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Evacuations after a fire in Clearlake breaks out. The fire yesterday afternoon around 3:45 near an apartment complex spread to nearby brush. Lake County Fire Protection District reports getting there minutes after the report came thru that apartments and nearby structures were threatened, including power lines. Police put out a Nixle alert about 15 minutes later ordering evacuations. Air support starting dropping retardant over a couple acres. There was also wind reported in the area. But within 45 minutes firefighters reported having control at three acres. And the wind had died down thankfully too. The downed power lines affected 2,575 PG&E customers from Anderson Marsh south to Hidden Valley Lakes and east along Morgan Valley Road.

Thousands of California workers have filed workers’ compensation claims. CalMatters reports from January through May 5,000 workers filed claims and already 1,000 were denied. But that was before the Governor signed an executive order extending protections for essential workers infected with coronavirus while at work. It is only good for those who got sick on the job on or after March 19th which was the first official day of the state’s lockdown order. The nonprofit news agency reports workers’ compensation claims were way down during the lockdown though because so many businesses were closed and way less people reported getting injured at work. There were just under 1,100 claims filed in May, compared to more than 50,000 in January. Many COVID-related claims have been denied, but some experts say those cases could possibly be overturned in court.

Since the pandemic broke out parks and beaches were closed. But as we slowly reopen, so do they… the Willits Skate Park opened again last week, with strict rules. The new guidelines are posted on a fence at the park and must be followed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Daily Journal reports the Public Works Superintendent says it’s on the city to show that they can comply with the new orders. So to make sure there’s social distancing, they’re only allowing 12 people in the park at a time. Parents can watch, but they’re counted as part of the bubble of 12. A local says he’ll hang around as a guardian, to make sure people are following the rules. Also, Willits Police and Public Works will check in routinely to ensure proper social distancing is being followed.

A new president has been announced at Adventist Health Mendocino Coast. Judy Leach has been part of the hospital system for two decades. Her last position was the strategic planner for the hospital’s Pacific Northwest division. Her background is in organizational management, communications and strategic planning. The Daily Journal reports Leach is not a doctor, but has been in the medical field for years, including work at ABC News as a health reporter.

After the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis the Sonoma County Sheriff has announced a new policy of no carotid holds. That’s similar to the neck restraint that killed Floyd and a major reason for the ongoing nationwide protests the last two weeks. The Governor has also ordered police training programs in the state to stop teaching the restraint and he’s urging all law enforcement agencies to ban it.  A man in Sonoma County died last November after the neck restraint was tried on him after a car chase. The Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick did not immediately ban the carotid hold last year after the death. But an autopsy showed the death was ruled homicide.

The Public Health Officer in Sonoma County says she’s waiting to see how moving deeper into Phase 2 goes before allowing more relaxation of restrictions for the Stay Home Order. The Press Democrat reports there’s no plans for the next phase yet. That would include gyms, fitness centers, campgrounds and hotels for tourism. Then after June 22nd she will reassess. But the rest of the state has the option to open those sectors depending on what Public Health Officers say in those regions. Dr. Sundari Mase though says opening too soon could cause a surge in cases and she’s rather wait to avoid hospitalizations and deaths.

The Lakeport city manager has announced her retirement. Margaret Silveira has been in the position since April of 2010 and will leave July 31st. She says it’s been “the greatest job of her career.” She says the city council has been very supportive and progressive in support of projects. She came to work in Lakeport after being the city manager of Gustine. She was one of more than 60 applicants for the Lakeport city manager job and only the third city manager in Lakeport.

A perfect score for a student representing Cobb Mountain Elementary in a national vocabulary competition. Fifth grade student Lily Morita got a perfect score in the final of three meets in the WordMasters Challenge. There are nearly 125,000 students a year competing. She was in the Blue Division and got the perfect score of 20, which only 86 other fifth graders across the country got.  The contest encourages critical thinking and gets kids interested in new words that are much harder than their grade level.

A fire in Solano County is closer to full containment. The Quail fire started last weekend near Winters. It has charred more than 1,800 acres and is reported to be 75 percent contained. Cal Fire reports the fire started Saturday and they evacuated several homes as hundreds were threatened. As of last night three homes had burned and about 100 others were still threatened. But they lifted the evacuations.

Ukiah hair salons can reopen as part of Phase 3 in the Governor’s 4 phase plan. The governor announced what sectors could open in the plan as we further ease restrictions related to the stay home order. Counties can move along in the process if they have less than 25 new cases in a population of 100,000 residents. Hair Salons and Barbershops have new restrictions though including mask wearing by workers and their clients, physical distancing to the maximum extent possible, frequent handwashing and regular cleaning and disinfection, and workers need to be trained on the specific businesses COVID-19 prevention plan. Many of these businesses already opened last week.

MCPH confirms 3 more cases of coronavirus in Mendocino County. The Public Health Officer says 2 of those were in Ukiah Valley identified from Optum Serve and are from community spread. One of the cases was at a graduation party where nobody had on a mask.

Public Health Officer Dr. Noemi Doohan says the other person who tested positive was on the Coast and exposed out of County.   

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