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RCMS is supporting drive through testing in Point Arena:

Sunday July 26th
Point Arena Veteran’s Hall
451 School St

First come first serve: 200 tests available!

Over the last week, Lake County has reported 29 new cases of COVID-19. But the Public Health Officer, Dr. Gary Pace says activity remains manageable. Since the pandemic first arose, the county had confirmed 166 cases. There has been one death. Right now there are 25 active cases and one person is in the hospital in an out of county facility. 140 have recovered. Pace says keeping the cases manageable depends on residents taking action to avoid inadvertent transmission of the virus, continued availability of medical care staff, contact tracers and case management services.  Dr. Pace says local school districts are still deciding what to do, but he suggests no in person learning. He reminds to wear a mask, even for someone with underlying chronic lung disease, he says it can help.

The state legislature is moving forward with an unprecedented measure, allowing lawmakers who cannot be in person at the Capitol, to vote. Legislative leaders agreed after at least seven staffers at the Capitol contracted coronavirus, including one assemblyman who ended up in the hospital. Four legislative leaders will vote on behalf of absent members in the Assembly, and in the Senate, lawmakers can vote for themselves, remotely, but only in committee hearings. Senators have to be in person for final votes on bills.

More and more counties are looking at ways to strictly enforce public health orders as the cases in the state remain out of control. San Francisco, Marin and Napa officials have approved fining people and businesses who violate public health orders. They will fine individuals anywhere from $25 to $500 for violations including to wearing a facial covering. And businesses will face fines up to $10,000. Sonoma County was looking at a similar order yesterday. In San Diego, they have a compliance team in place to go after people or businesses who may have complaints lodged against them.

Another death in Mendocino County from Covid-19. The death reportedly happened here in the county, at Howard Memorial. This is the first death at one of our three hospitals. Two others reportedly died at Sherwood Oaks nursing home, where there has been an outbreak. And another, our first, at a rehab center in Marin County. There were seven more cases reported yesterday for a total positive count of 234. Five people remain hospitalized and one is still in an ICU. There are 105 people in isolation.

The Fort Bragg Mayor and Vice Mayor say they’re running for office again. The Advocate reports Mayor Will Lee and Vice Mayor Bernie Norvell have declared their re-election campaigns. They’re the only open seats on the council on the November ballot. They made their announcement on social media. The mayor on Facebook with a short note and the vice mayor with a picture, also on Facebook with his confirmation papers. They also both noted how the pandemic has hurt the city, but that there had been a balanced budget for two years in a row before that.

A GoFundMe has been set up for local Mendocino artist Larry Fuente. They’re trying to raise $50,000 after a fire gutted his studio and home July 3rd. Around 50 years of his art works and other personal items were destroyed in the fire, but thankfully he was not hurt. There was someone else there at the time who apparently had was in a car that caught fire, which spread. They were treated at UC Davis Medical Center. Fuente just recently had a showing of new works at the Mendocino Art Center and has a piece of art at the Smithsonian Institute. He may be best known for exhibiting his 1960 Cadillac with all sorts of art attached called, “Mad Cad”.

The Gov. says there’s more masks coming into the state even as complaints pile up that healthcare workers don’t have enough. Gov. Newsom blames hospitals saying they’re not distributing them adequately and says the state will start to aggressively track deliveries. He says some workers are only getting 2-3 masks a week and it’s unacceptable. The governor held a press event standing by pallets filled with masks. The press briefing as the state recorded another historic single day of cases, nearly 13,000. And a day after the state passed New York for the most cases.

Clearlake still dealing with its response to the Grand Jury report on tax defaulted properties as the report surfaces on the Lake County Jail, Clearlake City Jail, the holding cells at the court in Lakeport, the Tehama County Juvenile Hall and the Konocti Conservation Camp in Lower Lake. The report says the Sheriff’s and Probation Departments are challenged in recruiting and retaining employees because of low wages and expensive benefits. They said the Probation Department doesn’t have enough children’s programs as promised. That the jail was lacking certain facilities, there had been inmate complaints about overcrowding, and needed more officers in the jail.

Congressman Mike Thompson announced the House passed the Great American Outdoors Act which he co-authored. He says the bipartisan bill invests heavily in the conservation of public lands, including fully and permanently funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund. He says it will help support local economies. The bill will help Napa and Sonoma Counties and other projects in the 5th Congressional District. It now heads to the president to be signed into law.

Another protest planned by a local Black Lives Matter group in Fort Bragg. It’s to mark the two month anniversary of the murder of George Floyd. The group says there still hasn’t been enough done to improve the situation for Black people in the country. The protest is tomorrow by Town Hall from 3 to 5 p.m. They’re promoting social distancing and ask everyone to wear masks as they’ve been doing the past 2 months.  

DUI arrests in Ukiah are down this year. The latest statistics taken from give years shows 2020 high blood alcohol DUI arrest numbers were way down since January 1st to only 118 arrests to date. There was nearly one arrest per day last year or 28 per month.  The statistics for this year so far calculated that to be 16.8/month, down 41 percent, which may be due to the pandemic.

Another town on the state’s watch list, this one due to tourism. Mono County had a surge in Mammoth Lakes. The LA Times reports it’s mostly due to restaurants in town. There are only about 14,000 people living in the area and has a lot lower cases than most, but like Lake and Mendocino County, there’s been a surge. In Mammoth Lakes, they had 40 cases in 2 weeks, with an infection rate of 8% and a seven-day average from July 12 to July 19th of 11%. There have been 79 cases in all in Mammoth Lakes, so it doubled in two weeks. There’s also been one death. The county reports restaurants in Mammoth, a tourism hotspot, were connected to 65% of the new confirmed cases. The town is now requiring restaurant workers to wear surgical or N95 masks, instead of a cloth one.

The Lake County Board of Supervisors has approved a massive land use project. Lake Co News reports it may be one of the biggest in the county’s history and could bring as many as 1,400 new homes, new hotels and almost 1,000 resort and hotel rooms too. The Guenoc Valley Mixed Use Planned Development Project or Maha Guenoc Valley may be in for a fight though, as an environmental group is threatening a lawsuit. The proposal for the 16,000-acre Guenoc Ranch along Butts Canyon Road. The state Department of Justice has also commented on the project with concern about wildfire threat.

Another death in Mendocino County from COVID-19. The Mendocino County Public Health office has confirmed the death of a third patient at Sherwood Oaks Skilled Nursing Facility. Another death at Howard Memorial in Fort Bragg earlier this week. The fifth confirmed last week, which happened at a rehab facility in Marin County. 105 new cases identified in the last ten days.

Dr. Noemi Doohan says there’s been about a ten day to two week lag in testing. Dr. Doohan says some people who have been sick have gone to work or to large gatherings. 60% are from the LatinX community. One person who died was from the LatinX community. Dr. Doohan says they’re doing more now to try to respond better to the LatinX community. She also says that she’s been contacted by the state and the county will imminently appear on the state’s watchlist.

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