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15 new Covid-19 cases reported last week in Mendocino County. And now Supervisor Ted Williams posted, there were 8 more over the weekend. We don’t have an updated official number this morning, except that Williams posted on Facebook, there are 62. The last we heard from the Public Health Officer, Dr. Noemi Doohan Friday was 54 residents of the county were infected. These are not all active cases, some have recovered, and also as of Friday, there was one person, a younger patient in the ICU. But there’s no update on the Public Health Office dashboard. Dr. Doohan said Friday the surge in cases were “somewhat expected” because of businesses reopening and after school year or high school graduation parties and church services. She also said there were some youth sports games happening. In her Friday presentation she says the message is, if you’re at a gathering or playing sports, you could spread the virus to your family or others, and it’s a threat to the community’s health.

Police in Fort Bragg got a report of an attempted child abduction at a local gas station. The call from S. Main Street at an Arco gas station. Cops met with the person reporting the crime and the victim at the police station. They say it was a man that approached their car’s front passenger side window. The suspect offered the 13 year old girl to go party with them while the parent was in the back seat. The parent confronted the suspect who ran. They were described to cops who put out a BOLO alert. Shawn Bias of Fort Bragg was arrested for annoying a child. They found the man though was in mental crisis so he was then taken to the hospital and put on a mental health hold.

Stage 3 of the Calif. reopening for Mendocino County now. The Public Health Officer is allowing for more businesses to reopen with precautions and restrictions. Dr. Doohan says of those who’ve tested positive, 10% have required hospitalization, which is higher than the national average. They were at parties or were doing other things not yet allowed in the public health order. Now higher risk services are allowed to open, but mask wearing is mandatory as the Governor is requiring it. And businesses could be fined if they don’t comply. Dr. Doohan says she’ll release the names of businesses in the future if they don’t follow the rules. If you want to be tested for Covid-19, free tests are available in Ukiah at the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds Tue. – Saturday.

The Mendocino County Grand Jury’s latest report on County government shows the County has yet to deal with emergency notification equipment or how it’s used for residents. The Grand Jury also looked at safety in schools and how tax revenue was being used on various County services. The jury report didn’t find much in the way of concern regarding school safety but they did make some recommendations. They did make another recommendation too, about how special districts are collecting taxes.

The PG&E plan to pay $58 billion to end its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy has been approved by the judge overseeing the utility’s case. The deal as you probably recall relates to the Camp Fire in 2018 and the October 2017 wildfire storm in Northern Calif. The fires were blamed on the utility company’s shoddy upkeep of equipment and putting money over the welfare of their customers. The judge allowing the payment of a settlement to thousands of people who lost homes and businesses, and family members to the massive and historically devastating fires. A lawyer for the victims says it will probably take up to three months for the money to get into their hands and for the utility company to make other promised payments.

Students in the University of Calif. system say they want more police oversight. Activists and in the system’s student governments and some black student organizations calling for more oversight or closures.  One UC Berkeley student complains to CalMatters that he was stopped simply for being a black man and that Campus Police had no notation he was ever stopped by an officer. UC Berkeley has a police review board and gets the biggest chunk of money for college policing. At the same time the Cal State police force says they will stop the controversial carotid choke hold.

Lake County planners are still deciding if they should approve a resort near Middletown. The proposed resort at Guenoc Ranch will have to wait until next week as the Planning Commission needs more time to look over the massive environmental impact report. The property about four miles east of Highway 29 on Butts Canyon Road is being considered for Mixed Use and would be built in phases, the first would take a decade.  The Environmental Impact Report was released in February and details a luxury resort around the old  Langtry estate and winery.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors is considering what to do with the old juvenile hall which is being proposed for temporary housing for the homeless. Lake Co News reports the board will hear the proposal at the virtual meeting tomorrow morning from the County Space Use Committee. The County Administrative Officer brought up the matter at the board meeting last week and the board approved releasing a request for proposals for daily operations and fiscal management. The facility’s been closed since October of 2015. The committee was supportive of the use for COVID-19 bed requirements for 6 months but they were supposed to re-examine at a later date.

The CHP is asking for public input to get its approval from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies Inc.. They’re a nonprofit who looks to help improve law enforcement and public safety services. They have policies and procedures they look to have law enforcement agencies follow for their accreditation process, and so they’re recognized for professional excellence. The CHP has already been accredited since 2010. Now the public is invited to comment next Tuesday or be in on a public virtual hearing, the same day. 
To participate in the virtual public hearing, please e-mail no later than Thursday, June 25, 2020, at 5 p.m.

Another positive case of coronavirus in Lake County. The Public Health dept. confirmed the case over the weekend in a county resident. So there are now 35 cases total and only two are active. Not a lot more info was released. Dr. Gary Pace confirmed two new cases last week, so this is the third in the same week. The 34th case, Dr. Pace said was after someone went to a social gathering and they were doing contact tracing, but there was no sign of community transmission. And before that the 31st and 32nd cases were living in the same household. The County has conducted almost 3,400 tests and 211 are still pending.

The Public Health Office in Sonoma County has announced another person dying of COVID-19. The County reports this is the first time since May 11th, the last deaths before that were May 3, April 10 and March 20. The County Dept. of Health Services says the 5th death happened yesterday but there was no other information. A County Supervisor confirmed the death was at a skilled nursing center. There was also a report of 32 more cases, the highest single day count since March, when the pandemic started. The last highest day was 30 cases, on June 13th. The County has a total of 885 total coronavirus cases, more than half, 514 have recovered.

Former Governor Jerry Brown and three others including Arnold Schwarzenegger and the current Gov. Gavin Newsom have recorded a PSA on wearing a mask to slow the spread of COVID-19. Using his tough guy actor persona, Schwarzenegger said “This is not about being weak” while holding up a mask. Gray Davis and Pete Wilson are also in the spot all to bring attention to Gov Newsom’s order last week which makes it mandatory for a facial covering in most indoor settings and outdoors when physical distancing isn’t possible. The PSA being released as California sees a streak of record breaking COVID infections since the pandemic began.

A man from Ukiah in a solo car crash has died of his injuries. The crash early yesterday morning with James Gardner in a 1995 Toyota T100 headed north on the 101 north of Reynolds Hwy in Mendocino County. The CHP reports for some reason he lost control of his vehicle, went off the side of the road, hit the embankment and rolled. He was ejected from the Toyota and died. Cal-Fire, Cal-Trans, Mendocino County Sheriffs Department and the Long-Valley Volunteer Fire Department all on the scene. The CHP says they’re unsure at this time if drugs or alcohol were a factor.

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