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The Ukiah Food Bank may not be getting a boost from a reliable source of the past. The Daily Journal reports the executive director of the Ford St. Project, the local rehab center says the Food Bank got $29,000 from individual donations as the first shelter in place orders came. But now the director says since the alcohol and drug program is losing thousands and fewer people are getting services, they may not be able to donate that for a while. She says there will probably be a 20 percent rise in the amount of people who need to get help from the food bank which means they will probably have to hire someone new and won’t be getting that extra $2,000-3,000 either.  

A family infected with COVID-19 in Round Valley takes the amount of cases to 11 in Mendocino County. As we reported Friday, there were first 3 cases, then a couple more, in the family, then Friday night, another confirmed. So six cases total in the family and five in the County before that. The Mendocino County CEO reported the family got the virus after one of them traveled to the Bay Area three times to visit another family member there. That family member exposed four other members of the family, and the sixth was a family member who doesn’t live with them. The CEO says the Public Health Dept. is monitoring the family and testing as many people in the Round Valley Reservation as they can, adding if they can test all 2,000 residents, they will.  The Public Health Officer, Dr. Noemi Doohan says they’re working closely with the Indian Health Center on more tests of anyone else who may have been exposed to members of the family who tested positive. She said all of those who already tested positive are in stable condition, in isolation at home with active public health monitoring and do not require hospitalization.

A new report says about ten people who had been living in an assisted living facility in Redwood City have died from coronavirus. Those who have died include the former president of Stanford University. The report from the state showing more than 5,400 residents and health care workers at long term care facilities got COVID-19 and more than 539 of them died. Gordon Manor in the Bay Area with the most. There were 65 residents there. The facilities are overseen by the state Department of Social Services. All of the data dates back to April 22nd. The largest skilled nursing outbreak in the state, also in the Bay Area with more than a dozen patients dying and a new list released Friday had the number of infected there at 28.  

Several hundred healthcare workers in Sonoma County have been tested for the virus. This weekend a new drive thru program had the most tests over two days since the pandemic began. Health Officials say testing is the key to reopening the County. And our Public Health Officer, Dr. Noemi Doohan had previously said she’s following with other Bay Area Counties are doing. The drive-thru testing started with the healthcare workers but is reportedly going to expand for first responders with virus symptoms first; then those 65 years and older with underlying health conditions with or without symptoms, and finally they will get to residents with symptoms. The Public Health Officer in Sonoma County is expected to lift some of the restrictions of their stay at home order to allow more access to local parks and allow some construction and real estate transactions to resume, but most other restrictions will stay for now.

The Shelter in Place order in Sonoma County is set to expire. The Press Democrat reports the order expires Friday and at the same time the Public Health Officer is reportedly going to relax some of the stay-home order. The newspaper reports there were rumors last week about what might be revised including public access to local parks and construction projects and real estate transactions to resume, but staying at home except for leaving for essential business or errands, wearing masks in public and social distancing would all stay awhile. Dr. Sundari Mase telling the newspaper we are still under an executive order from the governor and it’s up to him to lift the shelter-in-place. The state’s order takes precedence over any county public health order.  But Lake, Napa and Mendocino counties have loosened some restrictions on traveling further for recreation, golfing, hiking and jogging. Construction and pet groomers can pick back up in Lake County.

The Lake County Public Health Officer Dr. Gary Pace says they’re allowing some low risk activities to resume as long as people observe social distancing, and don’t gather in groups of no larger than two people. They will moderate activities and possibly open more businesses in a layered or step by step approach.  The Shelter in Place order was set to expire May 3rd, that’s this coming Sunday. There’s an extension coming, depending on any State Orders from the Governor’s office.  The addendum from April 23rd, which we reported last week, will expire on June 1st. It includes limited recreation on the Lake, Hidden Valley Lake opening to residents, fishing from the shore, but no fishing boats are allowed, no swimming is permitted. Dr. Pace says he will allow more restrictions to be lifted as they see fit.

The Mendocino College Career Education dept. has provided Adventist Health several 3D printed face shields. The college delivered 240 N95 masks last month, another 5,000 – including ear loop surgical, face shields and N95’s to the Nursing Department. Now 250 more face shields. The president of Adventist says they’ve been touched by the outpouring of support from the community for healthcare workers on the front lines.  Adventist Health in Mendocino County, operates Adventist Health Howard Memorial and Adventist Health Ukiah Valley.  The school’s Theatre Arts/Technical Director and a Computer Science instructor are running up to five different 3D printers a day to make the masks, which amounts to about 25 masks a day.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors has their regular meeting, focusing on the pandemic. It’s of course online, and starts tomorrow morning at 9. The public is invited to submit comments by email. The County Administrative Officer is also proposing some temporary safety measures in a proposed urgency ordinance to require masks be worn at county facilities. The Board will also hear from the Public Health Officer at the top of the agenda.  The Board will also look at selling property to Lake Transit Agency to build a new transit hub. They will also consider telling the treasurer-tax collector to take immediate action for new procedures for taxpayers who need waivers to not pay property taxes during the pandemic. 

Library Park in Lakeport is not opened, but Dutch Harbor has been reopened to the public. This comes after updated health orders were issued by Lake County Public Health Officer Dr. Gary Pace last week. You can also fish off the shoreline and Hidden Valley Lake is open. No fishing boats are allowed, and hiking and jogging in areas where public parks are open is also okay. But Library Park is staying closed for all activities due to the ongoing construction there. Plus there’s limited staff to cover parks due to the pandemic.  

A special meeting’s being held by the Clearlake City Council due to the pandemic. They will consider an urgency ordinance on tenant evictions during the COVID-19 emergency. Lake Co News reports the Council will have a virtual meeting broadcast live on their YouTube channel and you can submit questions in writing.  The city clerk will deliver those to the council and the mayor will read the comments aloud in the meeting, but any they get after the start of the meeting won’t get into the record. On the agenda, extending or repealing the urgency ordinance on tenant evictions which was adopted March 19th. 

A man in Redwood Valley has been arrested after a burglary in progress is reported. A woman says there was someone outside her house trying to force their way inside. The man identified later as Douglas Stone Jr., who the victim says she told to leave and that she was calling 911. He did leave and was contacted close by. He was searched for weapons and deputies found a loaded semi-automatic pistol in his pants pocket. They searched his car and found a bunch of stolen items from others who had previously reported burglaries in the neighborhood. Cops also found a small pry on Stone. He’s charged with several crimes including burglary, possession of marijuana, possession of stolen property, carrying a concealed weapon and prowling. He was booked on $75,000.00 bail. A search of his home turned up many other stolen items, firearms, firearm parts, ammo and explosive device precursors.  Because of coronavirus, he was booked and released.

A man in Covelo’s busted after a call from a woman about being choked by her husband. Deputies went to the home last weekend where the woman, who’s 5 months pregnant, told them her husband, Samson Joaquin, started to choke her with a belt while they were in bed. She somehow got away, but the man picked up a propane tank and several metal food cans and started hitting her in the head and body, punched and kicked her several times in the stomach. She had visible injuries which police say were consistent with her story, plus she had blood in some of the wounds. She was flown to an out of county hospital. Joaquin was arrested on multiple charges domestic violence battery and assault with a deadly weapon. He was held on $30,000.00 bail.

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