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The Mendocino County Public Health Officer with a stronger message to residents, in alignment with the state order requiring everyone to shelter in place at home except for essential needs. Governor Newsom issued an immediate Executive Order and now the Health Officer ordered an alignment order that went into effect last night at 10, until further notice. The major changes include a stricter list of essential businesses, the closure of all parks in Mendocino County until further notice. County Health Officer Dr. Noemi Doohan also confirmed a second case of coronavirus in the county related to high risk travel she says. She also says it doesn’t indicate community spread and they’re being monitored closely. She says where it was confirmed they used proper Personal Protective Equipment and handled the case in an exemplary manner.

In Lake County, the Public Health Order is more restrictive too. The Public Health Officer limiting residents activity, travel and business functions to the most basic and essential needs. Also lodging for out of towners is now prohibited and those who want to use shared or outdoor spaces, have to adhere to social distancing of at least six feet between themselves and others while outside their homes to protect the public form the spread of the pandemic. The Public Health Officer Dr. Gary Pace says violations of the order will be considered a threat to the county’s health and will be enforceable by law.

Also in Lake County, all County Parks are closed for all uses except Essential Activities. Walking, hiking or running has to be with Social Distancing Requirements, gatherings and most outdoor activities are banned, they include disc golf, golf, skate park use, basketball, tennis, guided, sport, and/or recreational fishing are prohibited. All public boat ramps, docks and other waterway entryways are blocked. All playground equipment is closed as coronavirus can live on plastic and steel for up to three days.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors Chair commenting after their latest meeting that residents have to listen to the recommendations of Public Health Officials. Moke Simon goes on to say residents need to listen to the governor and abide by a Social Contract, and do what we’ve been asked to do, at the same time he understands how it’s affecting the economy. The Board is also asking for folks to follow the Shelter in Place order, so they’ve put certain measures into place to prevent Rental Housing Price Gouging. District 5 Supervisor Rob Brown with fines attached of up to $20,000. They also adopted a temporary remote work policy and have an Ad Hoc Committee figuring out which County workers are essential and cannot work remotely.

The Farmers Market in Ukiah is staying open with some operational changes. Farmers Markets across the country are considered an essential business. The Daily Journal reports the Market Manager says there’s usually a limited number of vendors this time of year anyway, and that those and food booths will put some precautionary measures in place. The state Department of Public Health put new guidelines in place because of coronavirus which Ukiah is following, more space between booths for social distancing, two people must be on site for each vendor, one will bag and the other to handle the money. They’re also encouraging patrons to wash produce thoroughly before eating.  There will be no music, there are hand sanitizer stations, and no restrooms.

The Lake County Public Health officer Dr. Gary Pace reporting to the Board of Supervisors that more actions beyond the countywide shelter in place order are necessary to stay ahead of the coronavirus pandemic. A countywide shelter in place order went into effect last Thursday just ahead of the statewide stay at home order issued by the Gov. The countywide order’s been updated since even though there are still no confirmed cases. Dr. Pace says there are 35-40 tests out locally, they were all negative. But there are many confirmed in the region. Pace says even if more tests were done and positive cases were confirmed, it wouldn’t change how the county should handle the virus.  He also suggested more restrictions like the county controlling social movement for a month, determine which county workers are essential, get more staff at the Public Health office and quarantine those confirmed with the virus in separate facilities that are yet to be identified; and surge planning with the county’s health care facilities.

It’s a unanimous decision by the Clearlake City Council to sign a letter of intent for the sale of the former Austin Resort property. Developer Bailey Building and Loans wants the two pieces of property which the city council agreed to for just over $915,300. The City Manager says there are two properties on the lakefront land across from City Hall, one owned by the city and the other by the city redevelopment agency’s successor agency. The developer looking to put up a hotel, restaurant, marina and amphitheater.

No more intake or transfer for prisoners in Calif. The Governor issuing a new executive order for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to temporarily stop intake and/or transferring of inmates and youth at 35 prisons and four youth correctional facilities. So they have to stay in custody for the next month, with a possible extension if needed. This comes under the Emergency Services Act. It also directs the Board of Parole Hearings to find a way to do their hearings online with a start date of no later than April 13th, continuing for two months. That way staff, parole board members, victims, families and their representatives, inmates, attorneys and others can still attend.

Clear Lake recreation shut down, as we’ve reported because apparently there were just way too many people out on waterways. The Press Democrat reports the Public Health Officer in Lake County closed Clear Lake starting yesterday, like Sonoma County, because there were crowds outside. The newspaper reports the pandemic threatens the county’s economy after about 5 years of catastrophes since the 2015 wildfire season, there have been giant, historic fires and major flooding which totally took down the sea wall at Library Park in Lakeport. The Board of Supervisors chair Moke Simon says it’s to protect everybody in Lake County and surrounding counties. There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Lake County, but 2 in Mendocino and nearly 40 in Sonoma. One local on the lake telling the newspaper people were out elbow to elbow on docks fishing last weekend with 8 or 9 people on boats at a time.

Since the coronavirus literally went viral, many urgency measures and ordinances have gone into effect across the state. The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors has unanimously passed an urgency ordinance so that evictions in Mendocino County will be put on hold until May 31st. The ordinance literally bans evictions but doesn’t mean you won’t eventually have to pay your rent, just that you cannot be evicted. It may be extended beyond May 31st too, depending on when the shelter in place orders across the state and locally wrap up. The barring of evictions applies to renters of residential and commercial properties by landlords and for homeowners by banks if there may be a foreclosure. The Deputy County Counsel told the Board of Supervisors yesterday that the person owing the money, would still be on the hook to pay it. The Fort Bragg City Council has the same plan in the city, but has put their ordinance on hold. During their teleconference council meeting Tuesday, the council put together an ad hoc committee on COVID-19 after several residents called council members or emailed them regarding the coronavirus. So an urgency ordinance regarding possible evictions was put on hold. The City of Willits is currently meeting on telephone conference and was supposed to ratify their emergency declaration from last week and was also considering a moratorium on evictions as are many other cities across the state including Berkeley, and the County of San Francisco which already implemented eviction moratoriums.

CalFresh reports even though walk-in eligibility and employment services are currently suspended, you can still apply for benefits through,, and The application websites let you fill out paperwork and upload documents. The CalWORKs and CalFresh applications are screened immediately and expedited if necessary over the phone.

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