers who tested positive for the illness on the Grand Princess cruise ship. They’re urging Californians who feel they have symptoms or who may have been in contact with someone with the virus to call their doctor and not to go to a clinic or ER.

A strong, but not very long lasting earthquake hit the Mendocino Coast. Last night the 5.9 was recorded about 70 miles off the coast of Eureka, about a mile deep. It happened a minute before 8pm last night. No injuries have been reported or any damage reports as of yet either.  The National Tsunami Warning Center also released a statement saying there was no tsunami expected.

The biggest school district in Northern California and the fifth-largest in the state says they’ll close this week due to the coronavirus. Elk Grove Unified School District in southern Sacramento County closing after an infected family is quarantined. So the school officials made the announcement Saturday, they’d cancel all classes and student events from the 7th to the 13th of March. They will make an announcement on Thursday if they plan to stay closed. The district also says it’ll move their spring break up to make it this week so it doesn’t impact student learning and there’s no loss of school days. There are more than 60,000 students in the district’s 42 elementary schools, nine middle schools and nine high schools.

Mendocino County’s Public Health Officer is talking about the coronavirus… Dr. Noemi Doohan speaking about what a pandemic is, saying, it’s when “a new (novel) version of a communicable disease becomes rapidly widespread around the world. An example of a pandemic is the influenza outbreak of 1918.” She says the coronavirus usually causes the common cold, but the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 causes an illness that feels like a serious flu. Protections to contain or slow the illness include, finding a vaccine, creating treatments, and surge health care capacity. She says simple actions to slow and contain it and the flu are handwashing with soap and water, stay home if you’re sick, avoid crowds, wear a mask if you’re coughing, clean shared touch points, like keyboards, doorknobs, etc.

A body found in deep brush north of Westport. The body has not been identified. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports the scattered remains were found over the weekend. The Sheriff’s office along with CSU, Chico Department of Anthropology Lab at the scene near mile marker 86 on Highway 1. The sheriff’s office says they will work fast to try to identify the remains.


A man in Covelo has been arrested after a woman shows up in the ER with a gunshot wound. The woman told police she was laying down in her room listening to music and heard gunfire, she then realized she’d been hit on one of her fingers. Then Ira Reyes ran into her home, apologizing for hitting her with a bullet. The man reportedly thought he was shooting at someone else in the house. A search warrant served at Reyes home and a bullet hole was found. Round Valley Tribal Police ended up in a chase with the guy, who they say got out of his car and ran. He dropped a backpack that officers found a semi-automatic pistol inside. Reyes was found later and arrested for several crimes including, assault with a firearm, felon in possession of a firearm and shooting at an inhabited dwelling or vehicle. He’s held on $500,000.00 bail.

The city of Oakland and Alameda County taking extra steps to protect the public after the Grand Princess Cruise ship docked in the Port of Oakland. Some of the tested passengers had positive results for the novel coronavirus. Those on the ship will be quarantined and no City of Oakland employees or personnel were anywhere near them. Doctors, nurses and public health officials, emergency responders and community leaders including the city’s Mayor, and the Gov. spoke over the weekend about how important it is to keep surrounding communities protected. An 11 acre area was fenced off, there were temporary tents set up for cruise ship passengers to disembark into, meeting with medically trained federal personnel who wore personal protective gear for those interacting with passengers. And port workers handling the off-loading of passenger baggage. Those needing emergency care were being tended to if they had tested positive, or for other health issues too.

A series of aftershocks have rocked the Northern Calif. coast after a 5.8 earthquake over the weekend. The biggest of the aftershocks hit last night before midnight, measuring 4.9. Then several smaller quakes shook thru the morning hours today, the most recent, a 3.3.  So far we’ve not seen any damage or injury reports. The Mendocino fault is pretty active according to geologists at Humboldt State University. The larger earthquake was downgraded from a 5.9-magnitude last night.

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