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California’s one of five Western states jointly requesting $1 trillion from the Fed in relief funds. Governor Gavin Newsom says a letter was sent to the president requesting the money from the leaders of the Western States Pact. The Pact is California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Nevada. The five states came to an agreement to use science and data as tools to reopen their economies as they continue to try to protect the general public from COVID-19. Governor Newsom reported a 54 billion dollar deficit due to coronavirus. Last year the state had a $21 billion surplus.

The Governor’s warning 3 counties in Northern Calif. who opened before the rest of the state they could lose coronavirus disaster funding. A letter’s been sent by the CAL OES Director to Yuba, Sutter, and Modoc Counties, which all started reopening their economies before the rest of the state. It includes businesses like hair salons, retail shops, and restaurants to fully open. The letter states the counties actions “jeopardize public health and safety, not only within the county, but beyond, through community contact and spread.” And went on to say it could threaten their eligibility for disaster money. For one thing they couldn’t show they were being “extraordinarily and disproportionately impacted by COVID-19”.

An inmate at the Lake County Jail who tested positive but was asymptomatic has now tested negative two times and considered recovered. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reports they’ve been working closely with the Public Health Dept. for contact tracing and 20 inmates who had been in close contact with him all were tested and had negative results.  The Sheriff’s Dept. says they’re continuing to test jail staff and all are negative so far. They say it appears the one positive case was isolated and there’s been no community spread. They also say they had put enhanced measures in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the jail. And they’re working with the jail’s medical provider and Lake County Public Health for a continuing plan of surveillance testing of staff and inmates.

Stage 2 of the Governor’s 4 part plan to reopen the state has begun. On Friday, the Governor issued a new order due to the ongoing pandemic and both Mendocino and Lake County have issued new shelter in place orders to coincide with the state’s. In Lake County there have been no new COVID cases for two weeks since the last change to the order, so Clear Lake is open as are boat ramps for local residents. Out-of-area fisherman are not allowed, dine in at local restaurants stays closed, retailers with curbside service are allowed. Lake County’s Public Health Officer says movement outside the County is one of the most concerning threats.

In Mendo, the interim Public Health Officer Dr. Noemi Doohan has a similar order in place, lower risk businesses can open to curbside business, manufacturing can resume, in groups no larger than 12 people, cleaning and disinfection services, animal hygiene and care, like grooming during foxtail and tick season and construction as permitted by the State can also reopen with proper COVID-19 prevention protocols in accordance with industry-specific guidance. Also certain “outdoor businesses” like golf courses, horseback riding facilities, landscapers and gardeners. Services as far as 50 miles away, considered essential are approved, recreating in groups no larger than 12 people, and real estate functions and car dealerships with strict adherence to the State specific industry guidance.

Several fires reported over the weekend near Redwood Valley and Calpella. Cal Fire reported a fire on West Road in Calpella Saturday around 2:40 p.m. that was quickly stopped. But there were seven other fires called the Calpella Fire reported around 4:15 p.m. the same day at the Moore Street on-ramp onto Highway 101. The two incidents were believed to be related, but they weren’t sure if it was arson yet. There were no structures threatened, but law enforcement was on hand in case evacuations were needed. An hour or so later, no move forward movement was reported. The fires reported at about six acres each.

The City of Ukiah has opened all parks after the new shelter in place order was released late Friday. The City Manager Sage Sangiacomo reports they began preparations as soon as the Public Health Officer released a draft of the revised stay at home orders last week.  He says high touch areas such as playgrounds, picnic tables and barbecues are not to be used and that social distancing must be adhered to along with face masks. The City parks including McGarvey, Oak Manor, Observatory, Orchard, Riverside, Todd Grove and Vinewood parks will be open as of Saturday.

A new report shows about half of those who’ve died in the state from Covid-19 were either residents or staff members of nursing homes or assisted living facilities. The latest numbers released by the state departments of public health and social services were more than 1,200 patients and staffers died of COVID-19-related causes which made up about 49% of all the deaths in the state. Numbers were self-reported and did not include about 15% of the state’s facilities.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors set to consider a senior meal program at their next virtual meeting. The meeting tomorrow morning on the County’s website and members of the public can email questions ahead of time. The Public Health Officer Dr. Gary Pace will give an update on the COVID-19 pandemic. Then the board will consider the “Great Plates Delivered” program, which is a state-authorized program to deliver meals to eligible seniors. They’ll also hear about the ongoing controversial topic of a tax-defaulted land sale that was set for the end of May which has now been canceled due to the pandemic.

A man in Woodland has been arrested for reportedly trying to toss a replica handgun and backpack that had a sawed-off shotgun in it as he was chased by cops.  Woodland Police Department says they got a call Saturday to reports of an altercation between two people and one of them possibly being armed. As officers got there they say 37 year old Diamond Sanchez ran. He was found quickly and arrested after officers found the illegal and replica firearms.

The men’s prison in Chino has lost four inmates to coronavirus. The inmates in the same facility as 3 who arrived in Lake and Mendocino Counties, one tested positive in each County as the arrived. The inmates who died were last week on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at outside hospitals. The state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation reported in nearly 900 inmates, more than a third of them or 376 tested positive for the disease. It’s said to be the only state prison with reported deaths. The first happened April 19th. So five in all have died from COVID-19. There are currently 304 active cases at the prison.  48 staffers also tested positive.

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