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Mendocino Coast Clinics says they’re working with the Mendocino County Public Health Office and others for essential health services for as many people as possible on the coast. They’ve created a list of local resources which we’ve placed on our website and Facebook page for your use.

  • For Mendocino County Public Health information, visit
  • For the Public Health hotline, 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week, call (707) 234-6052.
  • To schedule a medical appointment at MCC, call (707) 964-1251. Many appointments can be done via phone or video conference. Only services that cannot be done virtually will be done in person.
  • For more information about local care and a link to the CDC website, visit the MCC coronavirus information page at

Food & Financial

  • CalFresh(food stamps) – For people who have lost a job or had a reduction in hours and need assistance with food, visit the Cal Fresh (food stamps) website at
  • Pandemic EBT for Kids– This is not linked to CalFresh eligibility. School-aged children who qualify for free or reduced-price school meals. No application necessary. If you don’t receive a card, an online application will be made available soon. No Social Security Number is necessary.
  • Free Meals through Schools– Local school districts are delivering meals and/or have pick up locations. These are subject to change, so please check your school district’s website for details.

o   Mendocino Unified School District’s website is A shortcut to the meal delivery information is

o   Fort Bragg Unified School District’s meal delivery information website is Fort Bragg Unified School District also has a Parent Resource Page at

Grocery Stores Free Delivery Service

  • Safeway (707) 694-4079
  • Harvest (707) 964-7000
  • Mendosa’s (707) 937-5879

Filing an Unemployment Claim

Prescriptions (Pharmacies are doing free deliveries and parking lot pick-ups.)

  • Rite Aid drive through window hours: 8am-8pm and 9-6 on Saturdays, 10-6 on Sundays. No delivery options at this time.
  • CVS drive through window hours: 9-7 weekdays 10-5 on weekends. They do have deliveries through USPS. A credit card must be on file. They cannot send to a post-office box.
  • MCP offers parking lot pick up. Simply call the pharmacy when you arrive in the parking lot. Also, MCP offers free delivery.
  • MVP offers delivery within a mile of Highway 1 to Cleone and to Sea Ranch. They also offer parking lot pick up. A credit card must be on file to prepay for both services.
  • Safeway offers delivery with a surcharge of up to $15. Deliveries are scheduled through their website: Call 707-964-4079 for details.

Crisis/Mental Health Support

  • Mendocino County “Warm” Line – For anyone feeling anxious or isolated or who has questions, this is a non-crisis support line: (707) 472-2311
  • Behavioral Health Crisis Line- 1-855-838-0404 or text TALK to 741741

Two Northern Coast congressmembers working to get the Acting Secretary of the Navy booted. Apparently it worked… Congressmen Jared Huffman and Mike Thompson calling for the removal of Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly, who fired Navy Capt. Brett Crozier of Santa Rosa who was demanding help for his crew after coronavirus started spreading amongst them, infecting himself too. Modly called Crozier, who’s recovering in Guam, either “too naive or too stupid to be a commanding officer of a ship like this.” Then Huffman and Thompson askedfor Modly to be removed for his, “unacceptable attack on Capt. Crozier in remarks to Crozier’s former crew.” It was just announced, he resigned.

A man from New Hampshire on the run after a run in with police in Covelo. The Sheriff’s office reports getting a call to Adventist Health Howard Memorial Hospital Willits about a man with an apparent gunshot wound. The injured man was expected to live. Deputies say Randolph Bisson was responsible for the shooting and found evidence to back it up. He was found during a traffic stop where deputies saw minor body damage to his car. They say he also seemed to try to ram a cop car and took off. They lost track of him and are asking the public for help, warning that he is considered to be armed and dangerous.

New rules in Calif. courts due to coronavirus. The California Judicial Council has approved some proceedings via teleconference and to continue up to 90 days after the state of emergency. Criminal cases will now have a statewide emergency bail schedule starting at $0 for future court proceedings for most misdemeanors and lower-level felony offenses and defendants can appear thru their lawyers with remote technology for their pretrial hearings. No evictions or foreclosures will be happening right now. Hearings for juveniles will be prioritized but will be remote. Extended times for temporary restraining orders will be in place. There will also be extensions for statutes of limitations on civil actions; and electronic depositions allowed for many civil, misdemeanor and lower level felony offenses.

Mendocino County Public Health, Adventist Health Ukiah Valley and the Public Health Regional Lab in Sonoma County are doing focused testing for COVID-19 in vulnerable populations.  The testing to hopefully find asymptomatic people who may have infections that have gone undetected in Mendocino County. The testing for the homeless, the frail elderly, and those who serve in these populations. The Mendocino County Health Officer says many vulnerable residents, at high-risk of developing serious complications from COVID-19 and live in congregate environments like shelters, or on the streets will get free tests. They’ll be doing the Covid19 tests at Plowshares Peace and Justice Center in Ukiah.

Another case of coronavirus has turned up in Lake County. It comes after the first case announced over the weekend. Slow creeping up of the virus in the County. The Public Health officer Dr. Gary Pace confirmed the second case of a family member to the first patient to test positive. Pace says there’s no sign of community spread in Lake County and says it wasn’t “unexpected” with a general reminder of the precautions to take, stay home, isolate, even from family if you have symptoms, wash hands frequently and wear a cloth mask when you leave for essential activities. He says all of that will help keep the spread slow enough to be manageable at medical facilities.  Pace also warns anyone who ignores the shelter in place order will be considered to be breaking the law.

The Humane Society for Inland Mendocino in Redwood Valley needs help caring for the animals in their care. Because of the shelter in place order, they’ve decided to suspend their fostering program. There’s also no adoptions or transfers of animals out of the county. But they’re still making appointments, you in your car, following new protocols. They want applications ahead of your visit too. The humane society had to furlough two employees and their upcoming spaghetti feed fundraiser had to be canceled. There will be an online fundraiser which has yet to be announced. They’re also accepting dog and cat food, and bleach. They also need crates. For more information, visit the Humane Society for Inland Mendocino Facebook page or their website, To set up appointments or for additional questions, call 707-485-0123.

Reports of an uptick in domestic violence in Mendocino County during the shelter in place order due to coronavirus. The Daily Journal reports the Sheriff reported for the month of March compared to a year ago, reports for physical domestic violence were up 25 percent, child abuse cases up 36 percent and general assaults up 20 percent. Kendall also reported suicide was on the rise, but general calls for service were down. The Sheriff says that might be because deputies are on the streets more and only very important calls are coming in. Deputies are wearing masks while on duty, interacting with the public.

The Shelter in Place order in Lake County has been extended by the Public Health Officer. Dr. Gary Pace said even though the order appears to be helping, the order needs to extend thru May 3rd. There are two confirmed cases of coronavirus in the County. The first case announced Sunday, then yesterday a family member of the first case, also has been confirmed to be ill. The first case contracted thru an out of County workplace. Dr. Pace says it’s never been more important to stay vigilant to protect those close to us and those who are the most vulnerable in our communities. The Gov. and the State Schools Superintendent, and the Lake County Office of Education have extended long distance learning as well, until the end of the school year.

Nursing students in the state nearing graduation are able to get waivers to finish training and get to work to help with COVID-19. The California Board of Registered Nursing is allowing almost 9,000 nursing students to graduate with just about half of the required clinical training to be done online not at hospitals with patients. It comes after the governor announced to new healthcorps in the state calling on healthcare workers who may be retired with active licenses or those close to finishing school to be able to finish early and get on the front lines of the pandemic. There’s been a shortage of health care workers in the state. So far nearly 82,000 people have applied for the healthcorps.

$150,000 is being awarded to certain Mendocino College students. The school’s foundation has approved direct student support as many students are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. The president of the foundation reportedly approached the board for the program which is a matching fund pledge. It was unanimously approved, so the Foundation will match each dollar donated. It was just $36,000, which included a $12,000 gift from the Redwood Credit Union. All of the donations go into the fund and then directly to students without any administrative fees.

To provide a gift, go to: To apply for the Student Emergency Funds at Mendocino College, email kbartolomei@mendocino. edu or efields@mendocino. edu and request an application. For more information about the Mendocino College Foundation, please contact Katie Fairbairn, Executive Director at kfairbairn@mendocino. edu.

A special virtual town hall for Lake County residents on the county’s website, cable channel, Facebook page this Thursday. They ask you to email questions by tomorrow at 5pm for the 6pm meeting Thursday. They’re looking business questions like what is an essential business. The Board of Supervisors wants to make sure they get all questions answered. District 5 Supervisor will present at the meeting with a moderator, the deputy county administrative officer, with a panel including a representative from the Community Development Services dept. State Sen. Mike McGuire is having a telephone town hall tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. for Lake and Mendocino County residents on local coronavirus response. To attend, dial 844-767-5679, enter code 204015 and follow the prompts.  Email your questions and comments in advance and in real-time on Wednesday evening to .

The governor announced adding more hospital beds for coronavirus patients. The Gov. at an old basketball arena with the announcement. The former Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento being converted to add 400 more beds to more than 4,600 beds at alternate care sites and old hospitals for an anticipated surge in COVID-19 patients. Newsom says they’re trying to get ahead of the peak, working with hospitals to “”aggressively expand our state’s ability to treat the coming surge in COVID-19 patients”. The old arena is one of several alternate care sites for less ill patients.

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