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A man arrested the past few days in trouble with the law again. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reports getting a call to a home where  Douglas Stone Jr. was making criminal threats. Apparently a man who had Stone’s dog came to bring it back to him and says Stone came at him with a large butcher knife and threatened to kill him. They say he also threatened to kill his own dog, his ex-wife, and her new boyfriend. The victim says he was afraid for his life and thought he would kill him then try to find his ex and her new boyfriend, and threatened him to not call police or he’d kill them too. Stone has been charged with several crimes and turned himself into deputies and held on $275,000.00 bail.

Talk about further loosening restrictions in Mendocino County during the latest Board of Supervisors meeting. The Public Health Officer Dr. Mimi Doohan peppered with questions about when things may start to reopen and certain types of businesses be allowed to open. One supervisor saying that he was asked by a local yoga studio owner about when they could expect to open again….

Dr. Doohan explained many things during today’s meeting and said she will follow whatever the Governor’s orders are that she probably wouldn’t have any major changes to her shelter in place order until May 8th, one week from Friday, then again, probably not until June after that.

The town of Covelo’s getting a special delivery by the National Guard. The Mendocino County Sheriff announced quarantine tents are coming to Covelo after six people in one family in the Round Valley Tribe ended up with coronavirus. The Sheriff reportedly checking in with State Sen. Mike McGuire, Assemblyman Jim Wood and state health officials and now needed equipment, tents, cots, and more will be in Covelo by today or tomorrow. The Sheriff says the equipment is in case there’s a surge of cases from community spread. The tents will be put up outside the tribal health center. Mass testing is going on within the tribe after the family got infected. The cases bring the total of confirmed cases in Mendocino County to 11.

The Streetscape Project in downtown Ukiah is moving along quicker. The City Manager says since there’s less traffic and business closures during the Shelter-In-Place Order, they’re doing the underground utility work on Perkins and Standley streets this week. The announcement last Friday with the revised schedule which she says means less impact on surrounding businesses and residents. The work should wrap up by May 8th, next Friday. They were conducting potholing last week to get the underground utility work done, which started yesterday. The work being conducted during daytime hours, Monday – Saturday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The Ukiah Farmers Market is reportedly doing well. The Daily Journal reports the market manager saying market sales were up, as opposed to the past when February and March are generally slower. The newspaper reports there are usually 9-10 vendors this time of year, but they have more than a dozen. Some vendors the paper interviewed said sales were up, up to 50% more than normal. People are practicing social distancing and they have signs up as a reminder. Plus masks will be mandatory starting Friday.

Local hotel owners on a call to see how they can help Ukiah. The Daily Journal reports the twelve hoteliers on a brainstorming WhatsApp call and quickly gathered $10,000 and ordered 25,000 masks. They’ve already begun to distribute them to hospitals. They’ve also started a group called Hospitality Strong to continue ordering masks for hospitals in the area. So far 11 hospitals in 4 states got the masks including Adventist Health Hospital in Ukiah who got 500 N95 masks and 6,000 surgical masks. For more info, there’s now a Hospitality Strong Facebook page and a Go-FundMe page to help raise more money for the cause. They say they’ve received donations from Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Wisconsin, Louisiana and Kentucky. One of the local hotel owners also working with the City of Ukiah and the County to offer lodging for those who need to self isolate.

North Coast Opportunity working with the Community Foundation of Mendocino County to help local residents who’ve been affected by coronavirus. The CEO of the Community Foundation says they created the COVID-19 Relief Fund to help individuals and families with everyday needs like helping to pay for their utilities, put gas in their car, food on the table, and a roof over their heads. The money is available to inland Mendocino County residents. You can apply by phone, (707) 621-8817 or online, by visiting http://www. and click ‘People Helping People’. The first applications are being accepted starting tomorrow.

The Gov facing pressure for front line, essential workers to get workers’ compensation if they contract COVID- 19. Legislators working on the idea introducing two bills, ahead of any claims filed for benefits. The state had reportedly already received more than 1,500 claims as of April 16th. The state and U.S. Chambers of Commerce reportedly telling the Gov. to only cover certain essential workers or it will cost employers and insurance companies billions. And unions are asking the Gov. to include more in any executive order since many have been required to work without the appropriate personal protective gear and no access to testing.

The Gov. calling out people at beaches over the weekend saying it’s an example of “what not to do”. In Newsom’s daily address yesterday he was speaking about photos that went viral of people bathing on beaches along the coast on Saturday and Sunday. In Newport, pictures circulated of crowds on the beaches and there were more at parks, something Newsom says will slow the progress already made against Covid-19 and that it would jeopardize future loosening of restrictions of the current shelter-in-place order. The Gov. said a lack of social distancing could peak numbers again as the state showed some signs of a flattening of the curve.

Since the state has a moratorium in place until the end of next month for tenants being protected against eviction due to coronavirus, the Clearlake City Council has repealed its temporary eviction moratorium. At a special virtual meeting of the Council yesterday, members did not renew an urgency ordinance put into place a month ago that was to last until May 19th. The City Manager says the City’s moratorium came before the state’s, which is a longer moratorium that ends on May 31st. Only one person had a public comment and it was a landlord concerned about the shift of financial responsibility from tenants to landlords.

Operational changes announced in the City of Lakeport due to Covid-19. During a City Council meeting last week staff reported to the Council. The state is allowing businesses up to a year to pay their sales tax. And the City announced businesses should contact city staff to see if there’s local help available. The Finance Director reported to the Council they should see the next budget in June, as usual and recommended suspending any discretionary spending in the 2020 budget. The Public Works Director says the Library Park seawall is almost done, but there’s some finishing touches held up due to Covid-19. And the police chief reported some major changes regarding how they conduct work, making contact with community members on shelter in place and criminal investigations which went way down.

The Sonoma County health officer has confirmed there will be some restrictions lifted with her shelter in place order. Dr. Sundari Mase says there will be a “soft opening” of some parks and construction work allowed and work that can be done outdoors like landscaping and gardening. Dr. Mase says those are lower risk activities that can be relaxed from her March 18th stay at home order. She says there will be an official announcement soon and there could be more to the order adding that the latest projections on infections of Covid-19 from Imperial College London, could be released today. That will guide what could come next. She says there’s already been positive news within the modeling, that those who have become infected are minimally spreading the virus because of social distancing rules, only essential travel and closed businesses.

Several rural counties and small cities are asking the Governor if they can ease the restrictions of the state’s shelter in place order. The six rural counties in Northern Calif. and 14 small cities only have 69 cases of the infectious disease within them. They include the counties of Sutter, Yuba, Butte, Colusa, Tehama and Glenn. They also added several hundred hospital beds to get ready for a possible surge but there’s only been one coronavirus patient in an intensive care unit. At the same time as the request, a half dozen counties in the San Francisco Bay Area are extending stay-at-home orders through the end of May. So far the only change made in the last week was allowing elective surgeries to resume in Calif.

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