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The Gov. says he thinks the state will be able to make enough ventilators to meet how many will be needed. The Governor spoke over the weekend after touring an energy company in San Jose. The company is refurbishing outdated ventilators. Newsom did say however that the state may need to expand the capacity if people do not follow the guidelines for social distancing and the crisis gets worse. Bloom Energy is refurbishing the machines. The CEO says a week ago they knew nothing about ventilators but says now they understand them. In one day the refurbished 24 ventilators, then the next 80, the following day 120 of them. Calif. has more than 4,000 ventilators at the ready currently, but the Governor says we need 10,000.

The Governor’s trying to get inactive, retired and even student medical staffers to join the new California Health Corps so there’s more help for a potential surge in cases of coronavirus. The state wants those with active licenses to join the fight against the pandemic.

Phone systems down in Laytonville for a time causing an issue for 911 service. Mobile phones seem to be able to get through but landlines do not. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office says the Laytonville Firehouse was open for walk-in reports of emergencies and calls were also going thru to the Sheriff’s office. A nixle alert went out of the landline outage in Laytonville. Callers were getting a recorded, “circuits are busy” when using a land line to call 911. Last night Patrol Deputies were being sent to Laytonville for high visibility patrols.

Some realtors may be able to go back to work in some capacity. Residential real estate sales were added to the list of essential services by the Federal Government. But some realtors in Southern California were reportedly concerned about health risks associated with the sales process of bringing strange people into strangers homes. There had been a sales ban, so now some homes that were in escrow or in contract may be completed. The California Association of Realtors says selling is possible with strict limits.

Temporary emergency orders have been put into place in Mendocino County for courts. The DA has confirmed the state Judicial Council unanimously extended directives for after the state of emergency is lifted. They include extending the 10-day period for holding a preliminary hearing and the defendant’s right of release to 30 court days, extending the amount of time between when a defendant is charged with a felony and be taken in front of a judicial officer from 48 hours to no more than 7 days, also extend the holding time to more than 30 days and bringing a case to trail also more than 30 days. And courts are encouraged to use teleconferencing, remote appearances, reporting and interpreting whenever possible. This is so essential court services continue while the pandemic continues.

There are still four confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mendocino County. The Public Health Dept. says it seems they are all travel-related and not from community spread. None of them led the person to go into the hospital and they were able to isolate at home. One of them has fully recovered and the other three are being monitored by the Public Health Dept. following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention home isolation guidance. The Health Officer also says the healthcare facilities where each case were diagnosed were using the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and handled the cases in a proper manner.

There are two grants available by Lake County Continuum of Care from the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program. They are nearly identical in their amounts, one for $118,568 for Rapid Rehousing Programs only, and the other for $118,567 also for Rapid Rehousing Programs. Those applying should be a nonprofit or government agency working with the homeless, or those at risk of losing their shelter.

A reminder from the City of Willits after the declared local state of emergency due to coronavirus to follow the shelter in place order. They remind only essential businesses should be open at this time. The City reminds there are four cases in Mendocino County. All of the City facilities and departments are closed to the public, but there are City staffers off site working from home or isolated, if possible. It includes City Hall, the Skate Park, the Dog Park, and the Community Center.  They want to also remind you to use the City’s website and dropbox and US mail for payments and services.

The police chief in Santa Rosa says they have two more employees who tested positive for coronavirus. There are now eight employees with the virus. 107 employees have been tested for COVID-19 to date. Chief Rainer Navarro says it’s critical to flatten the curve of the virus and prevent further spread. He says if you have to go shopping, do it quickly, Get In & Get Out get only the essentials, food, medications, or supplies to make essential home repairs. And follow the Shelter in Place order because the police department will enforce it if necessary.

Following the Shelter-in-Place order, Mendocino County’s Public Health Dept. has extended the notice until further notice so the Office of Education and local public school districts have extended or modified the remote learning status thru at least May 1st. All school facilities will stay closed, then if the situation changes, local education leaders will reassess and decide if May 1st needs to be extended further. As of this moment, high school graduation dates remain in place countywide. The Schools Superintendent says she’s proud of teachers and administrators who’ve altered the way they’re providing instruction and deeply appreciates staffers who are keeping students fed and facilities disinfected.

Mendocino County Health Clinic Health Centers reminding they’re providing essential healthcare for residents in Ukiah, Willits and Lakeport as they try to slow and stop the spread of coronavirus. The Acting CEO says they’re adapting the way they care for people so they can get the services they need. They’re working with Lake and Mendocino County Public Health and other local healthcare providers, replacing in person visits with phone consults as often as possible. The Chief Medical Officer says they’re minimizing staff and patient exposure by continually disinfecting their health centers and doing remote care when they can.

For the latest announcements from Public Health, visit or

To contact MCHC for an appointment, call 707-468-1010. For more information about MCHC services, visit

A new initiative has started in Calif. to recruit retired medical professionals with active licenses or medical students to get on the front line and help fight the spread of COVID-19. The Governor announced the Health Corp where they’re looking for doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, behavioral health scientists, pharmacists, EMTs, medical and administrative assistants, and certified nursing assistants. He also signed an executive order so that health care facilities could bring in 50,000 more hospital beds for COVID-19 patients. The Governor made the announcement as hospitalizations doubled over four days and the amount of people moved into intensive care tripled. He also says Facebook is pledging several million dollars to help with the cost of childcare and transportation for the Healthcorp workers.

A special board meeting has been called of the Ukiah Unified School District (UUSD) Board of Trustees. The meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss surplus properties in Hopland and Redwood Valley with updates from realtors the District is working with for the old school sites. The Governor’s Emergency Executive Order outlined that Board of Education meetings could go on, but they have to be over video conference or teleconferencing until further notice. You can catch the board meeting on the District’s YouTube channel.

A man in Clearlake has been arrested in connection to two armed robberies this month. Police say it was 25 year old man who they say was responsible for two armed robberies earlier this month. Robert Shurtlif who was responsible for two March 17th heists, one at J&L Market on Old Highway 53, and a Valero Gas Station on Lakeshore Drive. They say money and merchandise were stolen during the robberies and that video surveillance and witnesses described the perpetrator as wearing a mask, hat and hoodie. They also say he used a handgun during the capers. Fliers went out around town in the hopes to identify the man and to alert other local businesses about him. They rounded up enough tips and arrested Shurtlif on Saturday during a traffic stop. He apparently confessed to police at that time.

If you don’t comply with stay at home orders in Lakeport you could get a ticket. The city of Lakeport Office of Emergency Services issuing an Executive Order whereby administrative citations could be distributed for violating the shelter in place orders from the Lake County Public Health officer and governor. City officials say those who don’t comply are violating the Municipal Code and will be considered a public nuisance. The city put out a statement yesterday saying it prefers voluntary compliance to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and don’t necessarily want to hand out tickets but say if the need arises, the police department now has more flexibility with enforcement of the local and state orders.

Lake County Superior Court is continuing limited operations thru the beginning of May. There was a two week closure put into effect March 18th that’s been extended to April 10th. The California Chief Justice had issued an order last week suspending all trials in Calif. for 60 days as the pandemic escalated. Officials in the local court say social distancing directives and limits on gatherings looks to be staying in place for some time. The statutory time frames have been extended for filing court documents and conducting any judicial business from April 2nd to May 1st. For more info:

Two inmates that escaped the Eel River Conservation Camp have been caught. Special Agents from the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation found and arrested 29-year-old Derek Barnett coming out of an apartment building in Ukiah and Harley Colvard who was with him. Colvard was found to have outstanding felony warrants, plus he was charged with aiding and abetting the escape of inmates and harboring a fugitive. They then found more info to lead them to the other inmate who took off from the camp, 28-year-old Noah Wilson. He was found inside a car during a traffic stop and was arrested with the help of cops in Rancho Cucamonga. The pair went missing last Friday.

A man in Willits has been arrested after a call to someone who fell, but hospital staffers say it’s a suspicious fall. Sheriff’s Deputies went to the Emergency Room at Howard memorial and found the 49 year old female victim who had major head injuries which left her unconscious and unable to speak. They apparently knew her from previous visits about domestic violence. The deputies went to the woman’s home and found 21 year old Tavion Johnson and found there had been a violent encounter between Johnson and the victim, his wife. He was arrested for felony domestic violence, violation of a domestic violence criminal protective order, violation of probation and causing great bodily injury to the victim during an act of domestic violence. He’s being held without bail. The victim was taken to a different hospital for care due to injuries received during the violent encounter with her husband.

Mendocino County Tax Collectors are not changing the deadline date for the second installment of property taxes because it’s established by the state. And the County says the April 10th date is counted on to pay for critical County services, like emergency responders, public health, schools and other financial obligations. And because of the pandemic the County Administration Building is closed, so all taxes, assessments, penalties, fines or fees must be sent thru the mail, online or by phone. There’s also a drop box in front of the County Administration Building. They also do not accept cash, only money orders or cashiers checks.

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