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A 5th case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Mendocino County. The Mendocino County Public Health Officer Dr. Noemi Doohan says the man was exposed out of county.

The Sheriff joined Dr. Doohan on the virtual meeting earlier today to talk about the person exposed being a former inmate from Chino State Prison who had been exposed to cornavirus. The former inmate was supposed to turn himself into Stanislaus County, but came to Ukiah instead. The inmate was placed on a quarantine first but some how ended up in Mendocino County the next day. The Sheriff informed the Public Health Office about the inmate who was asymptomatic. The man is at home with a family member and said to be stable.

The Sonoma County Public Health Officer has issued a new order for people working or visiting elder care facilities. Public Health Officer Dr. Sundari Mase says visitors and staffers at group care facilities have to wear masks. They also have to be screened for symptoms, like taking their temperature and looking for other signs of illness, or they cannot enter or go to work. Mase also says law enforcement have to wear medical-grade masks while interacting with the public or patients. The order to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Dr. Mase says the shelter in place order doesn’t need to go on indefinitely, and says there are more interventions as residents start to come out of the staying at home orders slowly and systematically.

Some parks are open but parking lots are closed. The Daily Journal reports after the Mendocino County Public Health Officer revised her shelter-in-place order to allow certain park areas to open again, Fort Bragg stepped up with the City Council voting to allow local residents to exercise on the city’s wide, paved path near the ocean. The city says they’ll be monitoring the paths and if there are crowds gathering, it will be closed down again. The newspaper reports in Santa Cruz, quite a way south, they’ve reopened many parks, beaches, open spaces and multi-use trails and the Wharf, but only to local residents who are able to walk to the areas, also keeping parking lots closed. In Mendocino County, high touch areas are closed, but similarly biking, walking, hiking, jogging spots close enough to home can be utilized.

The Downtown Streetscape Project is about to begin. As we reported earlier this week, the City of Ukiah announced a Monday start. The first part of the work is so-called “potholing” where holes are drilled so workers can see where underground utilities are before construction begins. They’ll do that during daytime areas. They will then start proper construction work at the south end of State Street between Mill and Church streets. There will be traffic controls, survey controls and preparing for traffic to get around the work.  Then the actual “shovel-in-ground construction” is starting around the second week of May.  All water and sewer utilities under State Street between Mill to Henry streets, and on Perkins and Standley streets between State Street and School streets. They’re also installing utility services like electric, telephone and cable.

Clearlake stepping up to try to curtail homelessness by getting people off the street and into housing. Lake Co News reports Adventist Health Clear Lake and Hope Rising Lake County have gotten the city to agree to put up $500,000 in bond funds for the Hope Center. As we reported earlier this week, the agencies were asking for the city’s help for a planned 20-bed transitional facility on land Adventist Health owns already.  Public participation for the meeting happened virtually due to coronavirus. Back in January the two agencies asked the city for help. The City Manager says the money will come from Series B bonds that had been sold by the former redevelopment agency for low- and moderate-income housing. The City Council also approved a nearly $200,000 contract for construction to begin on a new Animal Shelter.

There are still hotspots for coronavirus in Calif. Again we hear about a nursing home where there were more than 155 infections were reported and 10 people died, the most ever at a nursing home in the state so far. The state inspected a Safeway warehouse in the Central Valley were there’s also been an outbreak. Gov. Newsom talked about this in his daily briefing yesterday. He spoke of the nursing home in Visalia, and the distribution center in Tracy. More than 50 people have contracted the infection there and one of them died. The union representing the workers from the Safeway Facility says one of the facility’s long time employees died. A spokesperson for Northern California Safeway says about 3% of the 1,700 workers at that facility tested positive so they’ve bolstered safety measures. They send their grocery items to 300 stores in Northern California, Nevada and Hawaii.

An inmate who escaped a Mendocino County minimum security prison has been caught. 32 year old Richard Solarzano was caught yesterday after going missing Wednesday night during bed time check in at the Parlin Fork Conservation Camp in Fort Bragg. Corrections investigators and special agents found Solarzano yesterday afternoon right outside the campgrounds. Now they say he will be transferred to another facility in Susanville and can no longer stay at any Conservation Camp. He had been assigned as a cook at the Parlin Fork Camp which holds about 100 inmates. He was there since last year, serving an eight-year sentence for burglary and assault with a deadly weapon and was not due for parole until August 2022.

The State Fish and Game Commission, after two days of virtual meetings, have made some changes to recreational fishing and hunting in light of the pandemic. The commission is allowing the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to temporarily delay, suspend or restrict recreational fishing if necessary. There were so many people who wanted to join the virtual meeting last week, that it had to be moved to this week over two days to allow everyone in the public the ability to join. The commission gave the green light to mammal hunting regulations and is giving out more elk tags for the northwest management unit. That’s due to more elk in that part of the state. The commission also gave the thumbs up to daily and seasonal limits for duck and geese for the 2020-21 hunting season. There was also talk of public use on lands, including wildlife and ecological reserve regulations.

3 people in Clearlake have been arrested for a robbery, stolen car and gun. Police say they got a report last Saturday that a group jumped over a fence behind a business and hopped into three cars parked there. Julius Mulvaney was quickly arrested, then others were said to have gone into a home where there was an unlocked door. A man found with others on the property says he was hit on the head and beaten by several people demanding he give them money. They found two firearms there who cops say the suspects may have left there. One was reported stolen from Sacramento, and a car there was also reported stolen, but from San Francisco. They then found and arrested Orlando Thomas and a juvenile, who was also detained. The two adult men booked into jail on various charges including robbery and burglary. Mulvaney held on a million dollars and Thomas on $250,000. The juvenile was turned over to Lake County Juvenile Probation.

For a second day the number of those infected with COVID-19 has risen in Calif and the number who died is also up. 92 new deaths reported yesterday, 103 the day before. Nearing 1,000 people have died in California and more than 28,000 have gotten infected. The Governor says hospitalizations are down though, but Newsom says there needs to be lower deaths, hospitalizations and patients who need intensive care units before the economy can reopen. More than 3,100 still in the hospital, and nearly 1,200 in an ICU. But it was the lowest day over day growth at 3.7%.

The Mendocino Transit Authority is starting a once a week trip from Hopland to Ukiah and back after cutting one of their scheduled routes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Riders reportedly complaining they couldn’t get to Ukiah for essential shopping, so MTA an addition of a once weekly round-trip bus ride from Hopland to Ukiah. The bus is thoroughly cleaned between rides and passengers will have to sit in every other row to allow for social distancing. The pick up at the Old Savings Bank bus stop in Hopland every Thursday morning at 10:30 a.m. The service started yesterday. Riders take a drive to the Walmart bus stop in Ukiah where you can catch a transfer, then they pick back up at 1:30 p.m. at the Walmart bus stop. Riders are dropped off at Brutocao Cellars Tasting Room in Hopland.

There’s a new coronavirus website set up in Lake County for people wanting up to date info on the latest regarding COVID-19.  The County’s Health Services and Information Technology Departments developed the “Lake County Coronavirus Response Hub” where you can scroll to find a map with Lake and neighboring county information. The amount of confirmed cases in Lake County are listed. There’s also social media feeds embedded there from the County Public Health Dept., Lake County Sheriff’s Office, the County of Lake, and the CDC.

A woman in Fort Bragg reports being stalked by a man she had a protective order against, so he’s arrested. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept reports Kristofer Anderson had a court order against him to stay away from the woman. They found he indeed violated the restraining order several times over phone calls. He also had shown up at her workplace and made threats and they say had terrorized the woman causing her to fear for her life. He was arrested for Stalking in Violation of a Protective Order and Violation of a Domestic Violence Protective Order and held on $50,000.00 bail.

A man in Fort Bragg was overdosing so deputies gave him Narcan. Deputies say they overheard Fort Bragg Fire and Mendocino Coast District Hospital Paramedics on dispatch that somebody was in respiratory arrest and possibly overdosing. They were already nearby and got there quickly finding a man in a comatose state with shallow and sporadic breathing.  They say they found items to suggest he had od’d on drugs so they gave him two doses of NARCAN, which allowed him to regain his consciousness and become alert.  He was then taken to a hospital for treatment. The Sheriff’s department has Narcan nose spray on hand which can reverse the effects of an overdose for up to an hour. They then need follow up emergency care immediately.

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