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The City of Ukiah still trying to work out what to do about the homeless encampment near the airport. The CEO of the County told the Board of Supervisors at their meeting on Tuesday they’re looking to protect the public’s health and help the city and she’s working with the city manager on the issue. But they’re not planning to break down the camp, which is illegal. The Daily Journal reports there were portable toilets, hand-washing stations and a dumpster added to the large homeless encampment recently. Officials reportedly leaning towards a new location for the encampment. The city manager says they’re also looking to curtail any potential spread of coronavirus in the group of up to 60 people. 2nd District Supervisor John McCowan says he’s been visiting there regularly and they’ve agreed no more people can camp there and he’s paying them to clean their trash up. The County’s also reportedly offered some of those 65 and over there, hotel vouchers.

Because so many more people are at home, doing virtual work, long distance learning and various recreational activities, reports of slower internet. The Daily Journal reports city council meetings on Zoom, exercise sessions on Facebook Live, and both kids and adults working and schooling at home has stressed telecommunication companies. T-Mobile reported a 38% increase in smartphone usage and 45% increase in video gaming; Verizon had 10 times more online usage; and AT& T reported a 400% increase in audio, web and video conferencing tools, “an all-time high.”

Cruising the streets of Ukiah, it’s a ghost town and businesses are feeling the effect. The Daily Journal reports Heidi’s Yarn Haven has no customers right now. It’s a place where people hang out knitting. But she says she’s doing phone work and helping customers who like to use their knitting projects as a relief from stress and anxiety. She’s getting in on Zoom meetings too, but not enough she says to stay afloat. Mendo Optical tells the newspaper they’re also in trouble, only open for emergency services. The two businesses tell the paper, they’ve lost 90% of their business. Mendocino Bounty located in the Ukiah Valley has curbside business, after closing 3 weeks ago. She’s using social media to help boost business as she can. But hair salons, restaurants and others are totally closed, depending on small business loans and grants to hopefully open again one day soon.

Another case of coronavirus has shown up in Lake County. But the Lake County Public Health officer says he thinks the shelter in place and social distancing directives are working. Dr. Gary Pace with the Board of Supervisors Tuesday on local efforts to slow the spread. He’s extended the shelter in place order until May 3rd. It first went into effect March 19th. Dr. Pace says slowing the spread of the virus helps health care facilities stay on top of cases. He says the first case was from out of county, someone at a workplace contracted the infection, then a family member was the County’s second case. We’re waiting on more details for the just announced third case.

16 new cases of COVID-19 in Sonoma County, the most in one day since the outbreak started. The Press democrat reports the public health officer says they expect cases to peak at the end of May/beginning of June.  Interim Public Health Officer Sundari Mase says that’s when as many as 1,500 residents could be hospitalized with respiratory distress caused by the virus. Mase says it would be totally inaccurate to give exact numbers and all of this is based on models they’re researching. As of yesterday 83 people have tested positive and 52 had recovered. But testing shortages could mean those numbers are off. One person has died due to complications from the illness.

The 3rd case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Lake County. The Public Health Officer Dr. Gary Pace says they confirmed the case Tuesday. A press release went out last night indicating community spread, but not confirming. The first two cases were caused by one person getting infected at an out of county workplace, then a family member getting it. Pace says this latest case shows the “importance of everyone maintaining the ‘shelter in place’” directive and wearing a face mask in public. Pace reported 211 negative tests, but they’ve not released how many total tests have been conducted. Pace says the three who have been infected have been isolating at home and following orders. And the Public Health Office has been conducting contact tracing.

The final reading has been approved of the new city code in Lakeport in alignment with the most recent state building code. The City Council had a quick online meeting this week where the Assistant City Manager presented the ordinance to adopt the 2019 California Building Code, and its revisions, to the Lakeport Municipal Code. They’ve also reportedly taken out obsolete building codes from the new ordinance. The California Building Standards Code covers administrative, building, residential, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, energy, historical building, fire, existing building, green building and reference standards codes.

There are way more infected inmates in the California prison system than a week ago. The Calif. Dept. of Corrections and Rehab reported yesterday that inmate cases had grown by seven times in less than a week and staff cases were nearly tripled. The agency reported nearly 30 inmates and more than 60 staffers confirmed as positive COVID-19 cases. Last week there were only four inmates infected and 22 staff members. Some inmates calling into cable news networks to complain about their conditions. The Corrections Dept. told CNN it was implementing a mandatory two week plan for all of their adult institutions to change inmates’ routines including social distancing and proper disinfecting.

The College of the Redwoods is sending nursing students into local hospitals and other healthcare communities as part of their clinical rotations. It comes after the Department of Consumer Affairs announced the California Board of Registered Nursing would be able to have a lower amount of contact hours with patients as part of the clinicals. Instead of 75%, they could instead have 50% of clinicals directly interacting with patients. But apparently many students at College of the Redwoods weren’t nearly even the 50% threshold and still need to meet those requirements.

The master tenant of the old Ghost Ship warehouse that burned a few years ago, killing 36 people may be released from prison due to coronavirus. Derick Almena’s lawyer is reportedly supposed to have a teleconference with a judge tomorrow so he can be released on house arrest or wear an ankle monitor. His lawyer appealing to the court due to his health conditions and a doctor saying he was dealing with physical and psychological stress. He’s been behind bars since June of 2017 after he was accused of 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the warehouse fire in December of 2016. His lawyer had asked last month for the same and was denied, but since there’s been several positive COVID-19 cases, they’re trying again. His trial is set for July 6th after a hung jury in his last trial.

Nine people from Northern Calif. who sailed on a cruise ship overtaken by coronavirus, then docked in the Port of Oakland, are suing. The plaintiffs say they all got the virus, one ended up in the ICU. They all live in San Francisco, San Mateo and Stanislaus Counties and claim they were “traumatized by the fear of developing COVID-19” while being quarantined aboard the Grand Princess. They disembarked and quarantined again, at Travis Air Force Base. It’s just one of many lawsuits that have been filed against the cruise company after the journey from San Francisco to Hawaii in February. While out at sea in the beginning of March, 19 crew members and two passengers tested positive for coronavirus. And after they got off the ship, 103 people got infected and two of the passengers and one crew member died.

The Lake County Jail announcing a new bail schedule in alignment with the state. The California State Judicial Council has put a bunch of new emergency rules in place to thin out jail populations. One of those for a mandatory statewide bail schedule effective no later than 5:00 pm Monday April 13th. It becomes mandatory for every Superior Court in the state starting bail at $0 for all misdemeanors and felony offenses except serious or violent felonies, felony and misdemeanor domestic violence, violations of domestic violence protective orders, registerable sex offense violations, possession of a firearm by a felon, felony looting, felony criminal threats and driving under the influence offenses.   The sheriff’s office reports since they have to have this in place Monday, they expect 2 dozen pretrial inmates to be released from jail and that will reduce the inmate population to about 167 inmates.

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