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Some encouraging signs about coronavirus in California. The latest figures show fewer than 2,000 new cases over the weekend, as the number of daily deaths stayed about the same. If the trend holds, some models show today could be the peak day for California hospital admissions, with a gradual slowing of those numbers to follow. Governor Newsom says California will start to work with other western states to coordinate easing of restrictions, but he says it is still too soon for people to stop self-isolating.

There is a temporary silver lining to the coronavirus cloud. Officials say California’s air is measurably cleaner since people have been staying home and off the roads. Environmental groups say it shows what COULD with fewer cars on the road, but that this is a unique event that is no cause for any celebration. They say Calfornia’s pollution levels are sure to go back up as we transition away from coronavirus restrictions.

You could be getting money back from your car insurance company. Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara has ordered insurers to refund at least March and April premiums due to the coronavirus. The order also includes workers’ compensation and medical malpractice insurance lines. Some companies have already acted—State Farm is returning money to customers, Farmers is cutting April rates by 25 percent and Geico is providing policy credits.

CHP is investigating a tanker truck rollover on Highway 20 near Glenhaven. Lake Co News reports one person was seriously hurt in the crash near Harvey Boulevard Sunday afternoon when the tanker flipped onto its side. 6,000 gallons of milk—and 100 gallons of diesel spilled onto the roadway, which led to traffic backups there for several hours afterward. No word on what might have caused the wreck

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