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The Lake County Board of Supervisors is expected to ask the SBA for help for tribal governments and their casinos due to coronavirus. The board meeting online tomorrow which you can see on the County’s Facebook page or thru local cable outlets. The board will discuss the latest on coronavirus with the Public Health Officer, Dr. Gary Pace. And Supervisor Rob Brown is expected to ask his fellow board members about the SBA letter for support for local tribal casinos through the Paycheck Protection Program which was part of the massive federal government bailout. Two board members, Chair Moke Simon and Supervisor EJ Crandell are part of tribal leadership for the Middletown Rancheria and Robinson Rancheria.

Three women are recovering after a crash last week on Highway 175 near Lakeport. Lake Co News reports the CHP’s Clear Lake division reported to the scene of the two-car crash last Thursday afternoon where 20 year old Faith Eyler was driving with 20 year old Deanna Lambert as her passenger. Eyler came off the road, overcorrected and lost control running into 59 year old Michelle Baldwin on the other side of the highway in a BMW SUV. The two vehicles crashed head on. The women all ended up in the hospital with major injuries, The CHP says they do not suspect drugs or alcohol as factors in the crash. They all also had on seatbelts.

Two men in Ukiah have been arrested for street racing. The Daily Journal reports cops on the scene after witnessing the two cars driving at an extremely high rate of speed, around 90 mph, right next to each other. The cars approached the officer at the intersection of Gobbi and South State streets and he flipped his lights and activated a siren and one of the cars pulled over. Keoni Andrade was arrested for illegal street racing, which he admitted. The other car stopped briefly and took off, then it was found abandoned. The other driver was id’d as 30-year-old Robert Mounts of Redwood Valley, who police say first lied and said his car had been stolen. But then he admitted he had driven the car and was racing it with Andrade. He was then arrested for street racing and resisting arrest. The two men were booked and released.

Numbers of those in ICU with COVID-19 in the Bay Area are going down. The Press Democrat reports There was “cautious optimism” that the stay home orders were working. The new data as of Saturday showed some Bay Area cities and counties, including Mendocino County has made incremental adjustments to the shelter in place orders. Here in Mendocino County the Public Health Officer is allowing for folks to go back into parks, having first closed them because too many people from the Bay Area were coming here, now that’s changing. But Dr. Noemi Doohan says to stay as close to home as possible if you go out and to keep socially distancing yourself from others.  The new report from this weekend says there was especially a decline in ICU cases in San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.

A new report shows coronavirus may have been in the San Francisco Bay area as early as mid-February after a man was found dead in his home and a woman got sick and died later. A doctor, who’s also the chief executive of Santa Clara County’s government says the virus was in the community and probably there for far longer than known. Stanford University also has a study out saying there was a viral surge in February. The first two cases in Santa Clara County nearly one week before federal approval of emergency testing for COVID-19. The two cases were traced to travelers returning from Wuhan, China. And the first case of community spread in the Bay area was nearly a month later.

PG&E is reporting they’re closing camping and day use recreational sites in its service area thru at least June, to keep employees, the public and communities safe due to coronavirus. 38 campgrounds and day use sites are closed which will mean reduced maintenance at restrooms and in collecting trash. Since camping reservations are usually taken this month, the utility company has pushed the window to find a spot until June. They also say they could reassess at a later date. The camping season usually runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, right now it’s pushed to June 29th. PG&E parks in the North Bay and North Coast are in Mendocino County:

Trout Creek Campgrounds

Fuller Grove Campgrounds

Fuller Grove Day use area & boat ramp

Navy Campgrounds

Pillsbury Pines

Pogie Point day use area

The Mendocino County Public Health Office reports giving some technical assistance to Plowshares to help they change some procedures, which has been done. The Daily Journal reports the executive director of Plowshares got official orders mid-March, but they were nearly a week ahead of the plan with their own preparations. There’s a new portable hand washing station in front, a staff member at the front door manning the station, masks and gloves gave to be worn by all staff and volunteers; hand sanitizers are made available to guests; and they’ve laid down tape on the floor to encourage 6 feet between for social distancing. They also now have food to go for those living in tents, temporary housing, hotels or low-income apartments. They say the only touched by anyone using their services is the chair and table if they stay to eat there. They serve about 70 meals a day and about half are delivered.

A tele town hall held by State Senator Mike McGuire with a panel including an epidemiologist, the CEO’s of Lake and Mendocino Counties, Chairs of each of their Boards of Supervisors and each of their public health officers. Residents were allowed to send questions ahead of time and were not allowed to break into the talk for follow ups.

Even though we had 4 cases in Mendocino County, right now there’s no evidence of any active coronavirus cases and no evidence of community spread. The County CEO spoke about the economy a bit, mostly related to property taxes. There were between 6-800 people on the tele-town hall which took place last Wednesday.

A man from Boonville busted after driving into a tree on Highway 128. The California Highway Patrol reports 27 year old Nicholas Rhoades was in a 1995 Toyota pick-up truck headed east near Philo around last Thursday night, driving at an unsafe speed, came off the road smashing into tree, without wearing a seatbelt. The CHP says he was fully ejected from the car then taken to a hospital in Santa Rosa to be treated for moderate injuries. They report that alcohol was suspected of being a factor in the crash. So he was arrested on suspicion of DUI before being released to get medical attention.

A semi with a load of milk has overturned on Highway 20. The CHP reports a major injury crash with the tanker spilling milk and diesel into Clear Lake. The Office of Emergency Services Hazardous Materials Spill Report said it was around 6,000 gallons of milk and about 100 gallons of diesel that leaked into the lake.

Blue lights turned on in Lakeport in support of healthcare and other essential workers dealing with coronavirus. Blue lights were shimmering along the streets of downtown Lakeport last Friday night and stayed all weekend as part of the national campaign, “Light It Blue” to show appreciation for those on the frontlines of COVID-19. There are also going to be purple lights across the state this entire week for those in the tourism and hospitality industry who’ve been battered by the closure of their businesses due to the pandemic. The Lakeport lights installed during revitalization projects and were programmed so they can be flipped on and off at will.

A new plan by the Governor to help residents and employees at more than 1,200 skilled nursing facilities and almost 7,500 residential care facilities. 600 nurses have been trained so far to support compliance with COVID-19 guidance. State staff members are also reportedly calling nursing homes across Calif for daily support. Gov. Newsom put out a statement saying to protect the most vulnerable residents and employees is a top priority not just for public health but because it’s the right thing to do. Newsom has also announced the federal ship, the USNS Mercy is taking non-COVID-19 patients to take some of the pressure off skilled nursing facilities in the Los Angeles area.

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