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Mendocino County joining Lake and reopening into Phase 3. The Public Health Officer released new guidance in alignment with the state for allowable activities starting today, June 12th. Since the virus is stable in Mendocino County, the Health Officer Dr. Noemi Doohan issued a new Shelter-In-Place (SIP) Order yesterday, effective today at 3:00. It means campgrounds and RV parks with daily occupancy capped to 75% of sites (with other restrictions). Hotels, motels and vacation rentals are allowed once again, but by only one household including a maximum of 2 adults and their children, and daily occupancy of hotels/motels capped to 75% rooms. Tasting rooms (wineries, breweries, distilleries) and Bars (12 midnight closing), gyms and fitness facilities, movie theaters (limited to 25% occupancy or 100 persons per showing), family entertainment centers, museums, galleries, zoos and aquariums and public pools with certain restrictions. Other sectors, tanning beds and child care with guidance along with Day Camps too. Also, non-medical therapeutic services like massage therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture with masks.

Hi-lo sirens will be used in Lakeport during emergency evacuations. Police and the city of Lakeport announced improvements and adjustments as fire season is upon us. It comes after the Mendocino Complex fire two years ago, where the entire city of Lakeport was evacuated for the first time ever. Police will use the hi-lo siren if there’s an evacuation order or when there’s a large and immediate threat to life safety. It’s a dual siren with a high-frequency pitch, then a low-frequency pitch. They want you to immediately follow orders if you should hear the siren. After the siren you will hear the emergency broadcast system and if you’ve signed up, you’ll also get an emergency alert on your cell phone and/or hard line telephone.

A new report says it’s going to cost the state almost $25 million after they sent out several thousand National Guard troops to help police during protests after the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. Most of the money for the 8,000 was for Los Angeles County, where there were 5,500 troops protecting buildings and other infrastructure. The rest in San Francisco and Sacramento and some smaller cities. Since the Gov. declared a state of emergency in LA County, the state can pay the $18 million by taking money out of a disaster response account. And the state Military Department is asking for the remainder to be covered as an “emergency expense”.

Fort Bragg will move back to regular City Council meetings after their last on Zoom this week. The City Council discussed racial unrest across the country and one comment was to adopt the “8 Can’t Wait” campaign to stop some policing policies. It’s a national advocacy campaign that many municipalities are discussing after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The City manager says the tactics used by police there are not employed by police in Fort Bragg. The City Council all were at a June 2nd Black Lives Matter protest including the Mayor. The council also discussed fixing up an old apartment complex. The developer was on the Zoom call with the council discussing the proposed four million dollar projects.

A marijuana grow in Lake County has been eradicated along with some arrests. The Lake County Sheriff’s Dept. reports on the June 5th raid by Narcotics detectives at the illegal grow in Lakeport. Detectives got word from the Lake County Community Development Department that there were about 20,000 marijuana plants and illegal grading on land. The property owner reportedly had an early activation permit to plant while in the process of getting their permit, but that expired in January. Cops also say there was irrigation coming out of a large trench. Seven adults and one juvenile were at the site. The lead grower told detectives there was between 20,000 to 25,000 marijuana plants there. Plus police found suspected Ketamine, LSD, and Ecstasy. Police eradicated nearly 50,000 plants, some guns and ammo. Everyone there faces charges that have been sent to the DA for review including Cultivation of Marijuana with Environmental Crimes, Possession of Marijuana for Sale and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Cal Fire’s warning about quickly drying grass. So all outdoor burn permits are banned as hotter and drier conditions are occurring in the State Responsibility Area of Mendocino County. It starts on Monday along with all residential outdoor burning of landscape debris like branches and leaves. The Cal Fire chief says the last few years have been a devastating reminder the public cannot let its guard down. He says there’s potential for dry, hot weather that fueled massive fires in the past. Firefighters have fanned out across the state since the beginning of the year, already fighting more than 1750 wildfires. The fire agency also asking the public to be fire safe, take extra time to be prepared by maintaining a minimum of 100 feet of Defensible Space around every home and building on your property and be prepared to evacuate if the time comes.

Counties across the state are being allowed to reopen sectors of their economy closed since the pandemic started a few months ago. The new openings include facial coverings, strict cleaning procedures and physical distancing reminders. Hotels can open, but no longer can they have magazines, menus or coupons, no manually operated ice machines, there have to be pillow protectors changed daily and linens removed in single-use sealed plastic bags. Also limits for the amount of people in an elevator. Bowling alleys, mini golf courses, arcades and batting cages, but paper items are gone unless they’re disposable or single use. Movie theaters with reduced capacity — 25% or up to 100 attendees. Museums, galleries, zoos and aquariums can reopen but no more group tours or audio headsets and public use strollers. Bars and wineries like restaurants with outdoor seating and social distancing. Lots of people have been waiting for gyms, they’re allowed with strict guidelines on bathrooms and equipment spacing and cleaning. No high contact activities like pick-up basketball and a limit on group classes. We still await other sectors to reopen in Calif. like nail salons, tattoo parlors and body waxing studios, nightclubs, concert venues, live theater and festivals. Theme parks and indoor playgrounds. And so far colleges and universities have not been cleared to reopen for in-person learning.

A lawyer in Eureka has pleaded not guilty for dealing drugs and running a drug ring. But the judge has denied lawyer Michael Acosta a challenge on one of his charges. He faces three felonies, maintaining a drug house, selling illegal drugs and selling prescription drugs. He challenged the first charge related to a drug house saying it has to be continuous use to sell drugs or it cannot be a valid order and the Humboldt County DA only listed one date. The prosecution said it would be something to be brought up at his preliminary hearing, not in the arraignment.

Since the massive fires of October 2017 whole neighborhoods are being brought back to life. The old Fountaingrove gated community in Santa Rosa is getting another 200 new homes on the former site of Fountaingrove Inn and Fountaingrove Round Barn. The proposed 224-unit Fountaingrove Inn Apartments just across from the 101 and adjacent to another larger development with more than 500 planned apartments where the destroyed Journey’s End mobile home park used to be. The Tubbs fire destroyed 4,600 homes, more than 3,000 in Santa Rosa, and more than half of those in Fountaingrove. Only 344 Fountaingrove homes have been rebuilt and about 500 more are being built now.

The Ukiah Police Dept. says if you’d like to know about their stance on training procedures and the use of force, it’s all posted on their website. The dept. says they had several inquiries and say their policies are a guide to the way their staff performs its duties, and they’re based on local, state, and federal law, legislative rulings and case law, best practices and recognized policing principles. The statement also says as practices and standards continue to change, then so does their policy. And further, they’re performing a full review of their policies and training outlines to ensure they’re embracing principles of modern policing including de-escalation alternatives.

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