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The Mendocino County DA thanking city of Ukiah employees for cleaning up trash that was growing at the corner of Talmage and Perry. The DA posted a photo of a large pile of trash and asked if anyone sees trash being tossed or trash piling up and knows who it is to please take pictures and let law enforcement know who is responsible so they can be prosecuted. The DA says punishment could be court-ordered hours picking up trash from others around town.

The Public Health Officer in Mendocino has a new shelter-in-place (SIP) order. She says there are new less restrictive guidelines regarding some things, while others stay the same.

Dr. Noemi Doohan’s new order stays in effect until May 10th, for now. The order, her third, allows funerals of up to ten people with proper social distancing. It also says all essential businesses need to post guidelines they come up with and says wearing masks over your nose and mouth is very important, when used with physical distancing and washing hands. She’s opening parks but with restrictions on outdoor activities. There have been 4 cases of coronavirus in Mendocino County. They’ve all isolated at home none needed to be hospitalized. 371 tests have been done and 4 positives.

Some highlights, essential businesses can only call people to work who cannot work at home, families can leave their homes together, but stay 6 feet away from other people, some non-essential businesses can do some minimal work, you may drive to where you recreate, like a park, but only the shortest distance possible, many places still need to stay closed, so-called high-touch businesses or areas, like playgrounds.

The cases of coronavirus have doubled this week. A new report says there were more than 20,000 cases in the state and more than 540 have died. Most of the cases in the Los Angeles metro area. San Diego 2nd hardest hit, followed by Santa Clara County. The Press Democrat reports Calif has more than 150 hotels working with the state so frontline healthcare workers can stay there, especially if they’ve had direct contact with positive patients, but those who have not had to be hospitalized. They’re getting a deep discount so they can be closer to work, instead of working 12 hours and going home and turning back around and coming back. The rooms made available after stories surfaced of some healthcare workers sleeping in their cars so they didn’t infect family members. The Governor announced the program would be paid partially from FEMA disaster relief funds. Newsom says it doesn’t mean the homeless population who were promised rooms would not get them.

A new report shows a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment is causing some North Coast hospital employees to re-use masks. A new policy at St. Joseph Hospital Group called Universal Masking, where they’re reportedly asking staff to “conserve and repurpose” masks as often as they can. Kym Kemp reporting the World Health Organization saying it’s a public health risk to reuse masks especially for those working up close with patents with COVID-19 who they say could be potentially exposed more. St. Joseph in Eureka is one of the hospitals asking staff to reuse masks until they can buy more. An email recently sent to staff with the new Universal Masking policy saying because of the growing amount of cases and the lack of supplies, they have to follow the policy for their morning shift for those working in acute ministries.

An online meeting for the state Fish & Game Commission is tabled because of the massive amount of interest. The commission’s website will have the new date once it’s decided. The agency says the meeting was delayed until next week so there’s enough time for public comment and to set up a remote participation for all of those who want to be part of the meeting. The Fish and Game Commission president says they appreciate the passion they have heard about attendees wanting to be there, and that overwhelmed them with technology not ready. He says they’re frustrated they couldn’t go thru with the meeting and are researching a way forward. The commission also wants the public to know they’re not trying to ban fishing or contemplating a statewide closure. They say they’re working on a tailored approach based on local needs and knowledge in the time of the global pandemic.

The Mendocino County Public Health Office is expected to have a new directive regarding social distancing. The Daily Journal reports on the meeting earlier this week with the Board of Supervisors. Then during a town hall meeting with State Senator Mike McGuire, Public Health Officer Dr. Noemi Doohan reported a revised shelter in place order would be relaxing some restrictions at local parks. She says they were closed because out of towners were coming in to use the parks, but they’ll be loosening the orders on parks and recreation. Dr. Doohan says it’s necessary for people to stay indoors as much as possible, and outdoor activity will have to be with social distancing and facial covering requirements.

Bus service from Fort Bragg to inland Mendocino County has been discontinued. Mendocino Transit Authority stopping the service after hearing from community leaders about ways to try to help slow the spread of coronavirus. The service takes passengers from Fort Bragg to inland cities in Mendocino County, route #65. Ukiah buses will keep running hourly and having less rides the MTA says, would just create more crowded buses, so they’re continuing with a “robust schedule.” You can still catch the Route 60 Coaster bus to Navarro to meet the 75 bus to get where you need.

It’s Easter this weekend and church is closed. Local places are offering live streaming or even pre-recorded sermons so people can worship while sheltering in place. The Daily Journal reports physical distancing is creating the need for new ways to reach out to parishioners for local churches like Ukiah United Methodist Church. They had pre-recorded videos from musicians for their service broadcast from the pastor’s living room last weekend and they had a virtual “happy hour” after. They’re having a second Easter service once the shelter in place orders are lifted. Other local places of prayer, like The River Ukiah answering emails and taking calls and conducting Bible study and other meetings online. They’re also taking prayer requests via text message.

Faith-based organizations offering remote services this week include: First Baptist Ukiah, The River Ukiah Church, Bible Baptist Church, Ukiah United Methodist Church, St. Mary’s of the Angels Catholic Church, Legacy Church Ukiah, Redwood Valley Community Church, ALCF, and Calvary Chapel Ukiah.

A small fire quickly stomped out in Ukiah. The Ukiah Valley Fire Authority on the scene of the vegetation fire near the Carousel Industrial Park in north Ukiah. The fire last night about 8:30 p.m. spread from a nearby homeless encampment. It burned about an eighth of an acre.

State Senator Mike McGuire hosting a townhall on COVID-19 with the Public Health Officer of Lake County and Mendocino County. From Lake County, Dr. Gary Pace reported on the third case of coronavirus that was confirmed earlier this week. The patient isolating at home after contracting the infection from another infected person outside the county in which they may have contacted more than in recent weeks. The first case was reported Sunday, the second the next day. Regional and local healthcare professionals and other politicians were on the call with Senator McGuire and more than 850 Mendocino and Lake County residents.

The Public Health Officer in Mendocino County Dr. Noemi Doohan predicts a surge in cases at the end of this month. She was on a tele town hall with state senator Mike McGuire saying the shelter-in-place restrictions probably won’t be lifted right after that, but slowly lifting some restrictions depends on testing capacity. And also if there’s adequate personal protective equipment. She predicted that at the end of May some restrictions could be loosened. Dr. Gary Pace of Lake County was also on the call and said the surge there would be slightly later and they would see more cases in early May then lowering over a couple months. Pace says stay at home orders could be loosened the middle of the summer with gradual restriction loosening before that.

In Sonoma County health officials say they’re seeing a positive turn, the spread is more minimal than before. Dr. Sundari Mase the Public Health Officer says the stay home orders and physical distancing directives appear to be working. The Press Democrat reports 17 new cases have been reported, a result of keeping in close touch with people who were in contact with positive cases. Mase says there hasn’t been that much community transmission. She says the jump in cases was “completely expected” due to “contact tracing” surveillance. The newspaper reports public health nurses tested 18 people in close contact with local residents.

An investigation underway by the legislature after the Gov. Gavin Newsom announced he wants the state to buy 500 million protective masks. Lawmakers want to hear from a top budget official about how all of those masks will be distributed and how to ensure they will be good quality. A letter sent to the governor’s finance director from one lawmaker asking for details on the contract for 200 million masks a month from a Chinese company. Newsom is asking lawmakers to spend almost $1 billion on the masks. The first shipment early next month for a 2 ½ month long contract with an American subsidiary of the Chinese manufacturer.



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