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Ukiah Schools are closing due to concerns about coronavirus. Schools will close tomorrow thru spring break, April 13th. Students will transition to remote learning, getting complete lessons for home schooling. They will not offer any after school activities or childcare, and field trips. The administrators say they will communicate in the near future about remote learning, meals, and social-emotional support for our students.

The California Gov. is calling for seniors and people with chronic conditions to stay inside during the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The Governor says they will have more instructions tomorrow after the administration and private industry get together on the details. The governor has not given any date he expects the self-isolation to end. It’s also not illegal yet, but the governor says he would consider an executive order if he had to, to make it mandatory if the directive is not followed.

The California Gov. has ordered all bars, wineries, nightclubs and brewpubs to close and is urging seniors and others with chronic health conditions to isolate themselves at home so the spread of coronavirus slows. And restaurants and pubs, and nightclubs will start closing down. The same is being required in other states, including Illinois and Ohio with other states considering the same measures. Newsom is offering these as guidelines and says they’ll enforce if necessary as the sixth death was recorded.

Calif. State health officials are also asking movie theaters to keep attendance lower and have people sit six feet apart from strangers. Same for gambling venues, casinos are being told to have clean chips and clean slot machines more often.

Verily, the life sciences arm of Google’s parent company Alphabet, is helping San Francisco launch a tool to help people find coronavirus testing. Something President Trump alluded to in his press conference with various CEO’s last Friday. The online tool would direct people to mobile, drive-thru testing. The first in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. There are now more hospital beds available and closed hospitals will be reopening in coming days. They’re also trying to get more of the state’s 108,000 homeless people indoors.

Some stores have also limited sales of toilet paper and other items to stop hoarding. Thousands are being told to work at home if they can. And colleges, universities are holding classes online and public schools are closing for at least a month. Some school districts were offering meals to the neediest and in San Francisco libraries and indoor recreation centers are being turned into childcare centers for low-income families.

A mock frost at the recycled water or purple pipe project has gone off without a hitch. Ukiah’s director of water and sewer utilities says the frost test went better than they expected. Last Thursday they had sprinklers connected to the purple pipe running. Some who were part of the test said the water pressure was fine and there were no issues. The recycled water project can deliver around 3,400 gallons of water a minute, nearly 5 million gallons/day. They released about 4 million gallons Thursday.

After the president said health insurance companies have agreed to waive any copayments for coronavirus, some insurers say, that’s not exactly right. UnitedHealthcare says they indeed are waiving cost sharing, including copays, coinsurance and deductibles, for COVID-19 diagnostic testing at approved locations. Aetna says they’ll do the same. Same for Anthem, but some can only get tested at emergency rooms, so that’s a different story.

A healthcare worker in Rohnert Park has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, one of two new cases.  Health officials in Sonoma County report, before this, three cases connected to cruise ships were noted, but these two latest cases popped up this weekend. An employee at Rohnert Park Health Center the first person to have contracted coronavirus locally. But they state they believe it was contracted outside their facility.

A judge in Northern California has approved a request by prosecutors in the Golden State Killer case to request more DNA from the man charged in connection to the case. The judge also says the prosecution can decide whether or not to offer Joseph James DeAngelo the ability to plead guilty so he can avoid the death penalty. The former police officer is accused of more than a dozen murders and more than 50 rapes in the 1970s and 1980s. Prosecutors were allowed to take 4 more swabs of DNA from DeAngelo so he can potentially be linked to other cases. DNA was taken 2 years ago when he was first arrested for more than 2 rapes.

Lake County schools are closing until the beginning of April due to the coronavirus.  Superintendents for schools met last night and made the decision even though there are no cases of the virus in Lake County, but the Lake County Sheriff’s office declared a state of emergency late Friday afternoon due to local cases of COVID-19 in neighboring counties. Lake Co News reports the Office of Education will get more info out to families and update the situation on the Lake County Office of Education’s website.

The Ukiah Senior Center has announced a cancelation of a free tax service. The AARP free tax prep service which had been set for every Monday and Wednesday until April 15th will not go on, for now.

Redwood Coast Village which coordinates volunteer help for seniors says they’re in dire need of volunteers under the age of 65 to help for essential services. Lake Co News reports Redwood Coast had just started a phone buddy system, they need driving and food shopping help. For more info call 707-442-3763 x217 or email

After the statewide public health state of emergency was declared in Calif. the Mendocino County Public Health Officer followed suit for a county wide public health emergency. That’s for the county to be reimbursed for any expenses incurred related to the coronavirus. Now we’re hearing about price gouging. The County is reminding that price gouging of up to 10% higher than what the price was on March 3rd, the day before the public health emergency was declared, is prohibited. Anyone caught price gouging could face criminal charges, be jailed and face fines of up to $10,000. The County also says while there could be legitimate reasons to raise prices, that will be at the discretion of the District Attorney.

A departure plan has been agreed to finally for the Grand Princess cruise ship that’s been docked off the Port of Oakland after disembarking, then quarantining passengers. Now crew members were able to leave the ship which were temporarily anchored in the San Francisco Bay as chartered flights were brought in for the crew to a non-commercial portion of San Francisco International Airport. The ship was set to leave last night and as of Saturday more than 2,900 individuals, including more than 2,400 passengers and more than 500 crew had disembarked. The ship was hit by the coronavirus on a previous voyage. It will be remediated and decontaminated with a bleach solution to disinfect it.

The Fort Bragg Police Department says it’s closing its front lobby immediately to protect the community from coronavirus. The police department out with a statement this morning that they will not be providing fingerprint services to the public at this time either. They will still help the public in person, but you have to call the front office first to request service.  They go on to say, it’s not uncommon for them to have up to eight people in the lobby at a time for various reasons so they’re encouraging most services over the phone when possible. They will also not be available for any public meetings between now and April 6th. Any meetings scheduled during that time period will need to be moved to a different location or cancelled.

No cases of the coronavirus in Lake County but the Public Health Officer says there could be cases they don’t know about due to the ability to test people for COVID-19. On Friday Dr. Gary Pace declared a public health emergency because of the virus in neighboring regions. He says residents in Lake County are at low risk of getting the illness, and tests are generally back within two days. But he says they’ve been extremely limited because the system has been bottlenecked. He says things are improving slowly though.  People at high risk will be prioritized, those who have traveled abroad, have underlying health issues, have been exposed to a confirmed case, work in a high risk situation, like a healthcare facility or are very sick.

Lakeport is considering declaring a citywide emergency due to coronavirus. The Lakeport City Council will take up the matter at their meeting tomorrow. There are already state and federal declarations.  Lake Co News reports the City Council will also consider the proposed adoption of the Lake County Master Broadband Plan prepared by the Upstate California Connect Consortium to assess the landscape for residential and business customers. They will also consider a resolution to use SB1 money to repair some roads. The city should be able to pull about $91,000 out of that fund for this fiscal year.

Adventist Health Ukiah Valley says they are ready for coronavirus should there be a local case. President Jason Wells says staff are taking necessary precautions to protect themselves, so they don’t end up quarantined.

The hospital’s chief medical officer Dr. Bassant Parker….

Wells says there will be no visitors allowed now, like many other hospitals across the country….

They have 100 beds total, and Wells says they can increase as needed….

The first public discussion is planned for the Lake County Board of Supervisors on the coronavirus. The board’s meeting at the usual time tomorrow morning in the courthouse. You can watch the meeting online at the County website or on Channel 8.The board is also expected to ratify the Sheriff’s emergency proclamation from last Friday.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept. says due to the coronavirus they’re changing protocol for how they patrol. They will follow directions and guidelines being distributed by the CDC and Mendocino County Department of Public Health. So office employees will try to handle non emergencies on the phone first. Dispatch will ask for your phone number so deputies can first try to solve your issue via telephone. They will dispatch officers as needed and assess the possible exposure to officers of coronavirus. The lobby will also be closed at Fort Bragg and other offices until further notice, but staffing levels will not change. The main office in Ukiah will stay open to the public, but no live-scan fingerprinting will take place. Walk in traffic will mostly be on the lobby phone for non-emergency service.




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