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The Lake County Public Health Officer updating the Board of Supervisors on COVID cases, says not much has changed. On the county’s dashboard are 181 positive cases and 13 currently active. Public Health Officer Dr. Gary Pace says the county has not had a major outbreak, but it’s been close here and there. Dr. Pace says family gatherings are the place where cases are spreading the most, or from other family members who don’t live in the county, but visit. Pace told the board that family gatherings with more than one family group are the riskiest.  He also says frontline workers are at the most risk as the state has had a major surge in cases. He’s encouraging mask wearing, social distance and hand hygiene.

More information has been released about seven people who died in Sonoma County at skilled nursing facilities. The Press Democrat reports the first of the seven died July 23rd, and the last of them this past Monday. All of the patients were over 65 with other health conditions that put them at higher risk. The Public Health Office has not released a lot more information. The newspaper reports many of the deaths were reported late to the public health office because the facilities were overwhelmed. There are 20 skilled nursing facilities that have had outbreaks. In the last week 65 staffers and residents contracted the virus and a little more than that a week before. Assemblyman Jim Wood has also introduced a bill so the nursing facilities are mandated to report sooner. Wood says more than 40% of the people who died in California were from skilled nursing facilities.

Another record for daily deaths has been set in the state. Ten people in six counties, but 51 in LA alone. On Tuesday, the state recorded 164 deaths. And there’s been almost 120 deaths a day for the last week. There’s also been more than 9,000 cases a day, but 10,000 on Tuesday. The daily record for deaths was one week ago, that was 155, then the next day, last Thursday we were higher, 156 fatalities. California has now had the third highest rate of deaths in the U.S.

One of a few rural counties who earlier defied the Governor’s stay home order, now has its first case of coronavirus. Modoc County in northeastern California actually confirmed two cases, both in the same household. And now the contact tracing has begun to find who may have been near the two, who are isolating at home. The county Public Health Department is telling anyone who may have been at one local bar to call them. The county’s director of health services says they’ve been lucky so far and warned residents to “respect and follow” the guidelines set out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In May the county went against state orders and reopened restaurants and nonessential businesses after six weeks of closure. Yuba and Sutter Counties also reopened early, the two are both on the state’s watchlist.

The Governor is being sued along with others by some charter schools who say funding during the pandemic denies payments for more students. The four charter school organizations suing Gov. Gavin Newsom, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond and the California Department of Education saying they’re being underfunded and the students who attend are having their constitutional rights violated. The schools and parents of new students asking courts to force Calif. to reimbuse the schools for new students and say lawmakers need to fix it quick. The Gov. had promised reimbursement for pre-pandemic attendance. The schools say they had lotteries, adding more students, and now will not be able to pay for them.

13 more cases of coronavirus have been reported in Mendocino County. We’ve now had almost 300 positive cases. The county’s dashboard has our total at 293 with five people in the hospital, that’s one more than the latest update, but there are zero in the ICU currently. We have had a total of 6 deaths in the county due to complications from the virus. The most cases, over 200 in the Ukiah Valley, the North County and North Coast each has had more than 35 cases, the South Coast, only four cases and South County, 12. There are currently 64 active cases.

Landlords are allowed to toss people from their homes again in Imperial County. The Gov. disallowed the practice during the pandemic and courts have ruled against allowing evictions. But the Imperial County Superior Court is issuing eviction notices anyway to renters and has moved some eviction proceedings further along, violating pandemic judicial protocols. The state Judicial Council had issued an issued an emergency rule barring local courts from most evictions except if there’s a threat to public health and safety. But Imperial County’s evicted at least three people who sued and had their cases rescinded. Courts may be able to pick back up on evictions in 2 weeks unless lawmakers step in.

Remote proceedings continue in Lake County Superior Court along with in person safety measures during the pandemic. Trials were allowed to restart in June, and in the Lake County Superior Court, jury trials were supposed to start up again July 8th. Apparently that didn’t’ happen because the cases were all resolved or rescheduled. If there are any other jury trials for next week, we’ve not gotten a schedule of those yet. Lake Co News reports that should be determined by the end of the week. The court in the meantime is providing essential services right now with a limited amount of cases, social distancing, mask wearing and remote business as much as possible.

There had been a planned increase in the state’s minimum wage and the Governor says it’ll move forward in spite of the pandemic. The Gov. announced he could have suspended the raise in the wage but decided against it. So on January 1st, the minimum wage goes up to $13.00 an hour for businesses with 25 or fewer employees, and to $14 per hour for businesses with more than 25 employees. There’s also been an expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit which the governor reported put one billion dollars back into the pocket of Californians. Those with kids under 6 are also eligible for another $1,000 tax credit.

Three more nursing homes besides Sherwood Oaks in Fort Bragg have reported a positive coronavirus test. Four patients at Sherwood Oaks have died since their outbreak and several others contracted the virus. The Mendocino Voice news site reports the cases were at Ukiah Post Acute Care Center, Mountain View Assisted Living and Memory Care, and Redwood Creek Care Center in Willits. The news site reports Ukiah Post Acute and Mountain View Assisted Living each had an employee test positive.  More information was expected today from the Mendocino Public Health office.

Fort Bragg City Council is taking the whole mask wearing thing seriously, citing someone for being in public without. The City Council has decided to enforce mask wearing in the city and an executive order was passed for no warning period. So if you’re caught without a mask on, or not socially distanced from those not in your immediate family, you could be cited. The city also extended the evictions moratorium, in alignment with the state. But that could end in a couple of weeks. The mask enforcement goes like this, $100 for the first violation, $250 for the next and $500 for the third infraction. Police could just educate though and choose not to enforce. The County has had the first $100 citation. It happened Saturday in the village of Mendocino. The person first educated, but seen a couple hours later without a mask, and was cited.

A man in Fort Bragg’s been arrested after reports of illegal dumping near the Pudding Creek Bridge. Fort Bragg Police got a call to the area and found Shawn Spiller of Fort Bragg who they saw was in a car registered to another person who happened to be in jail in Mendocino County. Police say they believed he did not have permission to drive the car, so they called jail staff. While searching the car, they found drug paraphernalia and suspected methamphetamine and since the man was on probation, they held him. They say they also found a bunch of cordless power tools like some taken from another car a few weeks ago in the city. Jail staff informed police the car was stolen. So Spiller’s been charged with various crimes, including possession of stolen property, possession of methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia, and violation of probation.  

Reports of a car burglary in Ukiah leads police to a couple of minors inside that car stealing stuff. They say the victim confronted the kids and they ran from the scene. Cops found a 12 year old boy matching the description on Nokomis Elementary School grounds. They found several items on him that matched reports of what was stolen so the boy was held and later positively id’d by the victim. Reports later of various other cars being broken into, so property was returned to those owners. Police say the second kid, a 14 year old was found a today trying to break into a car. The 12 year old was charged with theft, vehicle tampering and prowling and released to his parents and the 14 year old reportedly has charges pending.

A man in Fort Bragg’s been arrested for pepper spraying another person. Police got a call Monday to an altercation and found one person had been pepper sprayed behind a business. Deputies say Jeffrey Thomas Wright was accused of causing a disturbance at the business and pepper sprayed someone as he was moving trucks saying Wright wouldn’t leave him alone, screamed at him, then sprayed him and his truck. He got the spray cannister away from Wright and sprayed him back. Wright was arrested for unlawful use of Tear Gas Weapon and booked into the Mendocino County Jail. He was released due to the pandemic.

A man in Fort Bragg had to be given NARCAN after an overdose. Police say they got a call Tuesday night finding a man in a coma with shallow and sporadic breathing so they gave him two doses of NARCAN. They say about 5 minutes later he woke up. He was taken to the hospital for further treatment.

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